The Leech at WarBots Xtreme Premier

The Leech was a heavyweight robot by Team GuavaMoment from Alberta, Canada that competed in the first War Bots Xtreme event. Inspired by the design of a tunnel-boring machine and painted purple, the robot had a large spinning disc for its weapon mounted on the circular front. Originally equipped with four wheels, two had to be removed in order to make weight. The Leech was not successful in combat, losing both of its fights and never returning for another event.

Robot HistoryEdit


The Leech

The Leech as it appeared at WarBots Xtreme Premier with its cover removed.

The Leech's first ever opponent was Warrior, in the quarterfinals. After landing only one hit on Warrior, The Leech suffered a major internal failure and was knocked out. At this time it is unknown whether it was repaired in time to face Ty in the loser's bracket, but it is known that it either lost or forfeit, as it was eliminated from the competition.


Series Event Opponent(s) Round Results
WBX-Premier Heavyweight Division Warrior Quarter


Ty Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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