Tornado was a robot that competed in the British television game show Robot Wars. Debuting in The Fourth Wars, it reached the semi-finals and won the inaugural Most Promising Newcomer Award. Tornado would go on to win The Sixth Wars and place third in The Seventh Wars. With 32 combat victories in the UK, Tornado is one of the most successful robots in the show's history, winning a number of side events including the US War of Independence and the European Championship.

Tornado was built by Andrew Marchant, Bryan Moss and David Gamble, all engineers from Huntingdon, the latter of which designed the same speed controllers for Storm 2.

Robot History Edit

Series 4Edit


Tornado's first fight was against Kater Killer and the clusterbot Gemini. It exploded off the starting position and slammed straight into Kater Killer. Shoving it into Sir Killalot, it rushed back, circled the arena and slammed into it again, pushing it into one of the Gemini twins, who flipped it over. It pushed Kater Killer around and righted it, pushing it into Shunt, who immobilised it with its axe. Tornado then shoved Shunt around the arena while Killalot finished off Kater Killer.

Tornado's next battle was against the seeded Berserk 2. It rammed its seeded opponent into the arena wall until it was immobilised. Finally, Tornado came up against the eighth seeds again.

Gemini started slower than the speedy Tornado, who was flipped twice, but came back immediately. It targeted one of the Gemini twins and impaled it on an arena spike, immobilising it. The Gemini team was eliminated since one half was immobilised. The unanticipated win over the clusterbot put Tornado through to the semi-finals.

In the Semi-Finals, Andrew Marchant remarked that he was relieved to be fighting Wheely Big Cheese instead of Suicidal Tendencies, whom it controversially defeated in its heat final. Tornado was far quicker and, although the Cheese flipped Tornado twice, Tornado shoved Wheely Big Cheese into a CPZ and buckled a wheel. Tornado was flipped again and started smoking, but the judges went for Tornado. Tornado's final battle against Chaos 2 was fought three times, but only the third one was shown on TV. Tornado ran into Chaos 2, who rushed it up and flipped it out of the arena. Tornado was awarded Best Newcomer at the end of the series.

Extreme 1Edit


Tornado competed in a wide range of events in Robot Wars Extreme Series 1. The first was a Vengeance battle against Stinger, the reason for this being because the Stinger team claimed Tornado was a box on wheels. Tornado shoved Stinger around the arena and into Dead Metal. Stinger escaped and Tornado narrowly avoided the house robot. The fight went to the judges and Tornado was given the win.

It also competed in a Mayhem battle against The Steel Avenger and King B Powerworks, in order to gain entry into the Annihilator. However, despite pushing The Steel Avenger around in the opening stages, standing up to its axe blows and flips, Tornado suffered a rare breakdown when King B penetrated its side armour with a powerful ram. After being counted out by Refbot, Tornado was thrown by the floor flipper, and pitted by Matilda.

After having reached the Series Semi-Finals of Series 4, Tornado also competed in the All-Stars tournament where it fought 3 Stegs To Heaven in Round 1. It was more aggressive in the fight as it rammed its opponent into the CPZ where after 3 Stegs was picked up by Sir Killalot and roasted on the flame pit. Team Steg-O-Saw-Us' robot appeared to have lost a chain for one of its wheels which allowed Tornado to win the judges decision and go into the Quarter-Finals where it met Pussycat.

Tornado pulled off a surprise against the runners-up of Series 4, as Tornado pushed Pussycat all over the arena. In the process, this removed one of Pussycat's wheels, a rare occurrence, leaving Pussycat unable to drive when Tornado turned it over. Pussycat was immobilised after becoming stuck on its side which meant Tornado went through.

The semi-final saw Tornado against Chaos 2. Tornado managed to push Chaos 2 around the arena, but ended up on the wall at one point in the right position to be flipped out by Chaos 2. Controversially, Refbot knocked Tornado off the wall. The fight then went to a judges' decision and Tornado was awarded the win and a place in the All-Stars Grand-Final at the end of the last episode.

Despite its best efforts, Tornado couldn't get its disc into any great effect in on Razer who plunged its beak into its bodywork, not letting it go. After being axed by Shunt and being shoved on the flame pit, Tornado broke down, was counted out by Refbot, flipped by the floor flipper and put out of its misery by getting dumped down the pit.

