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Storm Force was a robot that singularly competed in Series 5 of Robot Wars. It was defeated in its only battle by then-reigning champion Chaos 2.

It later returned to the Live Event scene.

Robot History Edit

Series 5Edit

Storm force

Storm Force had an unlucky draw in Series 5, as it was up against the two-time and reigning UK Champions Chaos 2 in Round 1. Storm Force was on the back foot straight away in its battle, with Chaos 2 flipping it numerous times, but its barrel shape meant that Storm Force kept rolling back onto its wheels. It then started to gush smoke and was flipped into Matilda's flywheel, which Chaos 2 took minor damage from as well. After a few more flips, Storm Force stopped moving. It was then flipped onto the Pit of Oblivion, which Chaos 2 lowered by pressing the pit release button, eliminating Storm Force from the competition.

Live EventsEdit

For 6 more years after, Storm Force went into retirement until it was sold to John Findlay of Roaming Robots in 2007, but because John had a busy schedule at his show, he had to rely on different drivers to take turns in driving it so he sold Storm Force again in 2008 this time to Scottish roboteer Liam Bryant where it was given to him as a Christmas present. Storm Force is a well known robot out in the circuit today and is known for its low-centre of gravity combined with its cylindrical shaped body which allows it to roll back on its wheels if it gets flipped.

It fought in a robot rumble managing to defeat Dantomkia along the way. Storm Force fought in the 2009 Heavyweight Championships it was against Meggamouse. It put up a good fight but was ultimately defeated in a judges decision. Storm Force was seen once again in 2010 in Edinburgh where it was against Kronic and Big Nipper where it was made immobilized by the first flip Kronic made. It made appearances in Edinburgh in 2011 and 2012 before making an appearance in more bigger scenes such as Barnsley in 2013 where it fought the likes of The Saint and Toon Raider. It fought in a rumble but it was ganged up by Ripper , Meggamouse, The Saint and Rattler.

In 2013 it competed in the tag team along side Maelstrom and Cherub , the team had success getting to the final however they met their match against Rattler, Ripper and Behemoth. Cherub was chucked out and Storm Force was immobilized leaving Maelstrom to fight on, he only managed to pit Ripper but lost on a decision.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 5 Heat A Eliminator (1) Chaos 2 Lost
Fighting Robots UK Championships 2008 Qualifiers Battle 7 (10) Envy Lost
Fighting Robots UK Championships 2009 Round 1 - Barnsley Qualifier Meggamouse Lost
Robots Live! Edinburgh 2010 Exhibition Fight Kronic

Big Nipper

Robots Live! Edinburgh 2012 England vs Scotland -

(Representing Scotland)

Eric (Scotland)

Toon Raider (England)

Merlin (England)


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 5
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