The original Ziggy in 1995 (a.k.a Soba)


Ziggy in 1996


1997 appearance

For the Canadian Super Heavyweight, see Ziggy (Canada)

Ziggy was a Lightweight (originally Featherweight) robot entered by Team Ziggy, consisting of Jonathan Ridder and his brother Douglas, in US Robot Wars 1995-1997. It was named after Jonathan's deceased pet cat but it was also known as Soba in 1995. It was originally a low-pronounced wedge shaped robot with ramming spikes at the front, rear and sides. It was re-designed as a double wedge with a vertical spinner for 1997.

Ziggy was initially successful, reaching the Featherweight Semi-Finals in 1995 but thereafter, it never won a battle. Jonathan Ridder would later go on to win three Lightweight titles on Comedy Central's BattleBots with Ziggo and also entered the Middleweight Division with ZiggZagg.

Robot History Edit

US Robot Wars 1995 Edit

Ziggy's first opponent was Slow-Mo II, which it defeated. It then took on and beat the flying robot SPS 2 but lost in the Semi-Finals to Holobot.

US Robot Wars 1996 Edit

Ziggy once again took on Slow-Mo III but this time, it lost.

US Robot Wars 1997 Edit

Ziggy fought Pretty Hate Machine and Razor Back, losing both fights. It also contested the Lightweight Rumble but lost to Defiant.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
US Robot Wars 1995 Super Lightweight


1 Slow-Mo II Won
Quarter Final SPS 2 Won
Semi-Final Holobot Lost
US Robot Wars 1996 Super Lightweight


1 Slow-Mo III Lost
US Robot Wars 1997 Lightweight


1 Pretty Hate Machine Lost
Loser's Bracket Razor Back Lost
Lightweight Rumble Defiant Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 5
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