Venom is a featherweight robot armed with a crushing claw and "wings" that help the robot self-right if flipped. It has a extremely powerful crushing arm and is very nimble and accurate when attacking however it has a slow self-righting mechanism and is weak to bladed robots. Its design is based off of two times World champions and former UK Champions Razer.

Robot History Edit

Venom was first created and brought into competition in 2004. In some of these early events Venom fought alongside Razer in some rare events some times for comparison for example how far the both robots can travel across the arena after being flipped or how powerful the crushing claws are. Venom fought in sumo basho events where it easily won with precision until it met its match against Rampage.

Venom fought in a event in Preston where it managed to do well over all but lost when it fought Ploughbot but only on a judges decision.

After 2004 Venom's sightings at live event became rarer and rarer until 2012 where it fought in the featherweight championship against Tiny Toon and Explosion, sadly this return was short lived despite fighting a good battle for almost three minutes it was flipped out of the arena before cease could be called. This is currently the last appearance of Venom however the team has entered Predator in the later events.

Results Edit

Wins/losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 3
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