Thanos, and MiniThanos

Thanos is a Middleweight robot built by a group of Ecuadorian students from ESPE-L under the team name Iron Rippers. Not much is known about the history of this robot, it is a two wheeled, silver, invertible drum spinner similar in shape to Touro, however the spinner is much less powerful oweing to the arenas in Ecuador which only contain chicken wire as walls. It has a smaller version of itself called Mini Thanos.

Robot HistoryEdit


Series Event Opponent Round Results
Robot Games Zero Lattitud 2016 Middleweight Division MegaTAZ Round of 32? Won
Sukeitor Revenge Round of 16? Won
Cilindrín Quarterfinals Won
Ponencia Semifinals Lost
X Concurso Robótica ESPE Latacunga 2016 Middleweight Division UGT Quartefinals Won
Electromachine Semifinals Won
Simurdiera Finals Won
UTABOT 2016 Middleweight Division A-36 Quarterfinals Won
Electromachine Semifinals Won
Simurderia Finals Won
Loja 2016 Middleweight Division UTPL Semifinals Won
Spartacus Finals Won
CER 2016 Middleweight Division DaVinci Quarterfinals Won
Kraken Semifinals Won
Cilindrín Finals Won


  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 1


During a battle at Loja 2016, Thanos managed to throw UTPL out the arena, this makes it one of only two known Ecuadorian robots to accomplish this feat (the other robot being Mini Thanos).

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