• Noticed you were still active in April, so here goes nothing I guess. Asked you here rather than BB Wiki as your Message Wall's a lot quieter.

    One of the last things I did for RA2 was build some replicas of robots originating from a site or forum abbreviated as "ARC", from the crude MSPaint drawings to the complex renders. I absolutely sucked at Photoshop at the time and had zero 3D modelling skills outside of Sketchup, so I had to make do with what was already available. I still have those robots, but I lack the huge folder of the pictures where they came from. It might be on one of my HDs somewhere, but I can't find it.

    I strongly believe you were the one who posted the .zip folder containing pictures of all the robots, so I'm asking you as a longtime associate and since you're one of the few people I left GTM on speaking terms with if you have any knowledge about this archive.

    I did manage to find a Wiki with a lot of the robots I remember, namely Agressive Blood Cell which I remembered due to the misspelling, but I don't think it had every robot. I can't find "No Quarter" or "Hephaestus" on there for example, which are two other robots I'd built.

    I'm not promising anything, but potentially sometime next decade I might finish the work I started in 2014/15 even if there's no audience by the time I do get round to it. I have a hell of lot of projects on the backburner, my current one has entailed adding and extensively rewriting hundreds of articles and adding thousands of pictures on the Top Gear Wiki, which I became admin of back in April. Work I don't expect to conclude until next Spring. And that's just the tip.

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