Tornado's highlight of Robot Wars Extreme was participating in the Challenge Belt competition. It challenged the holders, Behemoth. Tornado charged Behemoth towards the arena wall leaving it overturned and being unable to self-right until Refbot righted it. Tornado was then flipped by Behemoth before being flipped against the wall in the CPZ but fortunately for Tornado, Matilda righted it. After much more pushing and shoving the fight went to the judges and the judges decided Tornado had won and taken the belt off of Behemoth.

Tornado first defence was against Comengetorix. In the battle, Comengetorix landed ineffective axe-blows on it before Tornado shoved it around the arena, tearing off one of its side skirts. The damage Tornado caused to Comengetorix was so severe, that part of the armour became lodged in Tornado's drum, stopping it. Tornado slammed into Comengetorix, edging it closer to the pit, managing to push it down after Comengetorix had broken down.

Tornado's next defence was against Wild Thing. Tornado again slammed the wedge-shaped robot into the angle grinders and the arena walls also managing to shred a bit of armour off, having already sliced into the side. Wild Thing was taken to Sir Killalot who had to free it due to it still being mobile. Tornado started to lose momentum towards the end, being pushed by Wild Thing. A close fight was sent to the Judges, who decided Tornado won the fight.

Then, after winning three successful battles, Tornado was allowed to keep its belt outright and was given a second belt to defend, the first challenger for this was Chaos 2, the second time the two had fought. Tornado managed to ram the current champions into the CPZ before it escaped and retaliated by throwing Tornado twice into the air. Tornado then came back and Chaos 2 was passed over to Shunt where, despite overturning the house robot and escaping Dead Metal, it broke down allowing Tornado to go through.

The last fight was a rematch against Pussycat. Although Tornado could not cause as much external damage as last time, Tornado managed to ram Pussycat into the arena walls and into Matilda's flywheel. The Series 4 runners-up managed to escape, but Tornado then activated the pit before pushing Pussycat down it. Tornado had won all the challenges in Extreme 1.

After finishing second in the All-Stars Grand-Final, Tornado represented the UK in the Second World Championship along with Chaos 2, Firestorm 3 and Razer. This competition was also broadcast during Extreme Warriors: Season 1. Its first round saw it in a bit of trouble as it was flipped repeatedly by American Panzer Mk 2 and sandwiched against Panzer and Belgian Philipper. After Panzer Mk 2 and Yeborobo had both been eliminated, it was left to fight Philipper and shoved it on the flame pit in the last 10 seconds. The fight went to the judges and Tornado was given the win.

Tornado then in the Semi-Final fought the Reigning World Champion Razer, this time with its scoop fitted to it. However, the scoop could not breach the ground clearance of the fellow UK representative, and once again, Razer kept burying its jaw into Tornado's bodywork before taking it to the pit and dropping it down, despite it taking some time for Tornado to fall off the pincer.

Series 5Edit


12th seeds Tornado was drawn against former semi-finalists Gravedigger in the first round. Gravedigger put up a good fight in the opening moments, slamming blows on Tornado with its axe weapon. However, Tornado rammed it into submission against the arena wall.

This put Tornado against the Dublin boys and Diotoir, whom it pushed around for most of the battle. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Tornado's disc became clogged with Diotoir's fur, so the Irish machine activated the pit, and pushed Tornado straight in. This meant that Tornado was the only top 12 seed not to reach the heat final in the whole series.

Series 6Edit


Tornado returned for Series 6 with a new feature - an interchangeable weapons bay. It had a wide variety of weapons for different opponents that could be swapped in or out depending on what was needed. Due to the fact that Pussycat and Wheely Big Cheese did not return for Series 6, Tornado was given the 12th seed due to its status as a previous semi-finalist. Tornado started off its campaign against Terror-Bull, Inshredable and Edge Hog equipped with its original spinning disc. Tornado giving out some powerful slams in this battle - it pushed Inshredable around the arena a bit, then combined with Edge Hog to push Inshredable into Matilda's CPZ. Edge Hog became immobile soon afterwards. Tornado continued shoving Inshredable around, but then turned its attention to Terror-Bull and pushed it into the pit - Tornado and a limping Inshredable qualified. However, Inshredable was in no shape to fight again, as proved in its fight against Anarchy.

