Son of Dread

Son of Dread v2

Son of Dread was an Antweight robot from Ontario, Canada that competed at the Toronto Area Robots Club's MBYOB (March Break Your Own Bot) event in 2004. It was a black and white, two-wheeled robot armed with a powerful vertical saw. Son of Dread proved to be quite destructive, and did well in competition, placing second after losing in the finals in an upset against the hastily built spinner LpDaltonOD, and winning the coolest robot award. An updated version of the robot (Son of Dread v2) registered to compete for motorama 2005, and Upstate NY Robot Battle II, however it failed to show up for either event.


Series Event Opponent(s) Round Results
March Break Your Bot 2004 Antweight Division unknown Round of 12


unknown Quarterfinal


unknown Semifinal


LpDaltonOD Final



  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
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