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The 1994 American Robot Wars event took place on August 20th, 1994 at the Fort Mason Center, Herbst Pavillion in San Francisco. It was the first event of its kind There were three classes:
  • Lightweight : 10-40 lbs.
  • Middleweight : 41-70 lbs.
  • Heavyweight : 71-100 lbs.

Three events were featured within each weight class:

  • A standard 'Face-Off' tournament with a 5 or maybe 10 minute time limit


  • Two 'Melee' fights - there was a lightweight melee with about 6 competitors and a never-repeated all weight-class melee with about 8. Phil Putman's 'Bloodletter' won lightweight and 'South Bay Mauler' took the open event.
  • An unusual and never repeated 'Escort' event where 'bots attempted to protect a defenseless R/C drone from an attacking 'House Robot'.
  • Lightweight Winner: Zomo, Pain Mower (Competing as Omega Ex Machina)
  • Middleweight Winner: Omega Ex Machina
  • Heavyweight Winner: Ramfire 2000


  • Best Design : 'The Master'
  • Best Engineering : 'Ramfire 2000'
  • Strangest Robot : 'Andy Roid'


Spiny Norman vs Zomo

Winner: Spiny Norman

Andy Roid vs Satoru Special

Winner: Andy Roid

Julie-Bot vs Slow-Mo

Winner: Julie-Bot

Pain Mower vs TMZ

Winner: Pain Mower

Spiny Norman vs Andy Roid

Winner: Andy Roid

Pain Mower vs Julie-Bot

Winner: Julie Bot

Andy Roid vs Julie-Bot

Winner: Julie-Bot

Satoru Special vs Zomo

Winner: Unknown

Pain Mower vs Zomo

Winner: Unknown

Middleweights: (Also referred to as Mediumweights)

South Bay Mauler vs X1

Winner: X1


Ramfire vs Tiny Tim

Winner: Ramfire

The Beetle vs Doolittle

Winner: The Beetle

The Master vs TMZ

Winner: The Master

The Beetle vs The Master

Winner: The Beetle

Ramfire vs The Beetle

Winner: Ramfire

Open Melee: (A one-off event in which robots from all weight classes took part)

Zomo vs Tiny Tim vs South Bay Mauler vs X1 vs Ramfire vs Spiny Norman vs The Beetle vs Doolittle

Winner: South Bay Mauler

Lightweight Melee:

Pain Mower vs Bloodletter vs Zomo vs Andy Roid vs Julie-Bot vs Spiny Norman

Winner: Bloodletter

Escort Event (known) Competitors:

Lightweights: Zomo, Spiny Norman, Andy Roid, Julie-Bot, Pain Mower (also referred to as Omega Ex Machina)

Lightweight Winner: Zomo

Middleweights: Omega Ex Machina

Middleweight Winner: Omega Ex Machina

Heavyweights: The Beetle, Ramfire (also referred to as Omega Ex Machina)

Heavyweight Winner: Ramfire 2000

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