SKY (RUS: НