Spoon is a 100kg Heavyweight robot from Uganda. It is a 4 wheeled car shaped robot made from scrap metal and plastic.


The robot's primary weapon is a scrap iron wedge that was welded 3 centimeters above the ground. The robots anti wedge skirts are also 3 centimeters off the ground and all the expose electronics have been covered by a canopy made from a thin sheet of black plastic and Kevlar. The canopy was elevated several centimeters in the air via black PVC pipes.

Despite Spoon's low quality design it did extremely well in combat, winning the Ugandan robot championship in 2017 and has never lost a fight since then. Because of the design and elevated wedge, Spoon relied on pure brute force to ensure victory and more often than not, Spoon would just smash through opponents.

Robot HistoryEdit

Spoon first competed in the Ugandan competition simply named "Robot Fights" in August of 2017.

Spoon's first match was against a robot named Ultra Turbo Nitro 666. However at the start of the match Ultra Turbo Nitro 666 had an issue with's it electronics and the entire robot spontaniously combusted, casuing the entire robot to go up in flames. This automatically gave Spoon the victory.

In the quarter finals Spoon faced off against a robot named XVX, which was a V shaped robot made from wood and clay. As soon as the match began, Spoon charged at XVX as it began trying to spin up its large wooden disc. When Spoon's wedge collided with XVX, XVX's clay chasis was shattered and split in half, giving Spoon the victory via knock out

This victory put spoon in the Semi Finals where it faced against a robot named BELT.

The fight started off with Spoon charging at BELT which made a 90 degree left turn and upon impact, BELT was tipped over on its side and Spoon was given the win via Knock-Out.

In the grand finales Spoon faced against a large plastic robot named Juice. Juice had a large wooden 2x4 that it used as a horrizontal spinning bar. It is unknown what happened in this fight, but it is documented that Spoon won via crowd vote. 

This victory declared Spoon as the first Ugandan "Robot Fights" champion. 

Combat RecordEdit

Competition Wins Losses
Robot Fights 2017 Ultra Nitro Turbo 666




  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 0
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