Sub-version 1.1

Sub-Version was a robot that was first entered by the Submarine Service in the Forces Special of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1 to celebrate the centenary of the Submarine Service. It reached the second round of the Forces Special, where it lost to Mega-Hurts. An improved version of Sub-Version, known as Sub-Version 1.1, also fought in The Seventh Wars, but it was eliminated in the first round after being pitted by Trax seconds before the fight ended.

Sub-Version had also attempted to qualify for Series 5, but lost to Corkscrew in the qualifiers.

Robot History Edit

Extreme 1Edit


Sub-Version fought in the Forces Special. Its first match was against Anvil of the R.A.F. and Shockwave of the Police. It didn't have to do much here, because Shockwave drove straight down the pit.

In its next battle, Sub-Version faced Mega-Hurts of the Navy. The two robots attacked each other, Mega-Hurts being the quicker, but in the early stages, Sub-Version being the aggressor. It used its disc to attack Mega-Hurts, but the spikes didn't work. After a while, Sub-Version broke down and was pitted, but not before the captain doll was axed out of the crow's nest by Shunt.

Series 7Edit

Sub-Version 1.1 made its main UK series debut in Series 7. Its first battle was against veterans The Steel Avenger, previous competitors Shredder Evolution, and newcomers Trax. Sub-Version 1.1 started by taking a piggy-back over Trax, before being hit by Shredder Evolution. It then retaliated towards the spinner, but it was able to avoid Sub-Version 1.1. The two robots clashed again, being separated by The Steel Avenger. Trax then got under Sub-Version 1.1, drove it to the arena wall, and nearly flipped it out. Sub-Version 1.1 nearly made the mistake of driving into the pit after opening it. It then drove onto the flame pit to attack Trax. With just two seconds remaining, Trax pitted Sub-Version 1.1, eliminating it

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robot Wars Extreme 1 Armed Forces Special


Submarine Service)

Eliminator Anvil

(Royal Air Force)



Semi-Final Mega-Hurts


UK Robot Wars Series 7

(As Sub-Version 1.1)

Heat I Eliminator Shredder Evolution

The Steel Avenger



Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
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