Thor is a robot that competed in Series 6-10 of Robot Wars, as well as the second series of Robot Wars Extreme. In most of its iterations, it wielded a powerful hammer (as a nod to the weapon of the Norse god from which it took its name), though this was exchanged for a bladed axe in Series 8. Jason Marston and Lee Cornish often dressed in Viking costumes during the original run of the show.

Thor placed third in the New Blood Championship in Extreme Series 2, and came 4th in Series 8 after receiving a Wild Card place in the Grand Final and reached the Heat Final in Series 9 and 10.

The original Thor was an flat triangle robot with two pincers at the base. The hammer rested on a line from the base of the triangle to the apex, so that it would strike an opponent directly between the pincers. The hammer was capable of self-righting and could puncture 15mm polycarbonate. It had a top strike speed of 70mph.

In Extreme 2, the robot bore much the same resemblance, albeit the claws were removed. The robot was upgraded for Series 7 through over 300 hours of work, with a new thinner wedge-shaped design, a shorter and more powerful hammer, and a higher top speed of 20mph. However, the armour was also thinner overall.

The new version of the Thor used a high-speed bladed axe, in place of the traditional hammer used by the previous versions of Thor. The robot was armoured in Hardox, and could fire its weapon more times per match than previously. At 30mph, Thor was the fastest robot in the series, and its drive motor is four times more powerful than it was in Series 7.

Thor used interchangeable axe heads and wedges, dependant on its opponent. Thor can use floor-hugging wedges to get underneath opponents and negate wedges and scoops, or a wide plate to protect it from spinning discs. Thor's axe heads vary from its signature head based upon Mjölnir to a spiked head. These adjustments cause Thor's weight to vary between 105kg and 108kg.

Robot History Edit

Series 6Edit


In Series 6

Thor participated in Heat G of the Sixth Wars, for its debut Robot Wars appearance. In the first round of the heat, Thor was drawn up against the experienced Judge Shred 2 ½, Team 101's walkerbot Anarchy, and newcomers Revolution 2. In the battle, Thor and Anarchy almost immediately swapped axe blows, but it soon became evident that they and Revolution 2 were targeting Judge Shred 2 ½. Judge Shred 2½ had to fend off assaults from the axes of Thor and Anarchy, and the spinning blades of Revolution 2, denting Judge Shred 2½'s armour in several places. In the midst of all the attacks, Thor's front pincers were both bent, but it carried on. Revolution 2 rammed Judge Shred 2½ into the arena side wall and in turn was attacked by Dead Metal. Anarchy flipped over Revolution 2, where the supposedly invertible machine got stuck. With three robots remaining, Thor hammered Judge Shred 2½ yet again before doing the same to Anarchy. Judge Shred 2½ almost turned over Thor right at the end, but Judge Shred 2½ was eliminated due to all the damage it took, putting Anarchy and Thor through to the next round of the Heat.

In the second round, Thor was placed up against the number 12 seeds and eventual champions Tornado. In this battle, Thor's weak pincers were bent straight away, but Thor got a couple of hammer blows on Tornado early on. Tornado slammed Thor into the pit release button, breaking off part of Thor's side panel. Tornado however, was rammed by the stormy pace of Growler. For a little while, Thor tried to hold onto Tornado between its hammer and its body, but after Tornado got free, Thor very nearly reversed into the pit but drove away. A shove by Tornado had Thor trapped in the CPZ by Sergeant Bash and Growler, and both Thor and Sergeant Bash almost drove down the pit of oblivion. Thor just survived for another judges' decision, but the decision went in favour of the seeded Tornado, eliminating Thor from the competition.

Extreme 2Edit

Extreme thor

In Extreme 2

Thor participated in the New Blood Championships as a completely rebuilt robot, with no claws this time. It didn't start Round 1 against Night Raider and Hell's Teeth very well, as it tried to hit Night Raider and missed more times than it hit. Fortunately for Thor, Team Blades' robot broke down and was demolished by the House Robots, allowing Thor to go through.

In Round 2, Thor faced Chip and one hammer blow on the Welsh machine was enough to immobilise it. Thor, having beaten Chip, turned its attention to Growler, landing a hammer blow on the dog of war. Growler retaliated, using its massive power to slam Thor against the arena wall, but in doing so beached itself on the arena wall. Meanwhile, Mr. Psycho hammered Chip, before knocking it into Growler, helping to free its stricken pet. Thor, also freed, hit the pit release button, and Mr. Psycho nearly reversed into the pit, whilst Chip was counted out by the Refbot.

