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Team Metabaino's logo.

Team Metabaino is a Team from Manila, in the Philippines that has been competing since at least early 2017. The team is perhaps most notable for building Featherweight Banana Ketchup the robot which really put The Philippines on the Robot Combat radar after it put on a solid first round performance at the 2018 FMB Finals in China.


Robot Weight Class Events Wins Losses
Banana Ketchup Featherweight

2018 FMB Finals

RoboRumble @GameConPh 2018

2 2
Manila Beat Featherweight

MJII Robofighto Malaysia 2017

RoboRumbles 2018

unknown unknown
The General Lightweight RoboRumble @GameConPh 2018 1 1
MSP-1 Antweight TBD TBD TBD
Metabaino Mantisweight RoboRumbles 2017 unknown unknown
Charitoo Lightweight RoboRumbles 2017 unknown unknown
Hoplon-2 Lightweight Robot never finished none none


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3


  • Manila Beat: The teams 8kg entry to RoboRumbles 2018.
  • Banana Ketchup: The teams Featherweight entry into the 2018 FMB Finals.
  • The CAD drawing for Banana Ketchup.
  • Metabaino Mk2
  • The CAD drawing for The General.
  • MSP-1 the team's Antweight which they also sell as a kitbot.
  • The General: Team Metabaino's second Lightweight.
  • The CAD drawing for Manila Beat.
  • The CAD drawing for Hoplon-2: The teams never completed first attempt at building a Combat Robot.
  • Charitoo: The teams first robot.
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