Xbotz logo taken from their archived website.

Xbotz (later Wrexham Wreckers) was a team from Wrexham, Wales in the United Kingdom.


Robot Weight Events Wins Losses
Glitterbomb Heavyweight Robot Wars: Series 8 0 1
Predator Featherweight Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unity Featherweight

Preston Summer Party 2005

XFM Featherweight Challenge, Cambridge (replaced Tantrum)

1? 2?
It Featherweight Unknown Unknown Unknown
Venom Featherweight Aylesbury 2005 Unknown Unknown
Blue Feather/Hobby/Raptorweight

Kings Lynn 2004, Donchaster 2004, Worchester 2004

5? 2?
Elvis Featherweight Magna 2006 Unknown Unknown
Bloody L Featherweight Aberystwyth 2005, Denbigh Welsh Event 2005, Magna 2006 0? 1?
Anvil Featherweight Macclesfield 2005 Unknown Unknown
Carnage Heavyweight Rebel Robots 2008 (event cancelled) None None
Edgehog Heavyweight

Debenham 2004

RAF Waddington 2006 (withdrew)

Unknown Unknown
Wheely Big Cheese Heavyweight Robots Live! Leichester 2007 0? 1?
Bug Featherweight Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tantrum Featherweight

RC Wars 4 (withdrew)

XFM Featherweight Challenge, Cambridge (withdrew, replaced with Unity)

RoboGames 2007 (withdrew)

None None
Viper Featherweight
Hurricane Featherweight
The Mule Heavyweight None (display robot) None None
Thug Hobbyweight
Medevil Hobbyweight
Smokey Joe Hobbyweight
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