In the Heat Final Thor faced Edge Hog. Both robots used their weapons on each other but missed more times than hitting each other. Thor then pushed Edge Hog into Sir Killalot who picked it up, spun it around and let go of it. Edge Hog broke down after self-righting. Thor was in the Grand-Final and up against Storm 2 for a place in the final battle.

Thor kept trying to land its hammer on Storm 2, but Storm 2 was too fast. Thor was then hammered by Mr. Psycho but got away. Thor was whacked into the pit-release tyre by Storm 2, then after one fire from Thor's hammer, it stayed in the fired position and Storm 2 continued to push a defenceless Thor around the arena. Thor was then nearly pushed into the pit by Storm 2, but it got away. After a few failed attempts from Storm 2 to pit Thor, the fight went to the judges to decide. The judges rules that Storm 2 had won and Thor was eliminated.

Thor then took part in the 3rd-place Play-Off against Cedric Slammer. Both robots attacked each other straight away, but did little damage. After two misfires from its hammer, Thor finally managed to hit Cedric Slammer, slowing it down. Cedric Slammer then rolled into the CPZ where it was slammed into by Growler and broke down, meaning Thor took 3rd place in the New Blood Tournament.

Series 7Edit


In Series 7

At the start of Thor's second main series appearance was a melee against Dutch entrants Gravity, newcomers Hodaf The Bad, and previous Heat Finalist Hydra. Thor struck Hodaf The Bad several times, although this did not cause the newcomers much distress. Thor jumped in the air with the power of its hammer trying to hit Gravity and Hydra. Gravity mightily threw Hydra into the air again, and flipped it twice more, getting it out of the arena (and damaging the arena wall in the process) before cease was called early because of the safety violation. The judges ruled in favour of Gravity and Thor in the battle up to that point.

Thor then faced off with Lightning. The majority of Thor's axe blows missed, while Lightning wasn't able get its sideways flipper into action. Both narrowly dodged Shunt, but it was appearing that Lightning was the better controlled, pushing Thor into another CPZ. Lightning hit the pit release tyre and drove straight on top of Thor, which all of a sudden had a very slowly swinging hammer, but was denting its foe's armour. Both remained right next to the open pit until Refbot separated the pair. Lightning got away quickly while Thor didn't, so Lightning got underneath Thor and used its flipper to dump Thor straight into the pit.

Live EventsEdit


Thor in 2005

Thor had signed up to the 2004 Winter Tour which was also its first competition outside of Robot Wars, it only took part in one qualifier match at Edinburgh. It got flipped over by Dantomkia and it then found itself with its hammer stuck through the wall where it was immobilised.

Thor didn't reappear until 2007. Thor attended the 2007 UK Championships which was the first UK Championship for the current model it is now. It shared its pod with Number 3 seed Kan-Opener and the dutch entrant Das Gepäck, both battles were the same ; It gave both robots hits with its hammer but ended up in the pit in both fights.

After having bad luck in the UK Championships, Thor also came back for the annihilator competition along with Tanglefoot, TillyEwe 2, Edge Hog, Iron-Awe 3 & Mighty Mouse. It qualified in the first round as Tanglefoot was immobilised despite Thor getting pushed into the pit. Next it qualified in the next battle as Iron-Awe 3 also broke down and it even made the final without turning a wheel in the next 2 rounds as Edge Hog and Mighty Mouse had suffered from technical problems. Here it faced TillyEwe 2. It started off well giving TillyEwe 2 a number of blows but then unfortunatly drove down the pit finishing 2nd in the Annihilator.


Black Thor from 2008-2012

Thor came back for the 2008 UK Championships at Fairford in a new colour scheme, it won its qualifier battle after pounding The Saint and then dumping it in the pit and then met Dantomkia in the 1st round of the finals. Here it gave Dantomkia 2 hits with its axe before it unfortunatly died due to a dodgy reciever which elliminated it from the competition.