In the second round, Tornado pushed Thor around the arena and into the House Robots, causing one of Thor's side panels to come off and won on a judges' decision. It replaced the spinning disc with a static spike for the final against Anarchy and pushed the walker around, despite being flipped a few times. At one point, after a failed flip, Tornado charged into Anarchy's interiors, spike-first. This meant that Tornado was in position to prevent Anarchy from closing its flipper and had lost its most potent weaponry. As a result, Anarchy could not attack Tornado, and Tornado won the judges' decision, through to the semi-finals.

Tornado fitted a low wedge for the first round battle against triple grand-finalists Hypno-Disc. The robot was originally fitted with an anti-disc weapon, but the Hypno-Disc team raised an official complaint, stating the weapon was defensive rather than offensive. During the battle it simply shoved Hypno-Disc around, leaving Hypno-Disc unable to get its spinning disc up to speed and use it effectively. Tornado won the judges' decision.

In the next battle, Tornado slammed into Dominator 2 twice with its scoop, while Dominator 2 axed it and made a hole. However, Tornado pushed Dominator 2 into the side of Matilda in a CPZ, but Matilda couldn't turn her flywheel into Dominator 2. Tornado backed straight into Matilda's flywheel, went soaring above the pit and landed at the side of it, where it ran away. Dominator 2 tried to chase it, but did a backwards-nose-dive into the pit. Tornado had made it to the Grand Final for the very first time.

Tornado was drawn up against Firestorm 4 in the first round and pushed it around the arena for a bit. Firestorm was having trouble getting under Tornado because its scoop was so low to the ground. Eventually Firestorm pushed Tornado into Shunt and Tornado got axed by the House Robot. Firestorm wedged Tornado into the wall. Tornado's wheels started smoking as it then pushed Firestorm back. Firestorm then got under Tornado again and pushed it around for a bit. Tornado was beginning to falter as it pressed the Pit Button. Tornado then got under Firestorm and slammed it into Shunt. After axing Firestorm, Shunt axed Tornado, nearly hitting the receiver. Firestorm flipped Tornado over. Tornado's scoop was now upside down and ineffective, until Firestorm flipped it again. Tornado then got under Firestorm and slammed them into the Pit Button. Just before time ran out, Tornado got under Firestorm and pushed it into the Pit, qualifying for the grand final.

For the battle against Razer, Tornado was fitted with a large metal frame with a lawnmower blade at the front. Created specially for this fight, should it have occurred, the frame made it impossible for Razer to reach the inner parts of Tornado. Razer retaliated by attaching a small claw extension to their weapon. The frame was heavily criticised, but was deemed legal as the team had made it clear alongside all its other weapons before the tournament had started. The round begun with Tornado ramming Razer several times, although rather ineffectively. Tornado's lawnmower blade stopped spinning at one point and Razer grabbed onto the cage several times, but kept losing its grip. Razer became wedged behind the disc button and Tornado began its patented "relentless ramming" technique. Refbot intervened and freed Razer. The pit button was pushed and Razer managed to get a grip on Tornado's cage, raised it into the air and tried to dispose it in the pit, but Tornado's wide frame prevented it from falling down the shaft. Cease was called. After a 45 minute wait, the judges finally ruled in favour of Tornado, who was subsequently crowned the new UK Champion.

Extreme 2Edit

Tornadoextreme 2

As reigning champions, Tornado competed in the Extreme 2 All-Stars Championship, equipped with the scoop. In the first round, it teamed up with Dantomkia on Terrorhurtz, shoving John Reid's machine into the CPZs and the arena walls. Tornado encountered some difficulty when it was clamped by Sergeant Bash, but Tornado did not sustain major damage, and the combined attacks from Tornado and Dantomkia caused Terrorhurtz to lose the use of its axe, so Tornado went through along with Dantomkia after Terrorhurtz was flipped and dispatched down the pit.

