Sweet Knocker

Sweet Knocker was an Antweight built by Team Misfit that competed at RoboGames 2007, and 2012 as well as ComBots Cup VI. It was a White (Later Blue), invertible, two-wheeled, tornado drive, sit and spin robot rather similar in design to BattleBots competitor Blade Runner. Sweet Knocker performed decently at RoboGames, winning at least one fight in each event it fought in, and even placing third at Combots Cup VI.

Robot History Edit

RoboGames 2007Edit

It is unknown exactly how Sweet Knocker performed at its debut event. What is known is that it lost its first fight to FEAR FACTOR, this put it in the losers bracket where it faced Hectate. It won this fight, and was then drawn against Wolverine I, Sweet Knocker lost this fight meaning it was eliminated from RoboGames 2007.


As no known brackets for the Antweights exist for ComBots Cup VI it is unknown exactly how many fights Sweet Knocker had, nor is the order of its fights (with the exception of the fight with WarPig, which is known to be a Semi-Finals match). What is known is that ComBots Cup VI was Sweet Knockers best performance.

Sweet Knockers first known fight was against the spinning bar Y U MAD THO?. This fight started with Y U MAD THO? attempting to spin up, Sweet Knocker however box rushed it before it could get up to speed. Sweet Knocker then got its thwacking arm underneath Y U MAD THO? and started shoving it around the arena. Y U MAD THO? finally managed to get a hit in on Sweet Knocker after this attack, however Sweet Knocker quickly resumed its wedge attack. Y U MAD THO? then got away, and got up to speed delivering a hit that knocked both machines back. Sweet Knocker then got under Y U MAD THO? again, and took it to the wall. This attack would continue up until 30 seconds were left in the match, at this point Y U MAD THO? got up to speed, and hit the wall. This flipped it, and Sweet Knocker then spun up, and slammed into Y U MAD THO? However with one wheel still touching the ground Y U MAD THO? was still mobile as the clock counted down.

Sweet Knockers next known fight was against the Brazilian drum spinner of Micro Touro. This fight started with both machines spinning up, Micro Touro then hit the spinning Sweet Knocker with its drum, sending it flying. Upon landing Sweet Knocker spun back up, and delivered a blow to the rear of Micro Touro before getting underneath, and slamming the Brazilian machine into the corner. However Sweet Knocker then drove off, and got stuck under the arena wall for a moment before freeing itself. Sweet Knocker then charged at Micro Touro again, before spinning up and delivering a blow to the front of its opponent. It followed this up by attempting to drive Micro Touro into the wall, however it missed, and then spun back up. By this point it was clear that Micro Touro was having drive issues, so Sweet Knocker stopped spinning, and charged into Micro Touro, and got popped by its drum spinner. It followed this up by charging a t the Brazilian machine again, this time taking it to the wall and slamming it with its thwacking arm. Sweet Knocker then started spinning again, and delivered another blow to Micro Touro, this sent both bots spinning away with Sweet Knocker getting stuck under the arena wall again, Sweet Knocker freed itself quickly again, and attempted to box rush Micro Touro multiple times as the clock ran down.

Sweet Knockers next known fight was against the low ramming spike of Predator. This fight started with Predator ramming Sweet Knocker, which then started spinning, and delivered a blow to the side of Predator. Sweet Knocker then spun up again, and after a glancing blow to its front, Predator slammed into it. This hit sent Sweet Knocker into the wall, and Predator then pinned it there. Upon being released it was revealed that Sweet Knocker had lost a tire in the last hit. However despite being a two-wheeled robot, this did not seem to affect Sweet Knocker that much due to its tornado drive, and delivered six more hits to Predator. Predator then finally managed to get a handle on the Team Misfit built robot, and pushed it against the wall. This knocked the previously detached wheel out of the wheel guard, and onto the arena floor, Sweet Knocker then spun up again, and hit Predator flipping it. That hit seemed to do some damage to Predator as now it could only spin in circles, Sweet Knocker then charged at Predator, and took it to the wall. Following this attack by Sweet Knocker, Predator then stopped moving long enough to be counted out. As soon as it was counted out though, Predator started moving again but it was too late, as Sweet Knocker had already won by knockout.