Thor came back for the Winter Tour in the same year, it fought in one qualifier match against Dantomkia at Nottingham where it managed to beat it on just one point which gave it the points it needed to qualify for the finals at Maidstone. It fought Terrorhurtz in round 1 where both robots both hammered each other until Thor was eventually immobilised and shoved down the pit eliminated.

Thor took part also in the first year-long UK Championship in 2009. It won its first qualifier match at Barnsley against Dantomkia where it gave it a hammering bending its top panel downwards before pushing the 2006 Annihilator Champion down the pit where it also finished the fight by hitting its dump valve. Next it took on Terrorhurtz and Hellbent at Brentwood, where Hellbent died and Thor also managed to win the fight by disabling Terrorhurtz's axe. It then fought Dantomkia again at Guildford where it caused a lot more serious damage than the encounter at Barnsley where it broke its flipper arm and also made the top armour cave in. Then at Portsmouth it lost its fight to Iron-Awe 5 and its next one to St Hammer despite also damaging S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s wheel hub in the fight. After the success it had in the competition, it qualified through to the finals at Wigan. In round 1 it fought Terrorhurtz and And His Army, it had a smaching contest with Terrorhurtz where it was doing well until it lost drive on a wheel due to a dodgy weld which put it out of the championships.

Thor came back as the 8th seed and started off 2010 by fighting at Whitwick. It lost to Merlin as its recent rebuild had a design flaw which prevented it from self-righting after it had damaged its own weaponry. Next at Nottingham, it had to fight in its qualifier weaponless against Cabrakan 2 & Tiberius 4 due to damage it had taken in a whiteboard fight. It got punctured a lot by Tiberius 4 and Cabrakan 2 got finished off down the pit, Thor was given 2nd place and currently has 6 points in the league table.


Thor from 2012-2016

Thor has been one of the regular contestant robots to participate in the Robot Wars Live Events, it has fought in both friendly and competition fights with some good degrees of success. It took part in its first event in Barnsley in February 2013, where it got through to the final of the competition, losing to Maelstrom due to it getting its hammer stuck in the arena wall. Thor was also the winner of the Robot Wars Live Show in Guildford in June 2013.

Thor found great success at the Robot Wars World Championship in 2015. Thor qualified through Round 1 alongside Tiberius, after Tanto was thrown out of the arena by Iron-Awe 5, before Iron-Awe was eliminated on a Judges' decision due to damage sustained from Thor and Tiberius. Thor then won its second-round qualifier when TR2 could not self-right from a flip, while Thor won its second Judges' decision by hammering Eruption. In the quarter-finals, Thor met Nuts, and immobilised it with repeated blows, before pitting it. Thor won its semi-final through a third Judges' decision, after a close fight with Gabriel. Thor eventually finished second, after it was thrown out of the arena by Toxic 2 in the Grand Final.

Robot Wars Series 8Edit

Thor and Jason

In 2016


Thor was the first robot to be revealed as a competitor in the 2016 series, in a trailer where builder Jason Marston admires his robot to the tune of Grover Washington Jr's "Just the Two of Us", before cutting to clips of Thor engaging in battle with Shunt in the arena.

In its first battle of the competition, Thor fought DisConstructor, Shockwave and Tough as Nails in the first round. Thor's entrance into the arena showed the first example of Jason Marston "doing the Thor", a hammering hand gesture. Thor entered the battle with its anti-spinner plate on the front, as a measure of defending itself against DisConstructor. Thor's first target in the battle was Tough as Nails, but it missed spectacularly, and flipped itself over. Thor continued to focus on Tough as Nails, but its axe was too short to reach the lengthy machine, which grabbed the top section of Thor and pushed it back. Although Shockwave rammed into the back of Thor after it had pitted DisConstructor, Thor continued its private battle with Tough as Nails, barely missing an axe attack from Shunt. Thor gained assistance from live circuit friends Team Shock, which helped Thor push Tough as Nails, driving it right up the arena wall, where the axe could finally gain a purchase. When Shockwave wedged underneath Tough as Nails, Thor repeatedly axed the Dutch machine until its removable link had fallen out, and pushed the immobile machine onto the lip of the pit. Thor nudged Tough as Nails in, and qualified for the next round with Shockwave.