In the next round, Tornado fought former runners-up Bigger Brother. It maintained its scoop weaponry, to the doubts of Philippa Forrester and Jonathan Pearce. At the start of the battle, Tornado's ground clearance was breached, but it turned the battle around when Bigger Brother was caught by Sir Killalot, and Tornado slammed it into an angle grinder. The two robots skirted around each other, but eventually Tornado was flipped over by Bigger Brother. It had to take a defensive approach, opening the pit, and pushing Bigger Brother using its inverted wedge. Due to the disadvantage in ground clearance, Tornado began to lose the pushing battle with Bigger Brother, and neared the pit. Tornado was clamped by Bigger Brother's flipper, and was placed on the edge of the pit, and nudged in, putting it out of the All-Stars.

Tornado also featured in the Challenge Belt episode where Dantomkia, Sir Chromalot, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Hypno-Disc, Vader, Iron-Awe 2.0, Terrorhurtz and Barber-Ous 2 all fought in a tournament for the right to challenge them for the belt. The winner was Terrorhurtz, but Tornado immediately disposed of Terrorhurtz by ramming it into an angle gringer, getting underneath it with the scoop, and putting it down the pit - one of the fastest pitting in the show's history at only 19 seconds - and claiming the Challenge Belt title for a second time in a row.

Tornado also participated in the European Championship tournament, qualifying as UK champion. This competition was also broadcast during German Robot Wars. It faced the Swiss Snake Bite in its first battle, which had a Razer-like crusher, but Team Tornado decided not to fit their anti-crusher frame, using their scoop instead. Tornado started by pushing Snake Bite into Dead Metal, who attacked it with its serrated saw blade. Tornado then pushed Snake Bite into Mr. Psycho and the attacks from both house robots meant Snake Bite was immobile. It was counted out and pitted and Tornado was through to face adversary Razer.

Razer had added a hook on the end of its claw to counter Tornado's anti-Razer frame. The battle started with the two machines thumping into each other. Razer pushed Tornado back with Tornado hitting it with the blade on the frame, causing no visible damage. Tornado started to run from Razer but it didn't quite escape, with Razer grappling the frame and dragging Tornado into a CPZ with Sergeant Bash. The house robot pushed the grappling pair out of the CPZ, but Razer's hook managed to get a hold on Tornado and lever it up. Razer then began to drag Tornado towards the pit release button, hitting it. Suddenly smoke started to billow out of Razer, Tornado still in its grasp. Razer couldn't find the strength to pit Tornado, despite its huge efforts. The battle came to a close on a judges' decision, with Razer the winner. However, after the battle, the Razer team said they were immobile for over thirty seconds and therefore awarded the match to Tornado.

This meant Tornado fought Philipper 2 in the final, equipped with its original disc weapon. At the start, Tornado pushed its opponent around the arena, before shoving it into Shunt's CPZ. Tornado then slammed Philipper into an angle grinder and then onto the flame pit. Refbot freed Philipper, but Tornado pushed the Belgian robot into Sergeant Bash, before shoving it into the pit to win the European Championship.

Series 7Edit

Tornado returned to the Seventh Wars as the reigning UK champion, keeping its interchangeable weaponry. In the first round, it was equipped with the disc, and drawn against veteran teams Ewe 2 and Sawpoint 2 alongside newcomers Devastator. It dominated the early stages, singling out Devastator and ramming it into the arena wall. It then pushed Devastator and Sawpoint 2 into the CPZ, where they were attacked by the house robots. After Ewe 2 pitted Sawpoint 2, Tornado combined with the flipper to shove Devastator into oblivion and out of the competition.

In the second round, it met another newcomer, Leveller 2 and used its scoop and chain flail. Tornado was flipped over, rendering the scoop useless, but it used the upside-down weapon to get a grip on Leveller 2 and shove it into Sir Killalot. Poor driving meant it couldn't get away and Shunt and Sir Killalot combined to attack it. Leveller 2 flipped Tornado once more but Tornado showed great aggression by pushing its opponent towards the angle grinder. Leveller 2 was eventually grasped by Sir Killalot, but he dropped it. Leveller 2 then drove into the pit.

