Whirlwind of Doom at Kilobots I

Whirlwind of Doom (sometimes incorrectly listed as Whirlwind of Death) was a Kilobot robot that competed at Kilobots Premier. It used a long chassis with a heavy metal disc on the front, which it spun at high speeds as a face-spinner type weapon. Its drive system was very unique, using a rear-mounted set of drivewheels and a servo to steer. A Cheerios box protected the internals and enclosed the rear drive wheels. It did poorly in competition, losing all four of its fights before being retired, making it the only machine from this event to never compete again.

Robot HistoryEdit

Kilobots PremierEdit


Swiss Chef gets underneath Whirlwind of Doom

This event was a round-robin type event.

Whirlwind of Doom's first opponent was beater-bar spinner Swiss Chef. Limited footage of this fight is available, but what is shown is Whirlwind of Doom slowly advancing with its weapon at full speed as Swiss Chef attacks head on, making a loud bang and popping Whirlwind of Doom up onto Swiss Chef's beater bar, which stops as the two robots appear to have become stuck together. In the end, Whirlwind of Doom lost this fight.


Whirlwind of Doom is flipped in the trench by Wedgie

Whirlwind of Doom's second opponent was Wedgie. This fight did not last long, with Whirlwind of Doom barely moving before Wedgie box-rushed it and slammed it over the edge of the arena and into the trench, knocking out Whirlwind of Doom in a matter of seconds.


Whirlwind of Doom and Robopope go weapon-to-weapon

Whirlwind of Doom's third opponent was overhead bar spinner Robopope. Limited footage of this fight is available, but what is shown is Whirlwind of Doom barely able to move and staying backed into its square, trying to keep its face spinner lined up with Robopope, who attacks a few times head on before getting around to Whirlwind of Doom's side and attacking. In the end, Whirlwind of Doom lost this fight.


Zadok Destroyer slams Whirlwind of Doom onto the arena edge

Whirlwind of Doom's final opponent was four-wheeled wedgebot Zadok Destroyer. As the fight began, Zadok Destroyer charged across the arena into Whirlwind of Doom, who barely had a chance to get its weapon spinning before Zardok Destroyer pushed it into the wall, perching Zadok Destroyer on the lip of the arena. With its opponent seemingly immobile, Zadok Destroyer backed off and rammed Whirlwind of Doom again, knocking Whirlwind of Doom over the edge for a quick knockout.


Series Event Opponent Results
Kilobots Premier Kilobot Swiss Chef Lost
Wedgie Lost
Robopope Lost
Zadok Destroyer Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 4
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