South bay mauler

South Bay Mauler was a middleweight circular-shaped robot armed with two rotating flails and two chisels, each suspended on a large spinning lid which spun at high speeds. It only fought in the very first US Robot Wars where it lost its only battle. It did win the Open Melee that featured robots from all weight classes, including the robot that beat it, X1.

South Bay Mauler would later be revised and made into the heavyweight Mauler.

Robot History Edit

In its only battle it fought X1 for the single-battle Middleweight title, it lost. However, it did win the all-weight-class Open Melee.

Results Edit

Series Event Opponent(s) Results
US Robot Wars 1994 Middleweight Championship X1 Lost
Open Melee Zomo

Tiny Tim



Spiny Norman

The Beetle



Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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