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Terrorhurtz is a robot from Oxford that competed in Series 5-10 of Robot Wars and the second series of Extreme. Terrorhurtz is notable for its powerful axe weapon, arguably the most powerful in Robot Wars.

It was the second entry from Team Hurtz. Terrorhurtz had hit-and-miss success in Robot Wars, placing fourth in Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars but performing less well in Series 5, 8 and 9, and being forced to withdraw from Series 7. It reached the Heat Final in Series 10.

Its name was a pun on the SI unit of frequency, "hertz", with the prefix "tera".

Robot History Edit

Series 5Edit


Terrorhurtz was drawn up against Ming 3 in the first round of the Fifth Wars. The Ming team, like Team Hurtz, were very experienced but had a new machine. Terrorhurtz attacked Ming with its axe; Ming returned the favour. As Ming gripped with Terrorhurtz, it dangled the axe-wielding machine over the flame pit. Then came the moment of controversy. Matilda came out of her CPZ and attacked Ming 3 with her flywheel. This caused some damage and stuck the robots together. Refbot came in to free the robots, but Matilda mounted a second unfair attack. The fight was halted and the judges judged the fight up to the moment where Matilda interfered. They went in favour of Terrorhurtz, putting Team Hurtz through to the next round.

In the second round of the Heat, Terrorhurtz was drawn up against newcomers to the main competition Fluffy. For this battle, Terrorhurtz attached a ludicrous "Fluffy Launch device" to the side - a long pole with a cardboard triangle on the end. Terrorhurtz began by axing Fluffy several times. Fluffy then drove around to the side of Terrorhurtz that didn't have the anti-spinning device. One large blow from Fluffy's spinning hammer ripped off Terrorhurtz's side plate and cracked open its gas valve. Terrorhurtz was immobilised, and was counted out. Sir Killalot then carried it over to the floor flipper, which flipped it over and over. Shunt then axed Terrorhurtz's underside and pushed it into the Pit. Shunt then tried to get his axe out of Terrorhurtz, but it got stuck. Because of this Shunt ended up driving into the Pit along with Terrorhurtz. Cease was called and Terrorhurtz was eliminated from the competition.

At the end of the series. Terrorhurtz was nominated for the Best Design Award, but lost out to previous two-time winner Razer.

Series 6Edit


Terrorhurtz returned with two small prongs at the rear for stability when the axe would fire. This also meant the axe could be made more powerful. The robot would enjoy a greater deal of success in the Sixth Wars, after a rather disappointing run in the Fifth Wars. In the first round, Terrorhurtz went up against Reptirron The Second, A-Kill and Sabretooth. Terrorhurtz began by attacking A-Kill. The constant attacks eventually knocked off A-Kill's wheel hub. Terrorhurtz then focused its attention on Sabretooth and Reptirron The Second, dragging the latter around the arena. Sabretooth hadn't moved after Terrorhurtz's attack, and was counted out. Terrorhurtz attacked A-Kill again, and Sabretooth was thrown onto Terrorhurtz's back. Terrorhurtz seemed to take offence, and attacked Sabretooth. Reptirron The Second was also counted out, so A-Kill and Terrorhurtz go through.

Terrorhurtz faced Kronic 2 in Round 2 of the Heat. Terrorhurtz began by landing several axe blows on Kronic, causing some damage. It then chased Kronic around the arena. Terrorhurtz's axe appeared to have stopped, but that wouldn't matter because Kronic had stopped moving and only started when shunted off the flame pit by Refbot. After an attack by Growler, Kronic 2 was immobilised. It was counted out and Terrorhurtz was through to the Heat Final.

In the Heat Final, Terrorhurtz faced former Grand Champion and 8th seeds Panic Attack. Terrorhurtz began by attacking the top of Panic Attack and causing some damage to the top of it. Terrorhurtz continued to attack it and shoved it into Shunt's CPZ, where the House Robot joined in the axing. By the time that Matilda came in and tore Panic Attack's top body armour off completely, the seed was already immobilised. Refbot counted out Panic Attack and Terrorhurtz progressed to the Series Semi-Finals.

In the Series Semi-Finals, Terrorhurtz was drawn up against the number 10 seeds Spawn Again. As the fight began, Spawn Again appeared to be having trouble and was moving extremely sluggishly around the arena. Terrorhurtz showed no mercy, hacking away at Spawn Again's armour over and over again, leaving huge marks in the flipper. After a lot of punishment Spawn Again stopped and was pushed into the CPZ where Dead Metal sliced its flipper. Refbot counted Spawn Again out and Mr. Psycho picked it up and danced with it around the arena. The Pit was lowered and Mr. Psycho placed Spawn Again in it.

It then faced number 2 seeds Bigger Brother. Bigger Brother was still suffering from a previous mechanical problem. Terrorhurtz hacked away at the limping machine many times, strangely causing one of its own axe pads to fly off. Bigger Brother was trying its best to survive, but its attempts were futile; Terrorhurtz was just too strong. Bigger Brother was finally immobilised in a CPZ; Terrorhurtz progressed to the Grand Final.

The winning run wasn't going to last forever. In the first round of the Grand Final faced reigning champions Razer. Razer avoided the axe and dug its claw into Terrorhurtz's plexiglass panel. Terrorhurtz tried to fight back with the axe, but it kept missing Razer completely. Razer pushed Terrorhurtz into Shunt, who then axed Terrorhurtz. Terrorhurtz escaped and then lined up for another strike, but then went into one of its mad moments blow and Razer was able to get under it and bury its claw into it again. Razer dragged Terrorhurtz into the Pit Button and then lifted Terrorhurtz up and dropped it into the Pit.

