Scrapper was a box-shaped robot entered by Team Joint Effort (known as Team On-the Edge at the time) in Series 1. It was given its name because the robot was nearly completely built from scrap that the team captain had around his shop. The robot was armed with four vertically mounted spinning saw blades at the front of the machine and two horizontal saw blades at the rear, and had flashing LED eyes on the top part of its chassis. The team joked that the robot worked better in reverse after Scrapper backed its way into the next round in the Trial.

It lost to the future Grand Finalist Recyclopse in the Heat Semi-Final after being turned on its side by Recyclopse's pneumatic ram weapon, and after Series 1, its modified chassis was later rebuilt into its successor G.B.H., which was entered into Series 2 and had more success there.

Robot History Edit

Scrapper took the Maze route in the Gauntlet, but was pinned by Shunt and Sergeant Bash in the maze and cease was called. However it had covered enough distance to qualify for the Trial, which was a robot version of the game, British Bulldog. Scrapper was having control problems and could only go backwards. Despite this Scrapper was able to navigate around the House Robots and finish the Trial in second place. In the Arena, it came up against Recyclopse. Recyclopse ignored Scrapper and headed into a CPZ and was attacked by Dead Metal. However Recyclopse escaped and ran out of the CPZ and into Scrapper. Recyclopse rammed Scrapper, flipping it onto its side and eliminating it.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
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