Tina Treks was a robot built by Team Eye Eye. It was one of two competitors in the Internal Combustion Sprint in 2000 but lost to Tecumseh. It was actually a converted Miss Struts from Robot Wars, which competed the following year in the same competition but lost in the heats.

The robot is one of the tallest standing at two metres, it was originally even taller than that but the team struggles to repair it as a result.

Robot History Edit

As the race started Tecumseh ran quickly away while the two metre behemoth Tina Treks slowly catches up. However, after getting pass a quarter of the way, Tina Trek swerved into the metal barrier and soon got one of its legs caught on the metal barrier which stopped it from progressing. Tecumseh had no problems getting to the last stretch, however its opponent soon freed it self and began to march towards the finishing line. It was too later for Tina Treks to make a comeback as Tecumseh managed to finish at a time of 0:54:07 seconds. 3 minutes later Tina Treks finished, coming in sideways and taking one of the metal barriers with it.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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