The Steel Avenger (sometimes written as Steel Avenger) was a heavyweight robot, driven by Team Steel Avenger, formerly known as The Pneumatic Fanatics. The team competed in Series 3, 4, 5 and 7 of Robot Wars, also entering in both series of Extreme. The team did not enter Series 6, having been exhausted after all the repairs they had to do after Series 5 and Extreme 1.

The team often sported shiny metal breastplates, which garnered them the untelevised "Best Costume" award in Extreme 1. The Steel Avenger never made it past a Heat Final, but finished as runners up in the Extreme 1 Tag Team Terror and reached Heat Finals in Series 4 and 7. It also won the award for Best Engineered robot in Series 4.

Robot History Edit

Series 3Edit

Steel avenger

For its first Robot Wars appearance, The Steel Avenger was placed in the penultimate heat of the Third Wars, and was placed up against a returning team with Schumey Too, in its first round battle. In the battle, The Steel Avenger missed most of its axe blows, and was almost pushed into the pit of oblivion quite early on in the battle by Schumey Too, but The Steel Avenger reversed away just in time, after its front ram hung over the edge. The Steel Avenger then drove far away from the pit and charged into Schumey Too, but the robot then drove right over the top of Schumey Too. Again, The Steel Avenger recovered and gave a good axe hit on the centre of its opponent's bonnet. Overpowering Schumey Too, The Steel Avenger then left Schumey Too bouncing on an arena spike, before charging in again, axing and denting the 'spoiler' of Schumey Too, and pitting it just as Schumey Too drove to escape, right past the pit of oblivion. This put The Steel Avenger through to the next round of the heat. Before the next battle, the team had to mend the pick, which had become bent by its repeated axe blows on Schumey Too.

The Steel Avenger was then placed up against Team Nemesis with their new Diotoir machine in the second round. Before this battle, The Steel Avenger exchanged the pickaxe for the broad axe. In the battle, Diotoir flicked The Steel Avenger onto the arena side wall, getting it stuck there. However, Sergeant Bash then came out of the CPZ and freed The Steel Avenger and the fight continued. However, The Steel Avenger was almost caught by Dead Metal, swung its axe madly in retaliation, and was eventually flipped onto its side by Diotoir's wedge. The Steel Avenger had no means of self-righting, so it was deemed immobilised. The Steel Avenger was ambushed and attacked by Shunt (which was not shown on TV) and had a huge hole smashed into it, as well as having the axe head cut off by Sergeant Bash. Cease was eventually called and The Steel Avenger was eliminated from the competition.

Series 4Edit


Competing in Heat M of the Fourth Wars, The Steel Avenger now featured a pair of self-righting spikes. In its first round battle, it faced the eleventh seed Wild Thing and newcomer Humphrey. The Steel Avenger started tentatively, staying out of the action as Wild Thing and Humphrey initially drove around each other. Wild Thing then got underneath The Steel Avenger and pushed it around the arena, holding it in place with its new self-righting lance until The Steel Avenger escaped, darting over a flame jet. The Steel Avenger circled around Wild Thing in an attempt to axe it, but could not get into position, and was pushed by Wild Thing into Matilda, who thrust The Steel Avenger onto the wall, where it was left on its side. Matilda re-righted The Steel Avenger, before flicking its feather duster off and out of the arena as it escaped and again drove onto a flame jet. After this, Wild Thing continued to push The Steel Avenger around the arena and into Matilda again, while Humphrey became immobilised and was attacked by the House Robots after suffering control problems throughout the battle. Unseen on the televised broadcast, The Steel Avenger had also bumped and axed Humphrey before Wild Thing's intervention. Even so, it was continuously pushed and lifted by Wild Thing for the remainder of the battle, at one point ramming Dead Metal while he was slicing into Humphrey. At another point missing Wild Thing's wedge with its axe, before being pushed into Sir Killalot. Needless to say, both The Steel Avenger and Wild Thing progressed to the next round, as Humphrey was flipped by the Floor Flipper and paraded around the centre of the arena by Sir Killalot.

