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Wedgehog was a lightweight robot that singularly participated in the first series of Robot Wars. At the time however, it would have been classed as a Middleweight. It was a black aluminium wedge, with a pickaxe as its weapon. However, this weapon was not very powerful and was referred to as a "toothpick" by both Jeremy Clarkson and Jonathan Pearce. Also the robot travelled at 4 mph and ran off two 9.6V domestic electric drills. Wedgehog was substantially lighter than the rest of the robots in its heat; it defeated Dreadnaut in the Arena, who was 64 kg the heavier. However, it lost in the heat final to Robot the Bruce.

Nowadays, Wedgehog is retired and is shown at Robots Live events. However, only its shell is displayed, without the internals. It is currently in the possession of Team BlazerBotics.

Its name, like Kronic the Wedgehog's and Edge Hog's, is a pun on hedgehog.

Robot History Edit

Wedgehog fought in Heat C of the First Wars. In the Gauntlet, Wedgehog broke down a metre from the end of the Gauntlet after taking the maze and becoming impaled on a spike, however this was still more than enough to make it through to the next stage, placing third of six on the leaderboard.

In the Football Trial, Wedgehog had attached panels to its front wedge to help control the ball. It was awarded the second goal because it had touched the ball last of the remaining competitors before goalkeeper Dead Metal inadvertently pushed it in. Wedgehog went through to Heat Semi-Final, here, it fought Dreadnaut, who'd suffered from reliability problems twice before this stage. Dreadnaut definitely had the weight advantage, but just a few bumps and bashes from Wedgehog, and Dreadnaut's engine burned out, it was declared immobile and Wedgehog was put through.

Finally, it met Robot the Bruce in the Heat Final, the first product to come out of Team Chaos. After putting up some resistance, the heavier and more powerful Robot the Bruce eventually caught it from the side and bulldozed Wedgehog onto the grill, ending its challenge as it was unable to get away. A short time later, after it had been declared immobilised, Wedgehog suffered fierce attacks from the incoming house robots Sergeant Bash and Matilda, taking damage from their cutting weaponry.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 1

Heat C Gauntlet N/A 13.23m



Football Robot The Bruce,




2nd Goal



Semi-Final Dreadnaut Won
Final Robot The Bruce Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
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