(Kor: 샤크) was a Middleweight robot which competed on the Korean show Robot Power. It was a two-wheeled, invertable, red and blue, wedge-shaped robot. Originally a weaponless wedge/thwackbot, Shark would later be armed with two top mounted actuated spikes designed to snare opponents, and drag them to arena hazards.

Robot HistoryEdit


Series Round Opponent(s) Results
Robot Power EBS 2005 1 Spongebob Won
2 Fighting two Won
3 RATS High Kick Won
Final Trident Won
Robot Power @ Korea Robot Games Festival 2006 1 Fighting two Won
2 unknown unknown
3 Stealth Lost
Robot Power (Unknown Series) 1 Trident Won
2 Fighting two Won
3 Poseidon 4 Won
  • Wins: 8?
  • Losses: 1?
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