In the second round, The Steel Avenger faced the twenty-seventh seed, and fellow Essex entry, Sir Chromalot. It immediately pushed Sir Chromalot into the side wall, spun round the circular body, and rammed it a few times before attempting to axe it several times and missing. As the pit descended, The Steel Avenger finally managed to strike Sir Chromalot's wheel hub with the axe, only causing minimal damage, although the full battle saw The Steel Avenger inflicting several more blows which were edited from the televised broadcast. The Steel Avenger then pushed Sir Chromalot around again, breaking its drill weapon in the process, before nudging it towards the pit, where Sir Chromalot toppled in.

In the Heat Final, The Steel Avenger faced Wild Thing once again. It dodged Wild Thing's initial charge before being shoved around the arena numerous times, at one point being driven into Sir Killalot's CPZ and landing an axe blow on Wild Thing's wedge as it was lifted up after an inaccurate first attempt. Yet more bumping, pushing and circling round ensued, before Wild Thing got underneath The Steel Avenger again and tipped it over using its wedge. However, The Steel Avenger's self-righting spikes failed to work, rendering it immobilised on its side and open to attack from the House Robots. Sir Killalot promptly crushed and dislodged The Steel Avenger's top armour with his jaws, destroying one of the self-righting spikes in the process, before he backed away to allow Wild Thing to push The Steel Avenger into the pit. Following this defeat, The Steel Avenger was eliminated from the Fourth Wars, but won the 'Best Engineered' award at the end of the series, beating the previous year's winner Chaos 2. This order of merit had also granted The Steel Avenger automatic qualification for the next series.

Extreme 1Edit

Steel Avenger Series 5

The Steel Avenger now had side-axes to replace the self-righting spikes, and was also equipped with a rear flipper. It made its first appearance in Extreme Series 1 by challenging Behemoth for the Challenge Belt, this battle being the main event in the first episode of the series. In the battle, despite striking Behemoth several times with slams and strikes from the axe, The Steel Avenger was flipped over and over by Behemoth, almost out of the arena at one point, but was then left immobilised in the CPZ. Refbot didn't count The Steel Avenger out so Behemoth self-righted The Steel Avenger, but then toyed with it from then on before flipping it over again, cease was then called and the outcome of the battle was obvious, the winner being Behemoth. Still, The Steel Avenger gained some credit in the battle, by knocking out Sir Killalot's LED red light eyes, when a swing from the axe blade clipped against the house robot's helmet.

The Steel Avenger also fought in the Extreme Series 1 Tag Team Terror tournament, it fought alongside Suicidal Tendencies. In the first round, the pair went up against Napalm and Sir Chromalot. The Steel Avenger chopped and rammed Napalm, before tagging out Suicidal Tendencies. Suicidal Tendencies crumpled what was left of Napalm, and Sir Killalot then came in and picked up and dumped Napalm outside of the arena. Much of the action was edited out of the The Steel Avenger and Sir Chromalot fighting, and Sir Chromalot was dumped in the pit of oblivion, this put The Steel Avenger and Suicidal Tendencies progressed through to the second round.

They then fought Cerberus and Thermidor 2. The Thermidor 2 machine rushed out to interfere with Suicidal Tendencies and Cerberus' battle, so it turned into a free for all. After a lot of bashing and receiving a couple of axe blows, Thermidor 2 broke down completely, and both Suicidal Tendencies and The Steel Avenger had dealt decent blows to Cerberus, so the duo won the judges decision and met Pussycat and Diotoir in the final.

Both robots were concerned by Pussycat, but The Steel Avenger team also had to fight a grudge match Diotoir. Suicidal Tendencies held its own against Pussycat, but Diotoir intervened without a tag and The Steel Avenger rushed out to meet it. However, Diotoir flipped over The Steel Avenger over and pinned it down, with Pussycat cutting into it as well, but missing the vitals. The Steel Avenger struggled to self-right, and needed assistance from its partner, only to be flipped again afterwards. When free, The Steel Avenger rammed Diotoir and Pussycat, and landed a few axe blows on Diotoir which went unaired, but cease was called.

