Vulcan (Simplified Chinese: 铁匠之神) is a British Heavyweight robot built by Team Robots Live that competed in the inaugural King of Bots competition. It is a black, two-wheeled, pyramid shaped robot armed with a pneumatic axe.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots Season 1.0Edit

"China is new to the sport, and it's great to see it get behind it in such a big way. We want to be a part of that, and of course be champions as well."
— Alan Young

In the first round Vulcan fought the Chinese flipper Saber. As Vulcan was initially evasive in the start of the battle, Saber chased after it, and managed to drive under the back end of Vulcan to flip it over. Vulcan quickly self-righted, but Saber had taken an early lead. Both robots met in the center of the arena, and missed with their weapons. While backing away, Saber's wedges briefly buckled, allowing Vulcan to catch up to it, and Saber also expended more gas.

At this stage, Saber was almost hit by Vulcan's axe, but the British robot drove onto a floor flipper, and was turned over. This caused one of Vulcan's wheels to fall out, so Saber became the more offensive machine, pushing Vulcan back and flipping it over. Although it self-righted, Saber's pursuit caused Vulcan to overturn itself by the power of its axe, and Saber continued to push it backwards.

Saber flipped Vulcan back onto its wheel, but as the latter was effectively immobile, Saber paced itself to flip Vulcan into a corner of the arena, where the hammer threatened it. Saber left Vulcan idle as it struggled to self-right over the flame jet, and once Vulcan was counted out, Saber progressed to the next round, having won by knockout with just over thirty seconds left on the clock. Vulcan unfortunately was not selected for a wildcard, and was eliminated from the tournament.

"Our opponents were brilliant, they were great, they drove really well, their flipper's really good. I think they've got a good chance, going forward."
— Alan Young on Saber


Series Episode Opponent(s) Round Results
King of Bots Season 1.0 Episode 1 Saber 1 Lost
  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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