In the head-to-head rounds, Thor's first opponent was full-body spinner M.R. Speed Squared, so Thor kept its anti-spinner plate on the front. Knowing that the full-body spinner needed to have its momentum halted, Thor charged in at full speed, but missed, and needed to perform a U-turn to catch up, the deflection knocking M.R. Speed Squared into the pit release button. Thor gave its opponent no chance to start spinning, and bullied it into the clutches of Dead Metal, over the flame pit, where a strong blow dented the aluminium armour. Two strong slams into the arena walls sent M.R. Speed Squared ricocheting, before returning to Dead Metal where Thor punched a huge gash into its foe. After M.R. Speed Squared escape, Thor sustained a blow from the spinner, and then drove over the floor flipper where both robots were tossed, after which Thor needed to self-right. This flip had overturned M.R. Speed Squared, exposing its internals, as their bottom armour was missing. Although Thor was axed by Shunt, it axed the rim and chassis of M.R. Speed Squared, which drove into the pit straight afterwards, awarding Thor the win by KO.

Thor then faced the robot that assisted it in the first round, Shockwave, which had applied a bucket scoop specifically to deflect Thor's axe. This decision proved to be unwise, as Thor elected not to use their axe in the opening moments, pushing Shockwave into Dead Metal where it found an opportunity to damage the bucket. Thor's next attack took a complete third of the scoop away, continuing to push and attack Shockwave afterwards, nearing the house robots, and driving Shockwave across the arena, raining down several axe blows, eventually removing another piece of its scoop. Thor's next blow nearly struck Shockwave's wheels, although Thor was pushed into an empty CPZ in retaliation. Central blows to Shockwave damaged the top, and bent its lifting mechanism, and Thor buried its axe inside a wheel reservation of Shockwave. Simply ramming into Shockwave was enough to knock off the remainder of its scoop, but Shockwave pushed Thor into Matilda's flywheel, which ripped away one of Thor's wheel guards. Cease was called, and Thor was given the victory via unanimous Judges' decision, giving Thor a total of five points in the group stage.

Thor's final opponent in the round was Foxic, which had already been eliminated from the competition, but was very willing to fight Thor, intending to continue the team's record of defeating axes, hoping to chop Thor's axe off completely. The battle opened similarly to Thor's last, with Foxic raising its weapon to defend itself from the axe, but Thor offered no axe blows to begin with, being pushed into the pit release button by Foxic. After this, Thor could easily expose Foxic's front ground clearance, and push it around the arena, nearing the pit. Eventually, Thor crept around the side of Foxic, landed an axe blow directly on top, leaving Foxic essentially immobilised, as it was pushed onto the flame pit, where Dead Metal attacked. After another blow, Thor kept its distance, having done enough to go undefeated in the head-to-head round, as Matilda flipped the immobile Foxic into the pit.

Thor went into the Heat Final as the favourite to win, meeting Shockwave for the third time. Thor collided with Shockwave, which had switched back to its metal scoop, and was knocked away in recoil. Thor was pushed into the arena wall and lifted by Shockwave, which surprisingly was enough to immobilise Thor. After being pushed into the wall a second time, Thor could only fire its axe as defence, while Shockwave pressed the pit release button, and put Thor on the edge of the pit. Thor rocked about, firing its weapon, and was pushed in. Although Thor had lost to Shockwave, it is currently in contention for a wildcard position in the Grand Final.

Although Thor had lost to Shockwave, it entered contention for a wildcard position in the Grand Final along with Behemoth, Dantomkia, Storm 2 and Gabriel. The Judges decided that Thor was the most worthy of the wildcard, and Jason Marston progressed to the Grand Final. In the Grand Final, Thor faced TR2 and Pulsar, where both teams expressed fear of Thor. Thor sustained early damage from its chosen target Pulsar, which ripped the top of a wheelguard from Thor, and bent its front wedges backwards. However, Thor left Pulsar alone once it lost full mobility, and pushed TR2. A combination attack from TR2 and Shunt saw Thor overturned twice, and took damage from the House Robot's axe. Thor landed a blow of its own on TR2 before returning to the fairly lifeless Pulsar to axe it, also being flipped by TR2 in the process. Thor and Shunt landed axe blows on one another. Ignoring Pulsar, Thor and TR2 battled again, trading blows, ending with Thor being stranded on its side and thrown towards the trench wall. Pulsar was finally counted out, putting Thor into the next round, despite it being flipped again by TR2.