The Steel Avenger later fought in a Mayhem qualifier battle for the right to fight in the second annihilator of the series. It was placed up against Tornado and King B Powerworks, both of them being invertible 4-wheel drive 36 volt machines with cutting discs as weaponry. In the battle, Tornado cut into The Steel Avenger with its disc, but The Steel Avenger managed to hold its own and landed axe blows on both opponents. Tornado then cut a huge hole in the side of The Steel Avenger, but The Steel Avenger retaliated using its rear lifter. Not long afterwards, Tornado broke down from damage inflicted by King B Powerworks' forks, leaving The Steel Avenger and King B Powerworks to fight alone. The Steel Avenger then charged at full speed and the 100 kg mass of The Steel Avenger did its job; breaking a wheel right off King B Powerworks. As time ran out, The Steel Avenger approached Matilda's CPZ, without going inside it, and Matilda hit The Steel Avenger with its flywheel and knocked it onto its side, but this was not taken into consideration in the judges' decision that was to follow. The decision went in favour of The Steel Avenger, putting it through to the Annihilator.

In the Annihilator, The Steel Avenger was up against Panic Attack, Hippobotamus, Disc-O-Inferno, Napalm 2 and Spirit of Knightmare. The Steel Avenger managed to get through the first round after only taking a few blows from Disc-O-Inferno, but Fighting Torque and Napalm 2 turned into the centre of attention, Napalm 2 was sliced by Disc-O-Inferno and rammed by Spirit of Knightmare and was moving only in circles by the end of the fight. However, Hippobotamus was axed by The Steel Avenger, shunted across the arena by Spirit of Knightmare and finished off by the disc of Disc-O-Inferno. Hippobotamus was counted out by the Refbot and subsequently eliminated from the first round.

However, The Steel Avenger automatically qualified for the third round as Napalm 2 was forced to withdraw from the Annihilator due to the damage that it sustained in the first round battle.In the third round, The Steel Avenger started the battle by attacking Spirit of Knightmare, missing its gas bottle by just a few centimetres. The Steel Avenger then targeted Panic Attack, failing to break through its armour but landing blows on its side skirts and forks. However, in retaliation, Panic Attack raised and pushed The Steel Avenger, who was then flipped by Spirit of Knightmare into Disc-O-Inferno's spinning flywheel weapon and onto its side. With so much gas having been used up already in the battle, The Steel Avenger was unable to self-right with its side axes and was eliminated after later being counted out by the Refbot.

Series 5Edit

The Steel Avenger returned for the corresponding main competition and was surprisingly unseeded for the Fifth Wars, despite reaching the Heat Final of the previous series. The robot competed in Heat A of the main competition and was placed up against Scottish newcomers, The Tartan Terror, in the first round. In the battle, The Steel Avenger shoved The Tartan Terror into the CPZ with ease, using its rear lifter, where house robot Shunt joined The Steel Avenger in axing the newcomers' machine. Between the two axes, The Tartan Terror broke down and suffered cracked ribs. Despite taking the damage well, it was still counted out and The Steel Avenger went through to the next round. The Steel Avenger limped out of the arena with a flat tire, from running over one of the Tartan Terror's studs that had come loose. After the team fixed the machine, The Steel Avenger's next opponent was the double reigning champion, Chaos 2.

In this battle, The Steel Avenger got flipped straight away by Chaos 2, but self-righted quickly. This was a recurring incident as The Steel Avenger was being flipped repeatedly by Chaos 2 throughout the battle, but the side srimechs surprisingly kept working and so did the robot. It also put up a decent fight, taking some colossal impacts without breaking down, and also its axe managed to get a good hit on it down the side of Chaos 2's flipper, and at the start of the fight just caught its back compartment, narrowly missing the electronics. Suddenly, Chaos 2 slid beneath The Steel Avenger and shoved it over to the corner where it launched it up onto the rail. The Steel Avenger teetered on the brink for a moment, but then fell over, out of the arena, landing on one of the lights, this eliminated The Steel Avenger from the competition. This was supposed to be this version's last appearance, but this turned out not to be the case.

