Italian Zeus

Zeus was an Italian robot that exclusively appeared in the second series of Robot Wars Extreme. It represented Italy in the European Championship, which was also broadcast as part of German Robot Wars, losing to German series champion Black Hole in the first round.

Zeus was also scheduled to fight the Swedish robot Rawbot for a place in the Third World Championship, broadcast at the end of Series 7 of Robot Wars. However, Zeus broke down before the battle and had to withdraw, granting Rawbot automatic qualification into the World Championship. Onscreen, Rawbot's qualification was explained by a claim that it was the "Swedish champion", despite no Swedish series of Robot Wars ever being produced.

Zeus was named after the Greek king of the gods, whose thunderbolt symbol formed part of the robot's logo.

Robot History Edit

Representing Italy, Zeus fought in the European Championship, broadcast as part of Extreme Series 2 and German Robot Wars. In its first round battle, it fought German champion Black Hole, and immediately had its flipper plate sheared off by Black Hole's discs, leaving it unable to attack. Another hit from Black Hole threw Zeus onto its back, before Black Hole continued to rip parts of Zeus' armour off and push it onto its flipper, then back onto its wheels. Zeus was tossed around by Black Hole a few more times, before being left on its back near a CO2 jet and being attacked by Dead Metal and Mr. Psycho. Refbot counted the overturned Zeus out, before Mr. Psycho hoisted it into the air and dropped it into the pit.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robot Wars Extreme 2 European Championship

(Representing Italy)

Eliminator Black Hole


UK Robot Wars Series 7 3rd World Championship

(Representing Italy)

Qualifier Rawbot



(by default)

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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