This allowed Tornado to progress to the Heat Final, where it was fitted with the new electric lifter to fight against Tetanus Booster. Despite Tetanus Booster breaking the lifting mechanism, Tornado used its lifter to good effect by constantly getting underneath and pushing it around the arena. Tetanus Booster eventually started smoking and after lingering in the CPZ, Tornado pitted it, putting it through to the Semi-Finals.

There it met Raging Knightmare in the first round, reusing its disc. Tornado overturned Raging Knightmare with a rebound from a shove into the side wall, but Shunt axed it. Tornado slammed Raging Knightmare repeatedly into the side wall at speed. Raging Knightmare couldn't self-right and was pitted by Tornado.

In the second round it met Dutch robot Gravity, whose powerful flipper saw it beat the seeded Dantomkia and 13 Black along the way. Gravity couldn't get underneath Tornado's low scoop and Tornado kept pushing it into the wall. Eventually Gravity threw Tornado high into the air and it landed upside-down. Although Gravity had a punctured tyre, it could now get underneath Tornado. It didn't however and Tornado pushed the damaged Gravity onto the closed pit and activated the pit release button, leaving Gravity to descend into oblivion.

In the Grand Final it met New Blood Champions Storm 2, which was much like Tornado but with better speed and power. Storm 2 started quickly and slammed into the side wall when attempting an attack. Tornado was able to push Storm 2 for a while, but Storm 2 turned Tornado over with its lifting arm, meaning it was now easy to get underneath the inverted scoop. Storm 2 slammed Tornado into the walls several times before cease was called. Unfortunately, Tornado lost the judges' decision as Storm 2 had won on damage and aggression.

In the play-off, X-Terminator had taken a lot of damage from their previous battle against Typhoon 2, allowing Tornado to easily push it around the arena and into the CPZs, where X-Terminator took further damage from the House Robots. Despite suffering adhesion problems due to hydraulic fluid spilt on the arena floor, Tornado eventually immobilised X-Terminator, winning the play-off and finishing third in Series 7.

Tornado also competed in the Third World Championship as the reigning European Champion. In the first round, it was drawn against German representatives Ansgar 3 and UK runners-up Storm 2. Tornado teamed up with Storm 2 against Ansgar 3, pushing the German robot into Growler's CPZ, the arena side wall and the flame pit, where it became immobilised. After battling with Storm 2 for a while, the two robots ganged up to push Ansgar 3 into the pit. Tornado and Storm 2 continued pushing each other around for a while, slamming each other into the side walls and CPZs. After Tornado pushed Storm 2 into Dead Metal's clutches, Storm 2 slammed Tornado into the wall at great speed and sent it flying through the air. 'Cease' was called, and the judges went for Storm 2, so Tornado was eliminated at the first hurdle.

US Season 2Edit

Tornado, alongside Kat 3, Wowot and arch rivals Razer, appeared in the International Championship of Extreme Warriors Season 2. The four UK robots were paired up and Tornado fought Adam Clark's Wowot. Tornado slammed into the offensive, shoving Wowot around and into Sgt Bash who buried its claw into Wowot's side. Tornado eventually pushed Wowot into the pit to win.

For the battle against Razer, Team Tornado used their new anti-crusher device for the first time, as the second season of Extreme Warriors was filmed before UK Series 6. In the fight, the chain came off the disc of the Anti-Crusher Web almost immediately, but the weapon served its purpose and Razer could not reach the chassis. Tornado repeatedly pushed Razer into the CPZs, but the House Robots kept attacking Tornado instead. By the end of the fight, the Anti-Crusher Web was completely mangled, but Tornado itself was relatively unharmed.

In the final, Tornado met General Chompsalot 2. This time Tornado equipped the scoop, and simply pushed General Chompsalot around the arena and down the pit to claim the International Championship.

