Zap (also known as Zap!) was a middleweight robot that was exclusively entered into the Extreme Series 1 Middleweight Championship, where it lost to Typhoon, after being immobilised. Apparently the robot could pull a car, the chassis was made from steel and iron and the flipper could lift at 750PSI but it was slow at 7mph.

Team Zap also won the Featherweight Championship in the same series with Beef-Cake. Ironically, although it was immobilised, Zap came out of its battle in much better shape than Beef-Cake.

Zap did win the Middleweight Championship in Robots@War 2001 with Beef-Cake winning the Featherweight Championship.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 1Edit

In the Middlweight Melee in the first series of Extreme, Zap was drawn up against the walker Mammoth, the weaponless Genesis, the upturned wheelbarrow and very light Doom, the Edinburgh Air Cadets' Typhoon and the former Middleweight champions Hard Cheese. In the battle, Zap survived a couple of early hits from Typhoon, before being slammed into the arena side wall by the Edinburgh Air Cadets' machine. This immobilised Zap, however it wasn't counted out by the Refbot. Instead, it was carefully placed on the arena floor flipper, and was flipped along with the similarly immobilised Mammoth. These two machines were later followed by Doom and Hard Cheese, who were also thrown by the Arena Floor Flipper right before cease was called. Typhoon was declared the overall winner.


Series Event Opponent(s) Results
Robot Wars Extreme 1 Middleweight Melee Doom,


Hard Cheese




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  • Losses: 1
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