War Pig

WarPig is a Lightweight robot that competed in RoboGames 2017. It is a black, and silver, invertible, four-wheeled, box-shaped robot armed with a spinning drum. Unfortunately as the teams first big bot, WarPig proved to be both poorly constructed, and unreliable, and its drum also proved to be severely underpowered as well. This resulted in the robot losing both of its fights rather convincingly.

Robot History Edit

RoboGames 2017Edit

WarPig's first match was against fellow newcomers, Mrs. Plow. In this match WarPig was having issues spinning its drum up, and Mrs. Plow shoved it around until time ran out. The judges ruled in favor of Mrs. Plow putting WarPig in the loser's bracket where it recieved a bye, and then faced Herr Gepoünden.

This match started with Herr Gepoünden spinning up, and delivering a flurry of blows to the drum of WarPig. However WarPig retaliated by popping Herr Gepoünden into the air with its drum, Herr Gepoünden recovered, however and WarPig hit it again. This popped it into the air once more but also caused WarPigs weapon to stop briefly, leaving it completely defenseless for a moment while Herr Gepoünden wailed on it.

WarPig then spun back up, but Herr Gepoünden continued delivering blows to WarPig, eventually knocking part of WarPig's wheel guard halfway off. This caused mobility issues with WarPig, leaving it to hobble around the arena as Herr Gepoünden delivered another salvo of blows with its hammer. At first it seemed like WarPig came out of this seemingly okay, however as it started chasing Herr Gepoünden down again the drum came loose of its bearings, and was now completely useless, Herr Gepoünden then delivered multiple more blows until time ran out. Unsurprisingly the judges ruled the match in favor of Herr Gepoünden meaning that WarPig was eliminated from the competition.

Wins/Losses Edit

Competition Event Opponent Round Result
RoboGames 2017 Lightweight Division Mrs. Plow Round of 24

Lost by JD

Herr Gepoünden Lost by JD
  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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