This put Sweet Knocker in the Semi-Finals against the electric lifter of WarPig. This fight started with Sweet Knocker spinning up, and getting several strikes on WarPig's lifter. WarPig then attempted to lift Sweet Knocker, but missed, however Sweet Knocker then drove onto WarPigs weapon, which allowed it to lift Sweet Knocker. Sweet Knocker then spun back up, and delivered two large hits to WarPig with the second one managing to even pop the lifters skirts upwards. WarPig recovered, and flipped Sweet Knocker, which had no effect on the invertible robot. Sweet Knocker then attempted to drive WarPig into the wall, but WarPig managed to get away just in time. After a bit of driving by both robots, Sweet Knocker then got under the rear skirt of WarPig, and drove it into the corner wall. However once again Sweet Knocker got stuck, WarPig then drove in and freed it, Sweet Knocker then spun up again and delivered four more strikes on WarPig. The Fourth strike hooked Sweet Knocker into the side of WarPig, which attempted to drive Sweet Knocker into the wall. This failed, and WarPig then lifted Sweet Knocker but failed to flip it. Sweet Knocker then got away, and spun up again WarPig then plowed right into the still spinning Sweet Knocker, and attempted another flip. Once again this failed, and Sweet Knocker then rammed into WarPig, but got lifted for its troubles. Sweet Knocker then delivered two more blows to the sturdy lifter before it was lifted again. This attack by WarPig nearly flipped Sweet Knocker, which promptly spun back up after taking WarPig to the wall. Sweet Knocker than struck WarPig eight more times before it got flipped again. After spinning back up Sweet Knocker managed one more hit on WarPig which then flipped, lifted, and drove Sweet Knocker around the arena as time ran out. The resulting decision did not go Sweet Knocker's way, and this meant it was now in the losers bracket final.

Sweet Knockers opponent in the losers bracket final was Dust Pandemonium. This fight started with Dust Pandemonium charging at Sweet Knocker, and scooping it up in its dustpan. Dust Pandemonium then proceeded to take Sweet Knocker, and slam it into the wall multiple times. Sweet Knocker then got under Dust Pandemonium, and attempted to slam it into the wall. However Dust Pandemonium quickly turned the tables, and slammed Sweet Knocker into the wall again, this caused Sweet Knocker to get stuck. After the free unstick Sweet Knocker tried to spin up, but Dust Pandemonium kept close to it preventing it from getting up to speed. Sweet Knocker then got under Dust Pandemonium, and tried to ram it into the wall. Although this failed, it did however give Sweet Knocker room to spin up, and deliver seven hits to Dust Pandemonium. After this attack Dust Pandemonium got its dustpan under Sweet Knocker and took it to the walls again. Sweet Knocker temporarily got stuck, and the countdown started, however Sweet Knocker freed itself just as it was starting. Dust Pandemonium then took Sweet Knocker to the walls again, continuing this tactic til time ran out. Sweet Knocker lost the judges decision, and this meant that it was eliminated from ComBots Cop VI, taking home third place.

RoboGames 2012Edit

Sweet Knockers first fight was a rematch against Dust Pandemonium. As soon as the fight started Dust Pandemonium got under Sweet Knocker, and shoved it into the push-out zone within 4 seconds of the match starting.

Now in the losers bracket, Sweet Knocker would next face the wedge of Nefertiti. As soon as this fight started the two machines met in the center of the arena, with Sweet Knocker getting underneath Nefertiti, and taking it to the corner wall. Sweet Knocker then backed away, and attempted a second charge at Nefertiti. However it missed, and temporarily got stuck under the corner wall, once free Sweet Knocker started spinning, and landed a few small hits on Nefertiti's wedge. After this attack Nefertiti got behind Sweet Knocker, and shoved it into the corner. It followed this up with an attack that nearly shoved Sweet Knocker out of the push-out zone. However Sweet Knocker got free, and Nefertiti made a driving error that put it on the edge of the push-out zone. This allowed Sweet Knocker to come in, and shove Nefertiti out of the ring.

Sweet Knockers next fight was against Agrajag. Sweet Knocker lost this fight, and was eliminated from RoboGames 2012. This would be Sweet Knockers final known appearance, and it is presumed to be retired.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 6
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