In the head-to-head stage of the Grand Final, Thor first fought bar spinner Carbide. It went into the battle sporting a 10mm HARDOX "anti-Carbide" plate on the front, and a spiked axe head, to punch through Carbide's plastic top plate. The anti-Carbide plate offered good protection at first, minimising the damage from a blow which threw Thor onto the floor flipper, which turned it over. However, Thor received much more damage when Carbide attacked its wheelguards, tearing into them and exposing Thor's wheels. A big blow from Carbide ripped away Thor's HARDOX plate, and threw it out of the arena. Two more blows threw Thor away, and over. When Thor self-righted, Carbide landed its knockout blow, and landed some final blows on Thor before it was counted out.

Thor had suffered immense damage, but was repaired in time for a head-to-head battle with TR2, where it returned to its signature bladed axe. However, Thor was thrown over immediately, and resorted to fleeing. Thor was thrown over four times in succession, and then flipped onto the top of Dead Metal by TR2, where it burned on top of the flame pit. A glancing blow from Thor's hammer struck TR2, but Thor was flipped over again. An attack from the flywheel and tusks of Matilda removed part of Thor's wheelguard once again, and overturned it. Thor could easily self-right from TR2's flip, but it was clearly losing the battle, as it was flipped twice more, and struck by Matilda. Thor could hardly move after this attack, but managed to turn in a circle after firing its axe. This meant that TR2 and Matilda needed to cause more damage, and Thor was left inverted, venting gas. It eventually self-righted, but was flipped into the CPZ, where Matilda threw Thor out of the arena.

Thor was eliminated from the competition at this stage, but would still earn third place if it could defeat Apollo. It entered the match as a shadow of its former self, repaired all over again after another destructive loss. Thor fled from Apollo, but drove over the floor flipper, and was left inverted once again, then was launched by Apollo. Armour fell off the back of Thor when it was thrown again, including vital components, leaving Thor immobile and unable to self-right. Thor was counted out, and lost its final battle of the series, but this still meant that Thor had finished fourth place overall in the series.

Series 9Edit

Thor s9

Thor competed in Episode 3. In its Group Battle, it faced the returning Chimera2 as well as newcomers Concussion and Tauron. It used its new single-headed axe blade, and the steeper of its two wedges. Immediately, Thor charged towards Tauron, chasing it through a CPZ before attempting to push it round from the side. Tauron’s spinning bar hit Thor's side, sending sparks flying, before Thor spun round and was briefly immobilised after getting squeezed between the wall and Tauron by a slam from Concussion. Thor fired its axe several times as Shunt approached, before suddenly kicking back into life and pushing the immobile Tauron aside. It proceeded to attack Chimera2, axing it a few times while pushing it into an empty CPZ, before briefly bumping into Concussion as the latter attacked Chimera2. After some time staying out of the action, Thor pushed both robots around inside the CPZ before forcefully separating them, with Chimera2 being left immobilised as a result. Thor slammed into Concussion, sustaining two hits from the latter's drum, but seemingly taking out half of Concussion's drive. Thor nudged Tauron again and hit the lip of the pit just as 'cease' was called. Both Thor and Concussion progressed to the Head-to-Head stage regardless.

In the Head-to-Heads, Thor first faced Concussion. Both robots slammed into each other in the opening seconds, with Thor pressing the Arena Tyre and allowing Dead Metal to leave his CPZ as 'Rogue House Robot' mode was triggered. Thor was pushed into another CPZ by Concussion, which was promptly caught by Dead Metal, allowing Thor to escape. It hesitated to attack any further until Concussion left the CPZ, with both robots bumping and driving around each other a few times. CO2 vented from Thor as Concussion hit its side twice in rapid succession, before Thor drove away and launched Concussion over its front wedge as the two robots met again. Thor drove into Concussion's drum several more times, and was buffeted away as Concussion was left unable to drive off the slightly lowered pit panel. Both robots became stuck on the pit as Thor charged in again, with Concussion briefly lifting Thor off the panel with its drum and shearing a small belt from underneath it. Eventually, Thor reversed away after firing its axe a few times, leaving Concussion stranded on the panel as it tried to activate the pit. However, Rogue House Robot was triggered again, with Thor axing Matilda as she rammed into – and got herself pinned on top of – Concussion. As it did so, Dead Metal came in to free Thor, allowing it to circle around the pit and back up for another charge on Concussion. As it drove towards Concussion, Thor was flipped over as Concussion's drum hit its left-hand wheelguard. With its axe out of CO2 and leaving Thor unable to self-right, it lost the battle to Concussion and scored no points for this knock-out loss.

