was an Antweight robot from Ontario, Canada that competed in the 2003, and 2004 Rocky Mountain Robot Combat events. It was a two-wheeled, invertible, wedge-shaped robot with no active weapons. Wedginator did well in competition, never failing to reach the quarterfinals.

Robot HistoryEdit

RMRC 03Edit

RMRC 04Edit


Series Event Opponent Round Result
RMRC 03 Antweight Division Cicada Round of 20 Won
Angry Dustpan Round of 16 Lost
Crazy Eyes Round of 16 Won
Jimmy Crack Corn Round of 12 Won
Holy-Moly Quarterfinals Won
Captain Underpants Semifinals Lost
RMRC 04 Antweight Division Valkyrie Round of 16 Won
Bulletproof Round of 12 Lost
Punked Out Puppy Round of 12 Won
Kfir Quarterfinals Lost


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 4
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