Ziggo was a robot built by Team Ziggy that competed in all six lightweight competitions of BattleBots. It was a full-body spinner with a bladed shell made from a steel wok. The name "Ziggo" was a portmanteau of its two inspirations - Jonathan Ridder's deceased cat Ziggy, and the dangerously destructive Blendo. Ridder's aim was to create a spinner like Blendo, but have it grab hold and claw deep into other robots like his cat used to do to house-guests.

Ziggo was highly effective in both offense and defense, the whole of Ziggo became an unapproachable weapon when spinning at full speed, and its armor proved near impossible to damage. Ziggo was responsible for some of the greatest destruction seen in the lightweight class and was hailed as the most destructive lightweight in BattleBots. Ziggo had a very successful career, winning three championships, one royal rumble, and one "Most Aggressive" award.

Ziggo was once mistakenly referred to as Ziggy in Ultimate Real Robots Mag

Ziggo drove away and tried to attack The Missing Link, but was deflected off of the attachment added to The Missing Link for this fight. Ziggo managed a glancing blow on one of The Missing Link's wheels, before managing to send The Missing Link flying with its next hit and tearing the wheel clean off. Ziggo attacked its crippled opponent again, ripping off the other wheel and making spar

sparks fly.

Immobilized, The Missing Link took a final hit from the killsaws and was counted out. Ziggo won by KO at 1:18 and advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced Das Bot

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