Afterwards, Jason Marston expressed his frustration at having misjudged Thor's final charge, and later discovered that one of its wheels had also seized up. This required more repairs prior to its next battle against M.R. Speed Squared, a rematch of their Head-to-Head from Series 8. In the battle, Thor started by driving around, axing and pushing M.R. Speed Squared into the wall, the latter unable to get its spinning weapon up to speed due to damage sustained in previous battles. It dragged M.R. Speed Squared back as the latter got stranded on its wedge, before axing it again, freeing both robots and leaving M.R. Speed Squared immobile near the arena spikes. Thor hit M.R. Speed Squared a few more times before pushing it into Sir Killalot, and drove away before 'cease' was called. Thor scored its first three points through this knock-out victory, putting it joint-second on the leaderboard along with its next – and last – opponent, Heavy Metal.

For this battle, Thor equipped its double-headed axe and flatter front wedge, and started by charging into Heavy Metal head-on, almost flipping it over. It pushed and axed Heavy Metal into and around a CPZ, the rubber treads for Heavy Metal's wheels coming off and scattering all over the arena floor as it did so. Thor skirted past the Flame Pit as it made another run at Heavy Metal, eventually slamming into it again. It was briefly pushed sideways by Heavy Metal, before driving away and nudging Heavy Metal as the latter lost traction and drive to one side. Thor capitalised on this by axing and pushing Heavy Metal into the wall, before catching the pit panel as it attempted to shove it across the arena. It recovered to push Heavy Metal over the arena spikes, where Heavy Metal was flipped over and was immobilised by contact with Matilda's flywheel. As Heavy Metal sat immobile, Thor pushed it into Matilda, before knocking its right-hand wheel off and pushing it into the arena tyre. Dead Metal came out to attack Thor, but Thor escaped to spin in victory as 'cease' was called, with Matilda later sending Heavy Metal's wheel flying across the arena with her flywheel. With three more points scored as a result, Thor finished the Head-to-Head round with six points, putting it second on the leaderboard along with Concussion.

As the two highest-scoring robots in the Head-to-Head stage, Thor and Concussion faced each other for a third time in the Heat Final, with Thor reverting to the larger axe head and wedge used for their previous encounter. Thor began by slamming into Concussion, before driving away and being lifted up by Concussion's drum as the two robots clashed again. It struggled to get underneath Concussion as the two robots drove around and hit each other a few more times, before almost being flung onto its back after another blow from Concussion. Thor continued driving away from Concussion before slamming head-on into it again, before eventually withstanding a few more blows and dodging Concussion in an attempt to lure it into Dead Metal. As before, CO2 vented copiously from Thor's axe mechanism as it deflected more blows from Concussion and steered it into the Arena Tyre. This activated the pit, with Thor sustaining damage a few seconds later as Concussion hit its side. After spending more time dodging and deflecting Concussion, Thor was flipped over by Concussion, but self-righted immediately in spite of its gas leak. Thor slammed into Concussion a few more times, the repeated attacks buckling its front wedge as it made contact with Concussion's drum. The two robots attempted to push each other along the floor, with Thor missing an axe blow on Concussion's tyres as they spun round together and separated. Thor's axe got stuck in the half-way position in the process, and Thor itself momentarily stopped moving as Concussion attempted to nudge it. However, Thor regained mobility seconds later, and survived to a Judges' decision as it pushed Concussion over the Flame Pit. While the battle was closely-fought, Thor ultimately lost the decision - and the Heat Final - to Concussion. However, its status as a Heat Finalist means that it remains in contention for a wildcard place, and a potential reinstatement in the Grand Final.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 6 Heat G Eliminator Anarchy,

Judge Shred 2½,

Revolution 2

Semi-Final (12) Tornado Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 2 New Blood Heat B Eliminator Hell's Teeth,