Extreme 2Edit

The Steel Avenger came out of retirement, for what was intended to be the last time before it was replaced with SA2. It returned to compete in the Tag Team Terror tournament, without the feather duster this time, but since Suicidal Tendencies was no longer competing in Robot Wars, The Steel Avenger fought alongside a new Tag Team partner, newcomers to the televised show Lightning. In the first round, the pair was placed up against Nasty Humphrey and Stinger. At first in the battle, Lightning went out to fight Nasty Humphrey. After a promising start from Lightning, The Steel Avenger tagged out to fight Stinger. The two robots attempted to hit each other with their weapons and missed, before Stinger started spinning on the spot. The Steel Avenger charged at its opponent and stopped it from spinning; this impact also caused Stinger to lose drive in one of its wheels. The Steel Avenger took advantage of the situation and nosed Stinger towards the pit. Once Stinger dropped into the pit of oblivion however, gravity caused The Steel Avenger to follow it in as well. This left Lightning alone to fight Nasty Humphrey once again, however Lightning managed to defeat Nasty Humphrey on a judges' decision, meaning that Lightning and The Steel Avenger were put through to the second round of the competition.

In the Semi-Final round, The Steel Avenger and Lightning were placed up against Robochicken and Bulldog Breed, who had previously defeated the reigning Tag Team Terror champions in the first round of the competition. In this battle, Bulldog Breed quickly put Lightning out of commission with one very powerful flip in particular, and The Steel Avenger rushed over to aid its ally. However, it soon became clear that Lightning was out of action completely from a lost radio battery, and The Steel Avenger was left alone to fight Robochicken, as Bulldog Breed took on Growler. The chicken put some huge flips in, and whilst The Steel Avenger righted itself each time, the previous Tag Team Terror finalist finally succumbed to low gas, and had failed to axe either of its opponents. The Steel Avenger was overturned once again by Robochicken, right onto its back, and with limited gas left on board, The Steel Avenger couldn't self-right, and was soon counted out by the Refbot. Cease was soon called, and The Steel Avenger was eliminated from the competition along with Lightning.

Series 7Edit

In its first round melee, The Steel Avenger was placed up against previous heat-finalist Shredder Evolution and new robots to the competition in Trax and Sub-Version 1.1. At first in the battle, The Steel Avenger took on Shredder Evolution, in an attempt to take out what the team considered to be the most potent of the robots. The Steel Avenger shoved Shredder Evolution into the CPZ, along with Sub-Version 1.1. Next, The Steel Avenger drove up the front of Trax, and quickly landed an axe blow before being flipped. However the Essex machine managed to self-right. The Steel Avenger then chased down Shredder Evolution again, and pierced its axe inside Shredder Evolution's left wheel guard and The Steel Avenger dragged Shredder Evolution over to the flame pit. It held the previous heat-finalists over the flame pit for a while, before the other two competitors swarmed in, after having their own private encounter. The Steel Avenger turned back to Trax, giving it a good axe slam just off-screen, and was soon flipped again by Trax, but once again swiftly self-righted. Then The Steel Avenger struck the titanium top of Shredder Evolution, narrowly missing a wire, and then struck again to drag it around, but let go and reversed away just as time was running out. As cease was called, Trax pitted Sub-Version 1.1, Shredder Evolution hit The Steel Avenger's axe and put a large S-Bend in the arm. However, the judges' decision put The Steel Avenger through to the next round of the heat along with Trax, and eliminated Shredder Evolution.

