The Mule was the original robot of Team Big Cheese, although Roger Plant was the sole roboteer behind The Mule. Entered in Series 2 of Robot Wars, it lost at the Heat Final stage, but won the award for the Best Engineered Robot.


The Mule was a box-shaped robot with three "bucking legs", which were actually compressed gas-powered rams. It also featured a forklift that could lift up to 260lbs. The robot used a unique split between red and green for its colour-scheme. It was nearly a kilo over the then Heavyweight limit.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 2Edit

The Mule pushed forward in the Gauntlet, attempting to flip Matilda. Instead, Matilda retreated and The Mule skilfully negotiated the gap between the Sentinel's arm and body before dodging Matilda and completing the course.
In the Trial, it held off Dead Metal, using its forklift to negate the blade, and managing to hold up to all of Sergeant Bash's attacks, lasting the full 30 seconds and moving through to the Arena stage. Against Demon, a tentative battle of pushing resulted in The Mule being pushed into the CPZ, but as it was attacked by Dead Metal, Shunt and Sergeant Bash, Sir Killalot drove over Demon and caused it to break down. The judges were consulted, and Demon was eliminated.
In the Heat Final, Plunderbird 2 got beneath The Mule several times, and used its wedge shape to push it around the arena, whilst The Mule's own attacks did not land successfully. Because Plunderbird 2 had dominated the battle, The Mule lost the judges decision.


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
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