In the Third Place Playoff, Terrorhurtz faced twice and previous third place finishers and number 3 seeds Firestorm 4. Firestorm came out and slammed into Terrorhurtz. Terrorhurtz axed Firestorm a few times and then Firestorm drove into Shunt, nearly flipping the house robot. Terrorhurtz and Shunt then started axing Firestorm, causing damage to it relentlessly. Firestorm escaped, but Terrorhurtz just stood there, axing the arena floor and jumping in the air. Something appeared to have gone badly wrong with its drive. It was stuck so Refbot counted it out. Terrorhurtz therefore finished fourth, the team's best placing yet.

Extreme 2Edit


Terrorhurtz competed in the All-Stars in Extreme 2, in the first round against Dantomkia and reigning champions Tornado. It began by attacking Tornado, who shoved it across the arena and into the disc of doom button. Dantomkia got under Terrorhurtz and tried to flip it, an attempt that proved to be futile. The oddly-shaped robot then shoved Terrorhurtz to the other side of the arena and almost got it out. It made a second attempt and came even closer. It still survived however. The other robots appeared to be ganging up on Terrorhurtz. Terrorhurtz's attacks on Tornado proved futile, like Dantomkia's flips. The three robots eventually moved away from the side wall, Dantomkia activating the pit release. Dantomkia again tried to get Terrorhurtz out of the arena. Tornado then shoved Terrorhurtz onto an angle grinder and Dantomkia again attacked it. Terrorhurtz got another attack in on Dantomkia, but Shunt then flipped Terrorhurtz, it couldn't self-right, and was pitted.

Terrorhurtz also competed in the Challenge Belt. In the first round, it was put up against Iron-Awe 2, Barber-Ous 2 and Vader. Terrorhurtz suffered a flick up by Iron-Awe 2 straight away, but no attack was followed up and Terrorhurtz recovered. Terrorhurtz then went in to attack Vader, but as it had cornered Vader near a CPZ, house robot Shunt was able to join Terrohurtz in axing Vader to a halt. Vader did in fact break down, but it was a while before the Refbot actually went in to count it out. Terrohurtz then joined Iron-Awe 2 in attacking Barber-Ous. Terrorhurtz then activated the pit while Refbot counted out Vader. Whilst Vader was disposed of by Matilda, Iron-Awe flipped itself over and immobilised itself in the process of attacking the immobile Barber-Ous. Terrorhurtz decided the outcome by pitting Barber-Ous 2, going through with Iron-Awe.

Next, Terrorhurtz faced S.M.I.D.S.Y.. Terrorhurtz began by getting under its opponent and attacking it. S.M.I.D.S.Y. then activated the pit, and attacked Terrorhurtz with its disc, and it retaliated with its axe. Terrorhurtz hammered S.M.I.D.S.Y. into submission, stopping one of its wheels. Refbot then counted out S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Terrorhurtz progressed to the Final where it went up against Dantomkia, a second meeting between the robots in that series of Extreme.

Terrorhurtz began by attacking Dantonkia several times, before Dantomkia shoved it across the arena, still under constant pressure from the attacks. Dantomkia then flipped Terrorhurtz over but it quickly righted itself. Dantomkia flipped it again, but Shunt impeded it, so Terrorhurtz could self-right before Dantomkia could throw it out of the arena. The fight returned to the centre of the arena. Terrorhurtz continued to attack, and one of the axe blows knocked out Dantomkia's removable safety link, immobilising it.

Terrorhurtz had won the right for the final challenge, and went through to face Tornado the Challenge Belt holder, another second meeting for Terrorhurtz. However, the fight was very quick. In just 19 seconds, Tornado had attacked Terrorhurtz, slammed it into the arena side wall, before pressing the pit release button, and then shoving Terrorhurtz swiftly in. Therefore, Tornado retained the Challenge Belt. Terrorhurtz had no more involvement in Extreme Series 2.

Series 7Edit

Terrorhurtz was seeded number 3 for this war. Unfortunately, the robot was not working properly when the team arrived for their first round melee battle. Terrorhurtz was due to fight Killerkat, Jackson Wallop and Gyrobot, but was unfortunately eliminated from the wars without a fight, due to its technical difficulties. In actual fact, it had been known for a long time before the show's airing that Terrorhurtz had not been able to compete in Series 7, and the so-called "disqualification" was actually staged to create some drama. Terrorhurtz was also scheduled to compete in the All-Star Championship as Team Hurtz was one of the longest running veterans on the show, but due to the technical problems and failure to compete in the main competition, it wasn't allowed entry.

Live EventsEdit

Terrorhurtz le

Terrorhurtz was one of the competitors that signed up for the 2004 Winter Tour after Robot Wars had ended. It gained points to qualify through to the finals at Doncaster after beating Kan-Opener at Newport and severely damaging Ripper at Worcester. In Round 1 of the finals, it met Chompalot where it battered it causing a lot of damage to it and then did the same to Ripper again when they met again in the Quarter-Final. In the Semi-Final, Terrorhurtz met the top seed Ewe 2, but Terrorhurtz's axe was too much for it as it battered it and immobilised it breaking a gas pipe in the process. In the grand-final, it met Mute who was being rather cagey with Terrorhurtz. Terrorhurtz got a few glancing blows off Mute causing showers of sparks to fly everywhere. Terrorhurtz eventually gave Mute's safety link a few hits which stopped it dead in its tracks where it claimed the first UK Championship title outside of Robot Wars.