Live EventsEdit


Tornado is still in the possession of Andrew Marchant, and now occasionally fights, also sometimes appearing on static display. At the 2013 European Championships in Norwich, it returned to combat for an exhibition match against Alien Destructor and Cherub. After a close battle, it won on a judges decision. It then later battled Dantomkia, Bulldog Breed, Tough As Nails and The Saint. Tornado returned for the 2014 Robots Live event in Burgess Hill.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robots@War 2000 Wilsons Day Friendly fight Dantomkia Won
Friendly fight Stinger Lost
Robot Rumble 2000 Debenham Morning Session - Fight 1 Invertebrat Won
Morning Session - Fight 2 Suicidal Tendencies Lost
Afternoon Session - Fight 1 Sumpthing Won
Afternoon Session - Fight 2 Chaos 2 Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 4 Qualifier N/A T 2 R Special Won
Heat F Eliminator (8) Gemini

Kater Killer

Semi-Final (24) Berserk 2 Won
Heat Final (8) Gemini Won
Semi-Final 1 Round 1 (15) Wheely Big Cheese Won
Round 1 (1) Chaos 2 Lost
Robot Rumble 2001 Saturday Morning Session Heat Dantomkia

Edge Hog

Quarter-Final Chaos 2 Won
Semi-Final Humphrey Won
Final Stinger Lost
Saturday Afternoon Session Heat Dantomkia Won
Semi-Final Axe-Awe Won
Final Chaos 2 Won
Sunday Afternoon Session Heat Storm Lost
Second Chance Humphrey Won
Semi-Final Chaos 2 Won
Final Bigger Brother Won
Robots@War 2001 Saturday Session Round 1 Bigger Brother Lost
Demonstration Battle Arnold, Arnold Terminegger Lost
Robots@War Arena 2001 Saturday Session Figure of 8 race Bigger Brother Lost
Tug of War Wolverine Won
M2 Won
Behemoth Won
Melee Big Pants, Bigger Brother, Dantomkia, M2, Sher Khan, Tiberius Lost
Melee Bigger Brother, Dantomkia Lost
Sunday Session Tag Team Bigger Brother, Dantomkia, M2, Toecutter 2 Lost
Melee Dantomkia, Storm, Wolverine Won
Melee Dantomkia Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 1 All-Stars Round 1 3 Stegs to Heaven Won
Quarter-Final Pussycat Won
Semi-Final Chaos 2 Won
Final Razer Lost
Single Battle Events Vengeance Stinger Won
Mayhem & Annihilator Mayhem King B Powerworks

The Steel Avenger

Challenge Belt Challenge Behemoth Won
Defence Comengetorix Won
Defence Wild Thing Won
Defence Chaos 2 Won
Defence Pussycat Won
The Second World Championships (Representing UK) Heat 4 Philipper (Belgium)

Yeborobo (South Africa

Panzer Mk 2 (USA)

Semi-Final Razer (UK) Lost
US Robot Wars International Championship (Representing UK) Round 1 Wowot (UK) Won
Semi-Final Razer (UK) Won
Final General Chompsalot 2 (USA) Won
Robo Mania 2001 Brighton Heat Bigger Brother Won
Quarter-Final Roobarb Won
Semi-Final M2 Won
Final Dominator 2


UK Robot Wars Series 5 (Seeded 12th Heat G Eliminator Gravedigger Won
Semi-Final Diotoir Lost
Robot Fayre 2001 Southfield Tug of War Hydra Lost
Melee Behemoth, King B Powerworks, and a washing machine Lost
Alstom 2001 Saturday 13th October Fight 1 Stinger Won
Fight 2 T-Bone Won
Fight 1 Humphrey 3 Won
Finale Stinger

Humphrey 3, T-Bone


"Kent Robot Wars" 2001 Saturday Round 1 SMIDSY Won
Round 2 Wolverine Won
Round 3 Bulldog Breed 3 Won
Sunday Rumble El Balderone, Roobarb, Dantomkia, Wolverine, Storm and Bob the Bot Lost
Dutch Robot Games 2001 UK Competition Round 1 Roobarb Won
Final Tiberius 2


