Scary Thing prior to Kilobots 38

Scary Thing is a beetleweight class robot built by Cyberdyne Systems. Scary Thing is a two-wheel drive drum spinner, easily recognized by its elongated teeth and the size of the weapon compared to the robot itself. The drum alone is more than half of the weight of the robot. Boasting the single heaviest weapon in current Kilobots competitions, Scary Thing has been relatively successful across its career with a pair of third-place finishes, and is often considered the most dangerous beetleweight at Kilobots.

Robot HistoryEdit

Kilobots XXXIIIEdit

Scary Thing's first opponent was Mamba. Scary Thing lost this fight.

Scary Thing did not have any further fights at this event.

Kilobots XXXIVEdit

Scary Thing's first opponent was Black Adder. Scary Thing lost this fight.

Scary Thing then fought Black Adder again. This time Scary Thing won.

Scary Thing's next opponent was King of P'Taq. Scary Thing won this fight

Scary Thing's next opponent was Utopia. Scary Thing won this fight.

Scary Thing did not have any further fights at this event.

Kilobots XXXVEdit

Scary Thing first faced Mamba. As the fight began both robots spun their weapons up to top speed and tentatively approached the arena center. Scary Thing was the aggressor, advancing towards Mamba as Mamba backed away, before Mamba drove in a circle around Scary Thing, trying to outmaneuver its opponent. Scary Thing was able to keep Mamba in front of it, lunging forward and nearly forcing Mamba to back away into the open blue pushout, but Mamba stopped just in time, lining up with Scary Thing just as Scary Thing over-corrected in its maneuver, giving Mamba the opportunity to strike at Scary Thing's side, sending Scary Thing up into the air. This hit put Scary Thing onto its back, although it was still working. Mamba followed up its previous attack, smashing into the front of Scary Thing, who was thrown into the air once again. A few more minor hits flipped Scary Thing back right side up, but Mamba kept the gap closed and began to grind at the side of Scary Thing, which struggled to get away from Mamba. Mamba was able to shove Scary Thing into the red hazard with its drum spinning, sending pieces flying off of Scary Thing. The impact separated the two robots, but Scary Thing's weapon was still spinning very quickly, and it slammed weapon-first into the wall, which caused Scary Thing to backflip in place against the wall as Mamba waited for another opportunity to strike. When Scary Thing finally landed, one of its speed controllers had come completely out of the body of the robot, and to avoid further damage, it tapped out, dropping into the loser's bracket.

Scary Thing then faced undercutter NightWing. As the fight began, Scary Thing advanced slowly out of its square spinning up its weapon as NightWing stayed stationary and did the same. Scary Thing attacked, the impact stopping both bots' weapons. Scary Thing backed away and spun its weapon up, but the impact seemed to have knocked out NightWing's weapon as it wasn't spinning up. Scary Thing attacked again, throwing sparks off of NightWing's disc as it drove forward towards the body of NightWing. One hit from Scary Thing separated NightWing's body from the disc, throwing it into the ceiling. Understandably, NightWing tapped out immediately, giving the win to Scary Thing.

Scary Thing did not have any further fights at this event.

Kilobots XXXVIEdit

Scary Thing first fought Mamba. Scary Thing lost this fight.

Scary Thing's next opponent would have been The Butcher, but as these bots were both run by the same driver, the driver chose to forfeit with Scary Thing, eliminating it from the tournament.

Scary Thing returned for the beetleweight rumble. In the end, Utopia won the beetleweight rumble.

