Staglet was a robot that was entered by Team Bodge-it in the Series 7 Featherweight Championship. It was almost identical to its heavyweight counterpart The Stag, with matching pincers, but was one tenth of the weight. It performed moderately well in its only battle, grabbing and pushing other robots around until it drove into the pit by accident, and was eliminated.

Staglet was more successful in Live Events, winning the Annihilator at Featherweight Smash 2003 although its Main Competition performance is unknown. It returned for Featherweight Smash 2004 where it was seeded 2nd and reached the Quarter Finals before once again losing to DTK.

Robot History Edit

Staglet began by attacking Cutlet, previous featherweght finalists, before reversing into Bernard. It then attacked the walkerbot Mammoth and grabbed Alienator, driving it around the arena and generally looking impressive. It then got underneath Mammoth as DTK flipped the larger machine. DTK then went after Staglet, chasing it towards the flame pit. DTK then flipped Staglet again. The invertable robot went after Bernard next, but then disaster struck. Mammoth had pitted Cutlet, and Staglet went after DTK and Mammoth there, but reversed into the pit. Staglet was out.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
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