V-Max was a one-time competitor that competed in the Fourth Series of Robot Wars. It was a very basic orange wedge-shape robot with a tubular steel frame and a front-hinged lifting arm as its weapon, similar to the original Firestorm.

Construction of the robot began on the 15th March 2000, when the team drew their plans for the design on the back of a cigarette packet whilst at the local pub. The robot had Go-Kart wheels filled with foam, 2 Bosch 750W GPA drive motors, and the weapon was powered by a Festo 320mm ram, powered by a 20oz paintball gun canister.

V-Max originally failed to qualify for Series 4, after losing two of its three qualifier battles, including one against a Scottish robot called Bravehard.

However, it was selected as a reserve robot, and was brought in as a substitute in the final Heat after Onslaught broke down at the last minute. V-Max knocked out the 18th seeds Cerberus in the first round, before being torn apart by the 2nd seeds Hypno-Disc in the following round.

Robot History Edit

V-Max was brought in as a last minute reserve for the Fourth Wars, as Onslaught had suffered irreparable mechanical problems just before it was due to enter the arena for the final heat.

V-Max was brought into battle against the number 18 seeds Cerberus and fellow newcomers Terror-Bull. Cerberus' lack of weaponry caused it to suffer, and after escaping a very brief tussle with Terror-Bull, V-Max slid smoothly underneath Cerberus and flipped it over. Cerberus was declared immobilised and was pitted by the house robots, so V-Max went through to the next round along with Terror-Bull.

With this victory, V-Max was brought up against the number 2 seeds Hypno-Disc in the second round of the heat. V-Max drove into Hypno-Disc's side, but Hypno-Disc attacked it and ripped off a side panel. Carbon Dioxide was leaking from V-Max when Hypno-Disc attacked again. V-Max ran away, but drove into the arena side wall, and Hypno-Disc came in and knocked off the other side panel.V-Max got underneath Hypno-Disc and pushed it into the arena side wall at the opposite end of the arena, but Hypno-Disc reversed away unaffected. Soon, Hypno-Disc attacked the exposed side of V-Max, tearing out the battery. With V-Max now immobilised, the House Robots came in. Shunt attacked with its axe, and Dead Metal cut into its chassis and pushed it onto the arena floor flipper, elimiating them from the competition.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 4

(in place of Onslaught)

Heat P Eliminator (18) Cerberus,


Semi-Final (2) Hypno-Disc Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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