Kilobots XXXVIIEdit

Scary Thing first fought Mega Don G. As the fight began, Mega Don G rushed to try and catch Scary Thing before it spun up, but Scary Thing seemed to be having trouble getting its weapon started. Mega Don G began to ram Scary Thing into the wall repeatedly, and Scary Thing turned towards its builder so he could visually inspect his machine for problems. Mega Don G continued its relentless bumping assault, but eventually Scary Thing managed to spin up and begin the fight. Mega Don G backed away as Scary Thing slowly turned to bring its weapon to bear. Mega Don G slipped its wedge underneath Scary Thing and carried it near-vertically towards the corner near the red hazard. Mega Don G let go and moved away, with both bots going head on and locking horns. Scary Thing's weapon wasn't able to get a bite on Mega Don G's wedge, but neither was Mega Don G able to push Scary Thing around, and sparks flew off of Mega Don G's wedge. Mega Don G backed away and charged again, this time getting under Scary Thing and taking it into the wall, with Scary Thing landing on top of Mega Don G. Mega Don G began to dart around the arena still carrying Scary Thing, who slipped off and sliced at Mega Don G's rear right tire. Mega Don G once again outmaneuvered Scary Thing and got under it, taking it into the wall once again with white sparks flying off of its wedge. However, as Mega Don G backed up and tried for another hit, Scary Thing finally got the bite it needed, sending Mega Don G into the ceiling. When Mega Don G came down, it seemed its lifter wasn't working correctly and it was struggling to drive with its wedge lifting its two front wheels off the ground. As Scary Thing slowly approached, Mega Don G tried to lift its wedge using the blue hazard, and then moved around trying to attack Scary Thing, which threw it onto its back. Although this took away Mega Don G's magnets, it made it much easier to drive. Mega Don G went back on the attack, but was unable to push Scary Thing around with its drive seemingly having taken damage, but Scary Thing was unable to get a good bite. Mega Don G pivoted and attempted an angled attack, but this gave Scary Thing much better bite, throwing bright white titanium sparks before hurling Mega Don G into the arena lexan, whereupon Mega Don G became pinned on top of its own lifter. Scary Thing lined up on the side of its helpless opponent and began to grind away at the lifter's support arm. Scary Thing began to maneuver Mega Don G into the wall, sending rubber tire chunks across the arena as it became clear that a large chunk of Mega Don G's wedge was missing. Eventually Mega Don G was able to free itself and began trying to move, but was unable to do anything more than spin in circles, slowly moving away from Scary Thing. Scary Thing was struggling as well, as its weapon began to slow down and it was moving even slower than before. The fight went to the judges, who ruled in favor of Scary Thing.

Scary Thing then fought Bloodless. Scary Thing won this fight and advanced.

Scary Thing's next opponent was Dr. Horrible. Scary Thing won this fight and advanced.

Scary Thing next fought Utopia. Scary Thing lost this fight and dropped into the loser's bracket.

Already in the loser's bracket finals, Scary Thing faced Killer Turtle. Killer Turtle advanced cautiously, waiting for Scary Thing as it advanced slowly towards the arena center with weapon at full speed. Killer Turtle darted back and forth, looking for an opening to attack Scary Thing, but Scary Thing swiped at its sides, sending sparks out and bending Killer Turtle's wedge. Killer Turtle retaliated, spinning around and taking Scary Thing into the red hazard. Scary Thing moved away and Killer Turtle pursued, pushing Scary Thing into the wall. Unexpectedly, Scary Thing seemed to entirely lose power, completely shutting down as Killer Turtle shoved it into the corner. Scary Thing did not power back on and was counting out, giving Killer Turtle the win by knockout, leaving Scary Thing as the third-place finisher.

Scary Thing still wasn't done yet, as it also appeared in the beetleweight rumble. In the end, InsaniTi won the beetleweight rumble.

Kilobots XXXVIIIEdit

Scary Thing had no official matches at this event, as there was no proper tournament. Although The Butcher was unsuitable for the sportsman-type events that characterized most of the event, it did use its drum spinner in a destruction demo against stacks of pop cans.

Kilobots XXXIXEdit

For this tournament, the beetleweight division was a two versus two "gladiator" event.


Scary Thing hurls Wilson

In the first round, Scary Thing was teamed up with fellow drum spinner Utopia and pitted against Wilson and Final Boss. As the fight began Final Boss raced out of its starting square and rushed head on into Scary Thing in under two seconds, as the three drum spinners revved their weapons up to full speed. Wilson followed and went after Utopia, smacking Utopia away as Scary Thing and Final Boss began to brawl. Scary Thing managed to get around the side of Final Boss, grinding away at its side. Utopia returned to the melee, attacking the side of Wilson who began to noticeably slow down. A massive hit sent Final Boss in a 360 through the air, and landed without its top plate, completely immobilized. Utopia continued to attack Wilson, eventually shearing one of the cotter pins that secured the weapon shaft, and after a few more slices Wilson's weapon shaft began to slide out of the robot. Utopia pursued, continuing to pop and throw Wilson around as Wilson struggled to get its bearings. Eventually the shaft had slid out far enough that Wilson's weapon became jammed up. Utopia backed away to allow Scary Thing to commence its attack as Wilson charged head-on into Scary Thing's weapon. The impact threw Wilson into the ceiling, whereupon Wilson landed on its nose, immobile as it had no weapon to knock itself back down. Being a good sport, Scary Thing knocked Wilson back down so the fight could continue. Wilson's weapon completely fell off in the process. Scary Thing backed off as Wilson struggled to regain its bearings, and Utopia cruised in and landed another hit, throwing Wilson up against the wall where it became pinned. Utopia was less forgiving, leaving Wilson to be counted out by the judges, leaving Scary Thing and Utopia as the winners, gaining two points each.