After having won the previous year, Terrorhurtz returned for the 2005 Winter Tour as the top seed and reigning champion. Its first qualifier match at Macclesfield was very one-sided against Kan-Opener. Terrorhurtz pounded Kan-Opener, but the Robot Wars Annihilator Champion's armour stood up to the attacks and it fought back at one point grabbing hold of Terrorhurtz but Terrorhurtz got away. However, in an attack, Terrorhurtz chopped through the rams for Kan-Opener's pincers immobilising the weaponry leaving Kan-Opener helpless and Terrorhurtz won the fight. In the next qualifier at Birmingham, it met Behemoth who overturned Terrorhurtz and left it with its axe stuck through the wall resulting in a loss, but earning points over beating Kan-Opener was enough to win it points into the finals at Folkestone. In Round 1 it met Big Nipper who also took a pounding from the mighty axe from the top seed, it looked for the one moment for itself to get Terrorhurtz out the arena but it never came and Terrorhurtz won on a judges decision. The Quarter-Finals saw it getting drawn against Merlin who had wheel-guards fitted to protect them from the axe, but Terrorhurtz damaged one of the wheel guards locking a wheel and it hacked at Merlin a lot more in the fight and again Terrorhurtz won the judges decision ; Merlin also couldn't be repaired in time for the loser's melee after the damage it had taken. In the Semi-Final, Terrorhurtz met Behemoth again who beat it at Birmingham, this time Terrorhurtz got a lucky hit on the link immoblising Behemoth which allowed it to progress on to the final with Kronic. Its started off very even as Kronic threw Terrorhurtz around and Terrorhurtz fought back landing its axe on top of Kronic a lot of times. Eventually Terrorhurtz had its own axe stuck through the arena wall where it couldn't get itself off and Kronic had claimed the 2005 UK Championship title and Terrorhurtz had finished 2nd.

Terrorhurtz signed up to the 2006 UK Championships where it was rated as the 2nd seed after finishing 2nd in the 2005 Winter Tour. It won all its 3 battles in its pod against Hard, Raging Knightmare and Velocirippa allowing it to qualify through to the finals. In Round 1, it met Robot Wars World Champion Storm 2 who had been fitted with a rubber-mounted slab of Titanium to defend against Terrorhurtz's axe. Storm 2 shoved Terrorhurtz all over the arena, Terrorhurtz kept fighting back with the axe, but the anti-hammer titanium stood up to it well, Terrorhurtz was then immobilised after being shoved into the corner where its axe got stuck. Terrorhurtz came back for the Tag-Team Competition held within the tournament where it paired up with Tough As Nails, but they failed to make any impact and were beaten in the first round by Merlin & Velocirippa.

Terrorhurtz came back for the Winter Tour in the same year, it immobilised Turbulence in its qualifier match at Portsmouth which was enough to gain it points through to the finals in Folkestone where ironically, it met Turbulence again. This time after giving Turbulence a few axe-blows, it was thrown out the arena elliminating it from the Winter Tour in the first round.

Terrorhurtz came back again for the 2007 UK Championships at Hafan Y Mor Holliday Park in Wales with a reasonable amount of success. It beat Infinity and Velocirippa in both its battles in the pod which was enough for it to gain points to go through to the finals. In Round 1, it caused a lot of irreparable chassis damage to Kan-Opener before severley damaging Ripper in the Quarter-Finals. Next in the Semi-Finals it met Dantomkia who couldn't put its flipper to good use on Team Hurtz's bot and Terrorhurtz always came back battering the top panels of Dantomkia which was enough for it to reach its 3rd UK Championship Grand-Final against Big Nipper. Unfortunatly Terrorhurtz's speed controller gave in and finished 2nd instead of 1st.

Seeded 2nd again, Terrorhurtz came back for 2008 where it didn't get involved in a lot of battles. In its qualifier match, it met Mighty Mouse who got absolutely flat-packed before being shoved into the pit. Next in the first round of the finals, it met Iron-Awe 5 who had been fitted with anti-hammer armour which worked well against Terrorhurtz no matter how many times it struck Iron-Awe 5. Terrorhurtz was then thrown out of the arena by Iron-Awe 5 and out the competition.

Terrorhurtz also feautured in the "Axe Attack" with Obsidian, Edge Hog & Spike. It single-handedly immobilised Obsidian before having an axe-contest with Edge Hog, Edge Hog landed a blow inside Terrorhurtz which broke away a gas pipe and disabled Terrorhurtz's weapon but fortunatly, both Spike and Edge Hog had broken down and Terrorhurtz took the win.

Terrorhurtz came back again taking part in its 4th Winter Tour, It beat Tiberius 4 in its qualifier match at Nottingham by disabling the crushing jaw with only the first hit. In the finals at Maidstone, it met Thor in the first round where both robots had a smashing contest with both of them hitting each other with their hammers until Thor broke down and was shoved into the pit. Next in the Quarter-finals it met Hydra who couldn't hold its own against the powerful axe and Terrorhurtz won on aggression. In the semi-finals it met the defending champion Iron-Awe 5 with the anti-hammer armour, this time luck was with Terrorhurtz as the anti-hammer armour on Iron-Awe 5 had lost a pin making it flap off everywhere and it ended with Iron-Awe 5 in the pit. In the grand-final, it met the reincarnated version of Ripper (Ripper Evo), the robot that it had always thrashed every time they met, this time though the fight was even to start off with until Terrorhurtz had ran out of gas and got flipped over leaving it unable to self-right leaving Ripper Evo to have revenge at long last.

At the end of the year was also the Roaming Robots 2008 awards and Terrorhurtz got nominated as the robot for the "Best Design Award."

Terrorhurtz participated in the year-long 2009 UK Championships. It won points in its first qualifier match at Cardiff against Meggamouse who was stopped dead in its tracks after receiving many axe-blows, it lost its next fight at Brentwood against Thor and Hellbent after getting its gas-supply damaged by Thor and lost its next fight at Swindon to Big Nipper but did win its next battle at the same event against St Hammer. It lost its next qualifier match at Guildford to Envy but won the next battle against Iron-Awe 5 the defending champion on a bit more aggression. In its final qualifier match at Maidstone, it defeated Hydra and it was through to the finals at Wigan.

