Rabid M8 with team

Team REC with Rabid M8 (Heavyweight).

Team REC is a team from Lisbon, Portugal perhaps best known for their Featherweight drum spinner Galactus, as well as their Heavyweight Rabid M8. They are one of only two known teams to ever come out of Portugal, and the only one known still to be active.
Robot Name Weight Competiton(s) Wins Losses
Rabid M8 Heavyweight Robot Wars Series 10 1 1
Galactus Featherweight 2013-2015 FRA Championships 5 8
Rabid M8 Featherweight
Rabid M6 Featherweight
Rabid Featherweight
Zen Oh Heavyweight King of Bots 1.5/This is Fighting Robots 0 2
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