International Competiton (Representing UK) Round 1 Alien Destructor (Holland Lost
Robot Rumble 2002 (Seeded 1st) Stars Competition Round 1 King Humphrey Won
Quarter-Final Roobarb Won
Semi-Final Chaos 2 Won
Final M2 Won
Main Competition Round 1 The Grim Reaper Won
Quarter-Final Bigger Brother Won
Semi-Final Dominator 2 Lost
Robo Rumble 2002 Round 1 Big Pants, Comengetorix and King Humphrey Lost
Round 2 Steel Sandwich, M2, Dantomkia, Igor, Wolverine, Grim Reaper and Barbaric Response Lost
Round 3 Demolition Doris, Wolverine and Spirit of Scorpion Won
Round 4 Axe Awe, Gooroo, Dantomkia, Bulldog Breed 3, Bigger Brother, Wolverine, King Humphrey, Killer Carrot 2, Comengetorix and Barbaric Response Lost
Roaming Robots 2002 Newark Whiteboard Wolverine


Whiteboard Wolverine


Roaming Robots 2002 Gaydon Whiteboard Lambsy Won
Whiteboard Tetanus 2 Won
Whiteboard Tetanus 2

The Stag


Whiteboard Dantomkia Won
UK Robot Wars Series 6 (Seeded 12th) Heat G Eliminator Edge Hog


Terror Bull

Round 2 Thor Won
Heat Final Anarchy Won
Semi-Final 2 Round 1 (4) Hypno-Disc Won
Round 2 (6) Dominator 2 Won
Grand-Final Eliminator (3) Firestorm 4 Won
Grand-Final (1) Razer Won
Robot Wars Extreme 2 All-Stars - Heat A Eliminator Dantomkia


Semi-Final Bigger Brother Lost
Challenge Belt Final Terrorhurtz Won
European Championships (Representing UK) Heat Snake Bite (Switzerland) Won
Semi-Final Razer (UK) Lost (Won by Default)
Final Philipper 2 (Belgium) Won
Roaming Robots 2002 War in the Wolds - Louth Saturday Morning Session - Battle 1 M2


Saturday Morning Session - Battle 2 Thor


Saturday Morning Session - Battle 3 Storm 2

King Humphrey

Saturday Afternoon Session - Battle 1 Dantomkia Won
Saturday Afternoon Session - Battle 2 King Humphrey


Sunday Morning Session - Battle 1 Pussycat

Bulldog Breed 3

Sunday Afternoon Session - Battle 1 Thor

Mighty Mouse

Sunday Afternoon Session - Battle 2 Bulldog Breed 3


Mighty Mouse

Robot Roadshow 2002 Worthing Whiteboard Battle Dantomkia


Whiteboard Battle Spirit of Scorpion


Dutch Robot Games 2 (Representing UK) 2003 Saturday Morning Session - Battle 1 Ansgar 3 (Germany)

Alien Destructor (Holland)

Saturday Afternoon Session - Fight 1 Gravity (Holland)

GiAnto 2 (UK)

Saturday Afternoon Session - Fight 11 Storm 2 (UK)

Edge Hog (UK)

Won with Edge Hog
Sunday Morning Session - Battle 8 Mudbot

Storm 2 (UK)

UK Robot Wars Series 7 (Seeded 1st) Heat E Eliminator Ewe 2

Sawpoint 2


Round 2 Leveller 2 Won
Heat Final Tetanus Booster Won
Semi-Final 1 Round 1 Raging Knightmare Won
Round 2 Gravity Won
Grand-Final Eliminator (16) Storm 2 Lost
Play-Off (11) X-Terminator Won
Third World Championships (Representing UK) Heat Storm 2 (UK)

Ansgar 3 (Germany)

Roaming Robots Denbigh 2004 Friendly Battle Merlin


Friendly Battle Behemoth

Mute, Chip

Ewe 2

Friendly Battle Ewe 2



Roaming Robots Lakeside 2004 Exhibition Battle Lightning Lost
Roaming Robots Denbigh 2005 Whiteboard fight Kan-Opener


Roaming Robots Preston 2005 Whiteboard fight Big Nipper Lost
Robots Live! Leicester 2007 Exhibition fight Pressure Won
Robots Live! Norwich 2013 Whiteboard fight Alien Destructor


Whiteboard fight Tough As Nails

The Saint, DTK, Bulldog Breed

Robots Live! Burgess-Hill 2014 Whiteboard fight Turbulence


Whiteboard fight TR2


All-Stars Special Bigger Brother




Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 85
  • Losses: 41
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