In its first round battle at Wigan, it had And His Army and Thor. It immobilised Thor after a smacking contest with it and won the judges decision after a bit more damage and aggression over And His Army. The Semi-Final against Big Nipper was a real sore one, Terrorhurtz battered Big Nipper all over, one blow with the shock of the axe blows disabled Big Nipper's lifting arm and another blow had damaged the speed controller leaving Big Nipper going out of control and Terrorhurtz was through to the final. In the final it met Maelstrom who found it hard to get underneath Terrorhurtz and Terrorhurtz then rapidly immobilised Maelstrom by knocking a componnent out of the speed controller which left it a sitting duck. As a victory move, Terrorhurtz then attacked Major Damage's breastplate ripping the super heavyweight house robots front open. Major Damage got revenge by dumping Terrorhurtz out the arena, but Terrorhurtz had won already and was the first to claim the UK Championship title twice since Chaos 2 did in Robot Wars. Unfortuanatly though, Terrorhurtz never signed up to the 2010 UK Championships did not compete.

TerrorHurtz returned for the 2011 UK Championships, and it was drawn against Envy, Batterbot and the no.2 seed Ripper. It was a bad year for TerrorHurtz, as Envy quickly got underneath it and threw it out of the arena in under 10 seconds.

TerrorHurtz also competed in the Annihilator competition against Storm 2, Beast, Kronic,Behemoth & Tough as Nails. TerrorHurtz immediatly attacked Behemoth, hitting the top of the flipper. TerrorHurtz continued chasing after Behemoth until Behemoth flipped TerrorHurtz over. TerrorHurtz then began smacking down onto Kronic, but Kronic was too low, and flipped TerrorHurtz onto Behemoth's scoop, and was then flipped again by Behemoth. Their axe got stuck inside Kronic's flipper, but Kronic flipped up, and they escaped. They then started to go for Storm II, axe blows raining down on the shell, and sparks flew everywhere. They then proceeded to push Storm II down the pit and attack Beast by pushing it around. In the last 10 seconds, TerrorHurtz was flipped by Beast & Kronic. The fight went to a judges decision, and TerrorHurtz went through.

Round 2 of the Annihilator was much quicker for TerrorHurtz, as they were grabbed by TAN and rolled over, and they couldn't self right.

Terrorhurtz recently returned in 2016 fighting at a Robots Live! event against Toxic 2, Behemoth and Earthquake.

Series 8Edit

Terrorhurtz 2016

Terrorhurtz appeared in the first episode of the series. Before its first battle, Team Hurtz invited Angela Scanlon to hit Terrorhurtz with a spanner as hard as she could. This caused no damage to the robot, demonstrating its much-improved armour. In the first round, Terrorhurtz was drawn against newcomer Nuts, a new robot from a former Grand Finalist team, Kill-E-Crank-E, and the robot that eliminated Terrorhurtz from Series 6, Razer.

Despite the obvious grudge match between Razer and Terrorhurtz being available, the two robots seemed to gang up on their other opponents, with Terrorhurtz in particular targeting Nuts. Terrorhurtz's first blow missed Nuts near the flame pit, causing Terrorhurtz to jump into the air. Continued pushes on Nuts caused it to tumble over, and Terrorhurtz landed another axe blow. Nuts span in circles in defense, landing a glancing blow on Terrorhurtz, which struck Nuts's wheel. Terrorhurtz pushed Nuts over the flame pit and into the CPZ, but it was at this point that Razer and Kill-E-Crank-E fell into the pit, putting Terrorhurtz through with Nuts.

In the head-to-heads stage, Terrorhurtz was first drawn against Carbide, a powerful bar spinner. Recognising the danger of the spinner, having previously lost to this weapon type against Fluffy, Terrorhurtz charged in immediately, its scoop clashing with Carbide's bar. The recoil of this attack threw Carbide over, although it was already becoming clear that Terrorhurtz's axe was broken, and would never fire in this match. Instead, Terrorhurtz had to rely on pushing Carbide around, which it did into an empty CPZ, the arena wall, beyond Sir Killalot, and into the pit release tyre. Sparks flew as Carbide's spinner continued to clash with Terrorhurtz, but Terrorhurtz was unharmed, and pushed Carbide onto the flame pit, from which it could not escape without house robot assistance. Terrorhurtz pushed Carbide into the wall again, allowing Terrorhurtz to get behind and push it onto the pit, where it laid dormant. Avoiding the bar spinner, Terrorhurtz successfully pushed Carbide down, awarding it 3 points without even requiring its weapon.

Terrorhurtz was next drawn against Behemoth. Although Terrorhurtz had another good start, pushing an upturned Behemoth into a CPZ, it was clear that Terrorhurtz's axe still had not been repaired. It pushed Behemoth towards Dead Metal, and into the arena wall, although Dead Metal could not catch Behemoth to attack. After one last push on Behemoth, Terrorhurtz left itself exposed, and was flipped over. Dead Metal cut through the base of Terrorhurtz with its saw, severing its gas pipe, and without a working weapon, Terrorhurtz could not self-right, and lost the battle.

