Typhoon Twins

The Typhoon Twins (Individually named Typhoon Thunder and Typhoon Lightning) were two lightweight robots that entered the Middleweight Championship as a clusterbot in Extreme Series 2. They were both full-body spinners, just like the other robots from Team Typhoon, both spinning at roughly 700 RPM. The robots entered the arena tied together with wire and covered with paper, but would separate and fight separately during the battle.

According to Team Typhoon member Gary Cairns, the twins were meant to be a boy and girl, as such the female, Typhoon Thunder, wore a skirt.

Typhoon Twins made it to the final of the competition but lost on a judges' decision against teammate Typhoon. Typhoon Thunder later entered the lightweight competition by itself, and won.

Robot History Edit

In the first round, the Typhoon Twins were drawn against 259, Doom Too, and Mammoth. The twins split and instantly got up to speed. Thunder hit Mammoth, which had already been immobilised after being flipped by 259. 259 hit the pit release button and Lightning came in for the attack. It didn't cause damage to 259 and instead bounced towards the pit, and 259 pushed it in. Luckily for the Edinburgh Air Cadets, the regulations for non-heavyweight clusterbots were that all parts must be defeated for the robot to be deemed immobile. Thunder continued fighting while Doom Too and Mammoth, who had both been immobilised by 259, were counted out and eliminated.

In the final, the lightweight pair met middleweight brother Typhoon, as well as 259 and Steel Sandwich. After splitting, Lightning took a hit from the disc of 259, slamming Lightning into a wall. Thunder hit 259 from the rear, but almost drove into the pit when 259 pressed the pit release button. Soon after, 259 was flipped by Typhoon, sending it out of the competition. Both twins had stopped spinning and were trying to push the immobile Steel Sandwich down the pit. Steel Sandwich came back to life but was quickly ganged up on by all three Typhoon robots. Typhoon and Typhoon Twins survived until the end whilst Steel Sandwich was counted out because it had lost drive on one side, but the Judges' decision went against the twins.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robot Wars Extreme 2 Middleweight Championship Qualifier 259

Doom Too


Final 259

Steel Sandwich



Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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