Team Y's most successful robot, Chippy.

Team Y was a team from Silverdale, Washington that competed from 2003-2013. They are perhaps best known for their successful antweight robot Chippy. However the team had multiple other robots as well.


Robot Weight Class Events
Daisy Hobbyweight Robothon 2010
Poppy Beetleweight Robothon 2010
Sticky Beetleweight NWMHE 2011
Motorhead Hobbyweight

NWMHE 2011, Seattle Bot Brawl 9

Cherry Bomb Beetleweight Seattle Bot Brawl 9
Banana Slug Smoothie Antweight Seattle Bot Battles 10
Chippy Antweight Seattle Bot Battles 2003, Magic Smoke 2003, Seattle Bot Battles 2004, Ant Aggression, WAR Garage Event 2011, Seattle Bot Battle 2013
  • Wins: 23?
  • Losses: 23?
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