Terrorhurtz still had the opportunity to make the heat final, but only if they could defeat Nuts via knockout. Terrorhurtz's axe was finally repaired, though it started by pushing Nuts into Shunt. Nuts span around, and its chain flail became stuck in a small circular opening in Terrorhurtz's armour, above its wheels. When Terrorhurtz struck Nuts with its axe, it held its grip on Nuts's outer ring, and pulled the whole thing off, still staying attacked to Terrorhurtz, which used its axe to attack Nuts with its own outer ring. Terrorhurtz even replicated Nuts' main tactic, spinning on the spot with the chain flails still attached. Terrorhurtz continued to push and strike Nuts with its axe, pushing it to the very edge of the pit, but could not secure the victory at that moment. Terrorhurtz tripped Nuts onto its side with a slam, and pushed it into Shunt with another, but sustained an axe blow itself. Terrorhurtz's last effort was to try and destroy Nuts' minibot, but missed because it was stuck on Nuts' ring. Although Terrorhurtz was given the victory by unanimous Judges' decision, this meant the victory was only worth 2 points, leaving Terrorhurtz with 5 points overall, equal with Behemoth. Because Terrorhurtz had previously lost to Behemoth, Terrorhurtz was not put through to the heat final, eliminating it in third place within the episode.

Series 9 Edit

Terrorhurtz S9

Like in Series 8, Terrorhurtz competed in Episode 1, with another recurrence happening as it faced Nuts 2 in its Group Battle for a second time. Terrorhurtz was also matched up with newcomers Rapid and Dave Lawrie's new machine Jellyfish.Terrorhurtz immediately went after Rapid, which had charged across the arena itself to throw Jellyfish into the air. Terrorhurtz then drove at Rapid broadside on and pushed it across the arena, before pressing Jellyfish against the arena wall. Terrorhurtz fired its axe, which pushed Jellyfish up onto its side before it fell back down onto the arena floor. One of Nuts 2's minibots then made itself a nuisance, as it slid underneath Terrorhurtz's front wedge. Terrorhurtz fired its axe but missed, although the minibot in question still came loose, and Terrorhurtz comfortably moved it aside. Terrorhurtz then refocused its attacks on Jellyfish, with an axe attack to the right arm of the machine.After this, Terrorhurtz slalomed up and down the arena floor for a period, as it visibly hunted down Rapid once more. Suddenly, Nuts 2 was sent flying out of the arena after an attack from Matilda's flywheel, leaving the three remaining robots to compete with one another. Terrorhurtz continued to chase Rapid - which was pushing Jellyfish around - and then missed with an attack of the axe. A flip from Rapid on Jellyfish next to the arena wall then allowed Terrorhurtz to charge in and axe Rapid twice in a row. Rapid moved away, with Terrorhurtz in hot pursuit, but it became evident that Jellyfish was struggling for movement after Rapid's flip. Terrorhurtz forced Rapid over the flame pit before cease was called - which confirmed Jellyfish's immobilisation, and sent Terrorhurtz and Rapid through the to Head-to-Heads.

Through to the Head-to-Heads, Terrorhurtz's first opponent was Sabretooth, a robot it fought in Series 6, with John Reid eager for the axe to be working at its full potential for the fight.Terrorhurtz charged at Sabretooth, which was spinning its drum up to speed. It then drove Sabretooth backwards, but got caught on the pit panel in doing so. Terrorhurtz then pressed Sabretooth up against the arena wall before striking down with the axe in two successive blows. Suddenly, Sabretooth managed to get into enough space to get its weapon up to speed, and in trying to drive Sabretooth backwards again, Terrorhurtz overshot its drive, which exposed its rear to an attack. Sabretooth's subsequent assault sent the rear tail of Terrorhurtz flying, before it flipped Terrorhurtz up and then shattered one of its rear polycarbonate panels.With its tail gone, Terrorhurtz was unbalanced, and consistently reared up from this point on. Terrorhurtz decided to move into space before trying to drive at Sabretooth again, but once more, Terrorhurtz's front was sent upwards from a hit by Sabretooth. Terrorhurtz freed itself from Sabretooth by firing its axe after it landed on top of its opponent, while Sabretooth began to emit smoke, which saw its spinning drum cease to function. Suddenly, as Terrorhurtz tried to put pressure on Sabretooth, its left-hand wheel locked up. Without its weapon, Sabretooth tried to push Terrorhurtz, with John Reid using Sabretooth's close-quarters style to try to land an axe blow while on the turn.Terrorhurtz missed with three of its attempted axe swings, but hit with another, denting Sabretooth's top armour. Sabretooth then decided to pull away from Terrorhurtz and pressed the arena tyre, which activated Rogue House Robot mode. As a result, Shunt charged Terrorhurtz into the arena wall and axed down into it, punching a whole in Terrorhurtz's firing ram. After this, Terrorhurtz continued to hobble around on the spot, and was finally deemed immobile. Cease was called, and Terrorhurtz had lost its first Head-to-Head fight by KO.

In its second Head-to-Head battle Terrorhurtz was up against Jellyfish, which was reinstated after Rapid was unable to be repaired from the damage it sustained against Aftershock.Terrorhurtz slid underneath Jellyfish with its first drive and brought its axe down onto Jellyfish. After driving Jellyfish back against the arena wall, it became evident that Jellyfish was no longer moving, with Terrorhurtz's axe blow causing the damage.Terrorhurtz came in for one more attack on the rear of Jellyfish, before the count was complete and Jellyfish was counted out. Terrorhurtz spun around in the centre of the arena while firing its axe in delight, and its first victory in the Head-to-Heads was confirmed, with it gaining 3 points for the knockout victory.

