T-Bone was a T-shaped robot with a spinning disc which was entered by Team Butcher in Series 5 of Robot Wars, a combined project from neighbours John Findlay and the builders of Eco Warrior. It lost in the first round to 8645T, a robot built by the team's friends, on a Judges' decision, as it was unable to cause damage when its spinning disc jammed.

Its name was a reference to the shape of the robot, and T-bone steak.

Robot History Edit

T-Bone's sole appearance in the wars came in Series 5, when it faced off against 8645T in a first round battle in Heat A. T-Bone edged out from its starting position in the opening moments, and narrowly dodged a thrust of 8645T's flipper. After this attack, 8645T sat still, only able to fire its weapon, while T-Bone attempted to line up an angle to attack the back end of 8645T. After manoeuvring, T-Bone made contact with 8645T's right tyre and cut a slot into it. 8645T responded by using its flipper to lift T-Bone up off the arena floor twice in quick succession, and there was further trouble for T-Bone as its spinning weapon stopped turning. After 8645T's positive spell, both machines trundled towards each other with neither opening up a position to attack the other from. Both robots then kept a fair distance from each other, and T-Bone decided to activate the Pit release button. As T-Bone moved back towards the centre of the arena, 8645T charged in and knocked T-Bone aside, although it also failed to get any purchase on T-Bone with a use of its flipper. 8645T then got its spiked axe stuck onto T-Bone, and after a back-and-forth tussle, T-Bone was able to drag 8645T around. With time ticking down, T-Bone used its advantage to arc 8645T towards the Pit, although cease was called as the two robots sat next to the arena hazard. The two machines had to be separated through a Judges' decision, who went in favour of 8645T, leaving T-Bone eliminated from the competition.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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