Night Raider

Semi-Final Chip Won
Final Edge Hog Won
New Blood Grand Final Eliminator Storm 2 Lost
Third Place Play-off Cedric Slammer Won
UK Robot Wars Series 7 Heat D Eliminator Gravity


Hodaf the Bad

Semi-Final Lightning Lost
Roaming Robots - Winter Tour 2004 (Seeded 6th) Round 1 - Newport Qualifier (2) Mute,

Storm 2

Round 2 - Edinburgh Qualifier Mighty Mouse,

(3) Revolution 3

Qualifier Dantomkia Lost
Round 3 - Worcester Qualifier Dantomkia,

(2) Mute

Round 4 - Kings Lynn Qualifier Kronic,

Toxic 2

Fighting Robots UK Championships 2007 Heat E Head to Head (3) Kan-Opener, Lost
Head to Head Das Gepack Lost
Annihilator Round 1 Edge Hog,

Mighty Mouse, Iron-Awe 3,

Tanglefoot, TillyEwe 2

Round 2 Edge Hog,

Mighty Mouse,

Iron-Awe 3, TillyEwe 2

Qualified (By Default)
Round 3 Edge Hog,

Mighty Mouse,

TilleyEwe 2

Qualified (By Default)
Round 4 Edge Hog,

TillyEwe 2

Qualified (By Default)
Final TillyEwe 2 Lost
UK Robot Wars

Series 8

Episode 2 Group




Tough As Nails

Fighting Robots UK Championships 2008 Qualifiers Battle 11 Saint
Finals Round 1 (4) Dantomkia
Fighting Robots UK Championships 2009 Round 1 - Barnsley Qualifier Dantomkia Won
Round 3 - Brentwood Qualifier Hellbent 2


Round 5 - Guildford Qualifier Dantomkia Won
Round 6 - Portsmouth Qualifier Iron-Awe 5

Ripper Evo


Round 7 - Maidstone Qualifier S.M.I.D.S.Y.

St Hammer

Finals - Wigan Round 1 Terrorhurtz

And His Army

Fighting Robots UK Championships 2010 (Seeded 8th) Round 2 - Whitwick Qualifier Merlin Lost
Round 3 - Nottingham Qualifier Tiberius 4

Cabrakan 2

Round 4 - Burgess-Hill Qualifier Weird mAlice


Round 6 - Norwich Qualifier Pressure Won
Round 7 - Guildford Qualifier St Hammer

Weird mAlice

Semi-Finals - Portsmouth Round 1 (6) Tilly 2 Evo Lost
Losers Melee (5) Toon Raider

(2) Big Nipper

Iron-Awe 6

Fighting Robots UK Championships 2011 (Seeded 7th) Heats Heat G Chimera

Tiberius 4

Storm 2

Finals Round 1 Scorpion


(1) Iron-Awe 5

Loser's Melee

(5) Meggamouse Tilly 2 Evo

Quarter-Final Toxic 2 Won
Semi-Final Envy Lost
3rd Place Play-Off (1) Iron-Awe 5 Lost
Fighting Robots UK Championships 2012 (Seeded 4th) Heats Heat G Titan


Fighting Robots UK Championships 2013 Heats Heat A (1) Big Nipper


UK Robot Wars Series 8 Episode 2 Group Battle DisConstructor,


Tough As Nails

Qualified Round Robin M.R. Speed Squared Won by KO

(3 Points)

Shockwave Won via

Judges Decision

(2 Points)

Foxic Won by KO

(3 Points)

Final Shockwave Lost
Grand Final

(Wild Card)







Carbide Lost by KO
TR2 Lost by KO
Apollo Lost by KO
UK Robot Wars Series 9 Episode 3 Group Battle Concussion

Chimera 2


Round Robin Concussion Lost by KO
M.R. Speed Squared Won by KO

(3 Points)

Heavy Metal Won by KO

(3 Points)

Final Concussion Lost
Fighting Robots UK Championships 2017 Heats Heat C Iron-Awe 5 Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 10 Episode 5 Group Battle Coyote


Semi-Final Coyote Won
Final Magnetar Lost
Grand Final Wild Card Rumble Apollo

Big Nipper


Iron-Awe 6






5th World Championship (UK) Tag Teams (with Concussion) Terror Turtle (CA) and Blizzard (US) Lost
Head to Heads Tough As Nails (NL) Won

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 22
  • Losses: 18
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