In its final Head-to-Head, Terrorhurtz faced league leaders Aftershock, which had already recorded knockout victories against both Rapid and Sabretooth. For this fight, Terrorhurtz was attached with a souvenir in the form of a googly eye, which the team received after they beat Jellyfish in their last battle.Terrorhurtz tried to get into Aftershock's face straight away, and took the first hit from its opponent well on its front wedge. However, Terrorhurtz turned around and left its rear exposed once again, which allowed Aftershock to come in to burst Terrorhurtz's back right panel. Aftershock then found itself in Shunt's CPZ after another collision sent both machines rocking backwards. Terrorhurtz kept Aftershock in the CPZ, where Shunt came in and helped Terrorhurtz pin Aftershock up against the arena wall. Terrorhurtz remained at close-quarters with Aftershock as it tried to move away, but Will Thomas' machine held its own in a pushing match and kept Terrorhurtz over the floor flipper. Suddenly, the arena hazard activated, sending Terrorhurtz upwards, with follow through contact from Aftershock's spinning weapon catapulting Terrorhurtz airborne before it crashed back down onto the arena floor.Terrorhurtz quickly regained its composure as it sped away after landing, but its axe was now drooped in a downwards position. Aftershock was next to be caught out by an arena hazard, as it was flicked over by the arena spikes, but its weapon swiftly knocked it back onto its wheels. Both machines engaged head on once more, where sparks flew off Terrorhurtz's front wedge, while Terrorhurtz's axe snapped down to the side of Aftershock's flywheel. Finally, Terrorhurtz was able to retract its axe, but a barrage of Aftershock attacks which ended in Terrorhurtz being flung onto its back snuffed out any chance of a Terrorhurtz fightback.With its axe only managing to produce nervous spasms, Terrorhurtz was left unable to self-right, and as a result was counted out. This loss saw Terrorhurtz complete its Head-to-Head campaign with a total of 3 points.

Series 10 Edit

Terrorhurtz continued its run of appearances in the reboot by featuring in Heat 3. Its Group Battle saw it drawn up against bar spinner Apex and newcomers Vulture. Outside of the televised broadcast, Terrorhurtz asserted early dominance on Apex, driving it into the arena wall, which ripped away a piece of the wall. For health and safety reasons, the battle was immediately halted, and as the interruption took place so early into the match, the battle was formally restarted with no reference to the original battle made. In the restarted fight, Terrorhurtz started the strongest out of the three machines, bringing Apex's already weakened spinner to an immediate halt with a head-on drive, before landing two quick axe blows onto the stopped weapon. After a short-lived chase of Apex, Terrorhurtz tussled with Vulture, with the latter's weapon sending minor sparks off of Terrorhurtz's front wedge, before Terrorhurtz swung with its axe. Terrorhurtz continued to nudge Vulture around during the Fog of War period which Apex triggered, and then landed a blow onto Vulture after vision was restored. The second of Terrorhurtz's next two attacks resulted in its axe head being lodged into the top of Vulture and immobilising Vulture's weapon in the process. A tug of war between the two ensued, with Terrorhurtz managing to swing Vulture onto the Flame Pit, before Apex parked itself in between the pair. After Shunt came in to separate the three competing machines, Vulture lost drive on one side and was counted out, which allowed Terrorhurtz to rain down more blows on Apex's ceased bar. Terrorhurtz chased the retreating Apex around the arena, but put itself into danger, as a misfired swing of the axe carried Terrorhurtz over and into Shunt's CPZ. Despite this, Terrorhurtz composed itself quickly, and forced Apex towards the Arena Spikes. Terrorhurtz was temporarily impaled after one of the spikes shot up behind one of Terrorhurtz's polycarbonate panels, but after it was freed, it had become clear that Apex was immobile. Terrorhurtz spun around and swung its axe in a victory dance, and its route through to the Heat Semi-Finals was confirmed.

Terrorhurtz's Heat Semi-Final was a rematch with Vulture after Team Immersion and their robot eliminated Bucky the Robot in the Robot Redemption round. Team Immersion attempted to counteract the potency of Terrorhurtz's axe by adding additional, improvised layers to their armour - which they called "pillows". In the opening period of the battle, Terrorhurtz remained in close on its opponent, landing hits to one of its panels and its front wedge, while chasing it into an empty CPZ. With Vulture cornered, Terrorhurtz landed a rally of slams, removing Vulture's "pillows" and bringing Vulture's spinning weapon to a stop. After a couple of hits to the front of Vulture, Terrorhurtz hounded Vulture into a CPZ once more, where it rammed its axe into Vulture's left-wheel well, landed two more hits onto Vulture, before penetrating Vulture's armour, where the axe head became stuck. Matilda came over to pick apart the two machines, but after a final rally of largely inaccurate swings, Terrorhurtz's axe ran out of CO2. With its weapon now out of action, Terrorhurtz danced around the arena, largely staying away from Vulture. Then, two Terrorhurtz pushes into Vulture activated the Fog of War twice in quick succession, with Vulture coming out next to Dead Metal and onto the Flame Pit when the arena was clear again. One final Terrorhurtz drive crashed Vulture into the arena wall, before cease was called. The battle went to the judges, but Team Hurtz were confident they'd done enough to secure a place in the Heat Final, as Terrorhurtz spun around near the centre of the arena. Ultimately, Terrorhurtz was awarded the victory, and progressed to the Heat Final, where it would face a machine that was in its Group Battle in Series 9 - Rapid.

Terrorhurtz was immediately put onto the back foot in the opening moments, as Rapid wedged underneath it twice, before the Floor Flipper turned Terrorhurtz over. Terrorhurtz was able to quickly right itself, but with the machine still rocking, Rapid slipped underneath Terrorhurtz and placed it onto the Floor Flipper again, with Terrorhurtz thrown once more. A flailing Terrorhurtz was then bumped across the arena floor by Rapid, with Terrorhurtz then pressed up against the arena wall by the flipper robot after it righted itself. After being driven into Dead Metal, Terrorhurtz escaped, but was once again hounded around the arena by Rapid. Terrorhurtz landed a clean axe blow to the front of Rapid which also removed Rapid's extra HDPE top panel, but was quickly driven into Dead Metal for a second time. Terrorhurtz managed to wriggle free from the House Robot once more, but immediately found itself on the front of Rapid, and only narrowly avoided landing outside of the arena after Rapid activated its flipper. Terrorhurtz was finally able to pursue Rapid itself after Rapid's flipper had become jammed in a fired position. Terrorhurtz missed with an axe attack though, and it was then accelerated across the arena before being hurled into the arena wall after Rapid's flipper had settled back into place. After being chucked by the Floor Flipper again, Terrorhurtz was able to dent Rapid's top panel, as Team RPD found themselves in Dead Metal's pincers. Suddenly though, Terrorhurtz's axe drooped down and was unable to retract. Rapid quickly took advantage of this by wedging in underneath Terrorhurtz again, before one final use of the flipper sent Terrorhurtz's flying out of the arena. Rapid was the heat winner, with Terrorhurtz's wait for a heat victory since Robot Wars's revival extending.

Despite the disappointment of a Heat Final defeat, Terrorhurtz had qualified for the 10 Robot Rumble, where it faced Apollo, Big Nipper, Concussion, Eruption, Expulsion, Iron-Awe 6, Sabretooth, Thor and Track-tion in an attempt to qualify for the Grand Final as the wildcard. On activate, Terrorhurtz, along with Thor, decided to drive towards Sir Killalot, before backing away once it became clear that no one else followed suit. Terrorhurtz's first attack was on Track-tion, who had already lost one track after a hit from Concussion. Terrorhurtz slammed its axe down on top of Track-tion's crusher a couple of times. Terrorhurtz moved into the centre of the arena just as the Fog of War was released, before coming back to nudge Track-tion towards the pit. Thor took over from Terrorhurtz and pitted Track-tion, and Terrorhurtz bumped into Concussion. It circled round the waiting Eruption and activated the Dial of Doom with Concussion, releasing the Fog of War again. Terrorhurtz slowed down while the Fog of War was active, before dodging an attack from Sir Killalot. Terrorhurtz and Thor faced off, but didn't attack each other. Instead, Terrorhurtz turned into the back of Eruption, and axed the top of its flipper. Terrorhurtz stayed out of the action for a while, hanging around the Pit while Rogue House Robot was activated. As a third Fog of War cleared, Terrorhurtz rammed between Eruption and an overturned Iron-Awe 6, separating the two machines whilst missing with the axe. Terrorhurtz then axed the bottom of Iron-Awe 6 and pushed it onto the lip of the pit, where Iron-Awe 6 was finished off by Concussion. Terrorhurtz hopped through the air as it missed a hit on Concussion, before targeting Apollo briefly, attempting to get round the back of the former champion. It was flipped over by Apollo and took some damage from Sabretooth as it came in for an attack, and was then pushed around by Thor. Terrorhurtz was eventually able to right itself, and chased after Sabretooth, slamming its axe down on the drum and bouncing over Sabretooth after taking a light hit under the front of its wedge. Terrorhurtz watched on in the centre of the arena as Apollo was attacked by Shunt and Sabretooth pitted itself. Eruption managed to get underneath Terrorhurtz, flipping it over, and into the path of Sir Killalot. As Thor activated Rogue House Robot, Terrorhurtz was picked up by Sir Killalot and carried towards an entry gate by the House Robot. Sir Killalot appeared to try and drop Terrorhurtz out of the arena, but couldn't lift Terrorhurtz's body over the side wall, and released it. However, Terrorhurtz's axe didn't retract after being released, and it kept away from the last two fighters, Eruption and Apollo, who were engaged in a flipping contest. While Eruption was distracted, Terrorhurtz pushed into the back of them, forcing Eruption to retreat. Terrorhurtz gave chase, but Eruption turned round, dug under Terrorhurtz's front wedge and flipped it against the arena wall, wedging it between the wall and the Dial of Doom. It was caught in such a position that Terrorhurtz couldn't move away, and thus it was eliminated from the competition.

Terrorhurtz also represented the UK in Robot Wars: World Series, competing in the first episode. In the Tag Team round, it was paired with Sabretooth, with the two Team UK machines facing Irish veteran Diotoir and Portuguese newcomers Rabid M8. Before the battle, John Reid agreed to attack Diotoir first at the suggestion of Team UK captain Dave Young. This strategy was maintained in the opening seconds, where Terrorhurtz drove head-on into Diotoir, sustaining blows from the latter’s flywheel. In response, Terrorhurtz axed Diotoir several times, hacking parts of its eyes and right eyebrow off before leaving it immobilised in the centre of the arena. With one half of the Rest of the World team eliminated, Terrorhurtz tagged Sabretooth and waited in its CPZ while the Team Legion machine pursued, hit and immobilised Rabid M8. With Team UK’s opposition vanquished, Terrorhurtz left its corner to press the Arena Tyre, triggering the Fog of War, before driving into Diotoir’s flywheel once again and axing its front armour. It and Sabretooth’s performance ensured that Team UK scored three points for their commanding knockout victory.

