Zadok Destroyer (sometimes shortened as Zadok) was a kilobot robot built by Team Zadok that competed at Kilobots events. In its final form, it was a tall square robot armed with a vertical sawblade. Zadok Destroyer had limited success, winning only one fight between two events.

Robot HistoryEdit

Kilobots PremierEdit


Zadok Destroyer at Kilobots I

This event was a round-robin type event.

Zadok Destroyer's first opponent was beater-bar spinner Swiss Chef. Zadok Destroyer lost this fight.

Zadok Destroyer's second opponent was overhead bar spinner Robopope. Zadok Destroyer lost this fight.


Zadok Destroyer slams Whirlwind of Doom onto the arena edge

Zadok Destroyer's third opponent was face spinner Whirlwind of Doom. As the fight began, Zadok Destroyer charged across the arena into Whirlwind of Doom, who barely had a chance to get its weapon spinning before Zardok Destroyer pushed it into the wall, perching Zadok Destroyer on the lip of the arena. With its opponent seemingly immobile, Zadok Destroyer backed off and rammed Whirlwind of Doom again, knocking Whirlwind of Doom over the edge for a quick knockout.

Zadok Destroyer's fourth opponent was two-wheeled wedge Wedgie. Zadok Destroyer lost this fight.

Kilobots IIIEdit

Zadok Destroyer's first fight was against thwackbot Crescent Bot. Zadok Destroyer lost this fight and dropped into the loser's bracket.

Zadok Destroyer then fought Old Ironsides. Zadok Destroyer lost this fight and was eliminated from the tournament.


Series Event Opponent Results
Kilobots Premier Kilobot Swiss Chef Lost
Robopope Lost
Whirlwind of Doom Won
Wedgie Lost
Kilobots III Kilobot Crescent Bot Lost
Old Ironsides Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 5
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