The second round saw The Steel Avenger be placed up against the experienced Team Reactor, with their limping Rhino machine. This battle proved much more tentative, particularly in comparison to both of their battles in the first round. In the battle, despite taking a few flicks from the Rhino lifter, The Steel Avenger recovered each time and managed to land around a dozen successful axe blows, whilst shoving it around the arena. These axe blows were eventually enough to slow Rhino down to a halt, immobilising Rhino, although its weaponry was still working. The Steel Avenger was suffering from leaking batteries, but still managed to activate the pit release button, and The Steel Avenger eventually line up and shove the immobilised Rhino machine down into the pit of oblivion for the win, this sent The Steel Avenger through to the Heat Final.

It was now that The Steel Avenger was placed up against the number 16 seeds Storm 2. In this battle, Storm 2 immediately ploughed straight into and underneath The Steel Avenger, just as The Steel Avenger fired its axe, therefore missing with its strike, but also catching the axe pick in the arena floor. Once The Steel Avenger eventually came free of the arena floor, Storm 2 rammed it again, but The Steel Avenger then retreated towards the CPZ, dodging around house robot Matilda. Storm 2 did the same as it was in hot pursuit. As The Steel Avenger came broad side onto Storm 2 again, and fired with the axe again, Storm 2 rammed The Steel Avenger once again, this time the seeded machine had a long run up and rammed it at speed right into the corner of the arena, into the CPZ. The Steel Avenger flew straight over the arena side wall from the impact of the seeded machine, and was therefore eliminated from the competition. This was The Steel Avenger's last appearance in Robot Wars before being finally retired for good to make way for SA2 (which would never be completed).

Live EventsEdit

After Robot Wars was cancelled, The Steel Avenger was retired and regularly appeared as a static display at the annual Debenham robot rumbles, alongside all three Cassius models, Chaos 2, and other famous Robot Wars robots that are now retired.

In 2011, The Steel Avenger was sold to Team Enigma, and has since been entered into various robot events such as Robots Live! and Roaming Robots, with the feather duster attached again for some battles.

The Steel Avenger competed in the first live event of the new Robot Wars at Portsmouth in March 2013, where it took part in the main competition and fought Bullfrog, Weird mAlice & TR2 in the heats, but it fell at this stage after Bullfrog flipped it against the arena wall, where it could not self-right. It also fought at Guildford 2013, where it fell in the Heats of the competition after being flipped out the arena by Manta. Also in 2013, The Steel Avenger featured as a static display at the Gloucester and Newport events, alongside several other Robot Wars veterans like Axe-Awe, The Big Cheese, X-Terminator and Stinger.

It returned to fighting again in 2014 at the Guildford event with both its axe and rear lifter working. As of November 2014, The Steel Avenger has been reserved as a retro class robot only- along with fellow Robot Wars veterans Stinger, X-Terminator, Bulldog Breed, Mr Nasty & Schumey Too.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 3 Heat O Round 1 Schumey Too Won
Semi-Final Diotoir Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 4 Heat M Eliminator (11) Wild Thing


Semi-Final Sir Chromalot Won
Heat Final (11) Wild Thing Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 1 Challenge Belt Challenge Behemoth Lost
Tag-Team Terror (With

Suicidal Tendencies)

Round 1 Napalm 2 & Sir Chromalot Won
Semi-Final Thermidor 2 & Cerberus Won
Final Diotoir & Pussycat Lost
Mayhem & Annihilator Mayhem Tornado

King B Powerworks

Annihilator 2 - Round 1 Panic Attack

Napalm 2, Hippobotamus

Spirit of Knightmare, Disc-O-Inferno

Annihilator 2 - Round 2 Panic Attack

Napalm 2, Disc-O-Inferno

Spirit of Knightmare

Qualified (By default)
Annihilator 2 - Round 3 Panic Attack


Spirit of Knightmare

UK Robot Wars Series 5 Heat A Eliminator The Tartan Terror Won
Semi-Final (1) Chaos 2 Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 2 Tag-Team Terror (With


Round 1 Nasty Humphrey & Stinger Won
Semi-Final Bulldog Breed & RoboChicken Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 7 Heat I Round 1 Trax

Sub-Version 1.1

Shredder Evolution

Semi-Final Rhino Won
Heat Final (16) Storm 2 Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 11
  • Losses: 10
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