In the Head-to-Heads, Terrorhurtz faced Dutch machine TMHWK, a fellow axe-wielding robot which, according to John Reid, happened to use Terrorhurtz's old axe arm. Terrorhurtz's own axe arm was wrapped with part of Diotoir's fur. With a Union Jack spray-painted on its front wedge and a piece of Diotoir’s fur wrapped around its axe arm, it began the battle by driving around and into a spinning TMHWK, pushing the latter into Sir Killalot. Terrorhurtz continued pursuing and slamming into TMHWK as it drove away, accidentally driving head-on into Matilda’s flywheel as it attempted to line up an attack on the Dutch machine. It cornered TMHWK against the wall as the latter activated the pit, striking TMHWK’s top-left panel as Sir Killalot pushed it against the mount for the Arena Tyre. Terrorhurtz charged into TMHWK again as it escaped a second time, before axing it again and hitting the floor as the two competitors lingered in an empty CPZ. Taking part of TMHWK’s entanglement devices with it, Terrorhurtz reversed and spun round, proceeding to hit TMHWK’s axe arm and top armour with a few more axe blows. These attacks bent TMHWK’s arm, resulting in the arm fracturing and snapping in half once Terrorhurtz pushed TMHWK into a CPZ and allowed Matilda to flip it over. Terrorhurtz landed two more axe blows on the front of TMHWK as it steered and pushed it over the edge of the pit. With TMHWK stranded, it gingerly approached the Dutch machine, before causing it to fall in with one last hit from the axe. Terrorhurtz earned Team UK one more knockout victory and three more points; after the battle, John Reid shook hands with Annita van der Meer of the Dutch Robot Girls, who handed him back the broken axe arm formerly used by his machine. Needless to say, the points scored by Terrorhurtz in both stages were enough for Team UK to emerge victorious in the first episode of Robot Wars: World Series.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robo Mania 2001 Brighton 2001 Quarter-Final S.M.I.D.S.Y. Won
Semi-Final Behemoth Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 5 Heat L Eliminator Ming 3 Won
Semi-Final Fluffy Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 6 Heat I Eliminator A-Kill

Reptirron The Second


Semi-Final Kronic 2 Won
Final (8) Panic Attack Won
Semi-Final 2 Eliminator (10) Spawn Again Won
Semi-Final (2) Bigger Brother Won
Grand Final Eliminator (1) Razer Lost
Third Place


(3) Firestorm 4 Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 2 All-Stars

Heat A

Eliminator Dantomkia




1 Barber-Ous 2

Iron-Awe 2


2 S.M.I.D.S.Y Won
3 Dantomkia Won
Final Tornado Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 7

(Seeded 3rd)

Heat B Eliminator Gyrobot

Jackson Wallop


Roaming Robots Winter Tour 2004 Round 1 - Newport Qualifier Kan-Opener Won
Qualifier (4) Big Nipper Lost
Qualifier Ripper


Qualifier (4) Big Nipper


(3) Revolution 3

Round 2 - Edinburgh Qualifier Ripper


(4)Big Nipper

Qualifier (2) Mute


Qualifier (1) Ewe 2



Round 3 - Worcester Qualifier Bulldog Breed


Qualifier Ripper Won
Round 4 - Kings Lynn Qualifier Dantomkia

Reptirron the Second

Iron-Awe 2

Qualifier Weird Alice 2

(1) Ewe 2

Qualifier Hades

Gravity 4.5

Qualifier Kronic Lost
Finals - Doncaster Round 1 Chompalot Won
Quarter-Final Ripper Won
Semi-Final (1) Ewe 2 Won
Grand-Final (2) Mute Won
Roaming Robots Winter Tour 2005

(Seeded 1st)

Round 3 - Macclesfield Qualifier Kan-Opener Won
Round 4 - Birmingham Qualifier Behemoth Lost
Finals - Folkestone Round 1 (3) Big Nipper Won
Quarter-Final Merlin Won
Semi-Final Behemoth Won
Grand-Final (6) Kronic Lost
FRA UK Championships 2006 (Seeded 2nd) Heat A Head to Heads Hard Won
Head to Heads Knightmare Won
Head to Heads Velocirippa Won
Finals Round 1 (8) Storm 2 Lost
Tag-Team Terror 2006 (with Tough As Nails) Round 1 Merlin & Velocirippa Lost
FRA UK Championships 2007 (Seeded 5th) Heat G Head to Heads Velocirippa Won
Head to Heads Infinity Won
Finals Round 1 (3) Kan-Opener Won
Quarter-Final (7) Ripper Won
Semi-Final (6) Dantomkia Won
Grand-Final (4) Big Nipper Lost
FRA UK Championships 2008 (Seeded 2nd) Qualifiers Battle 1 Mighty Mouse Won
Finals Round 1 (3) Iron-Awe 5 Lost
Special Event Axe Attack Edge Hog



FRA UK Championships 2009 Round 2 - Cardiff Qualifier Meggamouse Won
Round 3 - Brentwood Qualifier Hellbent 2


Round 4 - Swindon Qualifier Big Nipper

St Hammer

Qualifier Dantomkia

St Hammer

Round 5 - Guildford Qualifier Iron-Awe 5 Won
Round 7 - Maidstone Qualifier Hydra Won
Finals - Wigan Round 1 And His Army


Semi-Final Big Nipper Won
Grand-Final Maelstrom Won
FRA UK Championships 2011 Heats Heat B (2) Ripper Evo



Fighting Robots Annihilator 2011 Round 1 Storm 2

Kronic, Tough As Nails

Beast, Behemoth

Final Kronic

Tough As Nails


Fighting Robots European Championships 2013 (Representing UK - Seeded 4th) Heats Heat D Dantomkia (UK)

Toon Raider (UK)

Finals Round 1 (3) Eruption (UK) Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 8 Episode 1 Group





Head to


Carbide Won by KO

(3 Points)

Behemoth Lost by KO
Nuts Won by



(2 Points)

UK Robot Wars Series 9 Episode 1 Group



Nuts 2


Head to


Sabretooth Lost by KO
Jellyfish Won by KO

(3 Points)

Aftershock Lost by KO
UK Robot Wars Series 10 Episode 3 Group




Semi-Final Vulture Won
Final Rapid Lost
Grand Final Wild Card



Big Nipper





Iron-Awe 6



4'th World Championship (Team UK)

Tag Team (with Sabretooth)

Diotior and Rabid M8

Head to Heads TMHWK Won

Wins/Losses Edit

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  • Losses: 11>
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