In the second round, Scary Thing's partner was Wilson, and they were matched against The Butcher and SlamWOW!. SlamWOW! started out ahead of The Butcher to guard its teammate while it spun up. Wilson and SlamWOW! began the fight moving at one another, but SlamWOW! immediately lost drive on the left side. Wilson circled around as Scary Thing moved around SlamWOW!'s rear and ripped off its right wheel before flinging it into the air and into the closed pushout for an instant KO. Now in a two-on-one, The Butcher advanced with weapon at top speed as both Scary Thing and Wilson tentatively aimed at its weapon. After a few grazing nicks, Scary Thing attacked The Butcher's rear which sent The Butcher spinning out of control. This resulted in The Butcher losing its weapon belt. Scary Thing was was then clipped by Wilson, which sent Scary Thing cartwheeling through the air shedding parts, hitting the ceiling and one of the walls before bouncing into the opposite pushout. Now in a one-on-one fight, The Butcher began to charge at Wilson, whose weapon was still working. Wilson seemed unable to get a bite on The Butcher, as The Butcher began to lead with its titanium rear bumper and pushed Wilson around. This continued for much of the fight, as The Butcher proved to be a superior pusher, and shoved Wilson around the box into the hazards and pinned it to the walls. Near the end of the fight, The Butcher appeared to lose drive on one side as did Wilson. The fight went to the judges, who in a split decision gave the win to SlamWOW! and The Butcher.

In the third round, Scary Thing was teamed up with Final Boss against The Butcher and Mega Don G. Final Boss was unable to be repaired in time for this event, so Scary Thing was forced to fight alone, with its teammate being replaced by a piece of PVC pipe. In the end, The Butcher and Mega Don G won, but as Scary Thing had fought without a teammate it was given a single bonus point.

In the fourth and final round, Scary Thing was teamed up with SlamWOW! to fight The Butcher and Final Boss. As the fight began, Final Boss charged forward to try and catch the two drum spinners, but SlamWOW! darted to the side and went straight for The Butcher, who was still spinning up. After a few tentative hits, The Butcher got a bite on SlamWOW!'s right tire, ripping it off and sending SlamWOW! pinballing around the arena. Meanwhile Final Boss moved to join The Butcher, as it appeared Scary Thing was already immobile. However, it made a crucial driving error and drove straight into The Butcher's weapon, knocking it away and immobilizing it. Finally, SlamWOW! regained its footing with one wheel less than it started, and The Butcher approached as SlamWOW! tried to pivot and keep its weapon facing The Butcher. The two robots' weapons threw sparks off of one another on the first hit, but SlamWOW! overcorrected into the second hit, and The Butcher struck the bulkhead at an angle where it was pulling it away from the body, cleaving straight through it and sending SlamWOW! flying across the arena into the ceiling, minus its remaining wheel and its drum, which had fallen out when the bulkhead was pulled away and left at a 180 degree angle to where it had started. With its opponent completely demolished, The Butcher moved in to take another grazing hit on SlamWOW!'s corpse, but accidentally struck SlamWOW!'s battery, which had also gone flying in the impact. Shortly after the official countout of SlamWOW!, the battery began to pour smoke, making for a spectacular finish to the beetleweight event.

This finish left Scary Thing and Final Boss tied for third place with three points apiece. A third place playoff would have determined the winner, but Final Boss was unable to be repaired for this playoff, giving Scary Thing third place by default


Series Event Opponent(s) Results
Kilobots XXXIII Beetleweight Mamba Lost
Kilobots XXXIV Beetleweight Black Adder Lost
Black Adder Won
King of P'Taq Won
Utopia Won
Kilobots XXXV Beetleweight Mamba Lost
NightWing Won
Kilobots XXXVI Beetleweight Mamba Lost
The Butcher Lost by Default
Kilobots XXXVII Beetleweight Mega Don G Won
Bloodless Won
Dr. Horrible Won
Utopia Lost
Killer Turtle Lost
Kilobots XXXIX Beetleweights Final Boss and Wilson (Teammate: Utopia) Won (2 points)
The Butcher and SlamWOW! (Teammate: Wilson) Lost (0 points)
Mega Don G and The Butcher (Teammate: Final Boss) Lost (1 bonus point)
Final Boss and The Butcher (Teammate: SlamWOW!) Lost (0 points)


  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 9
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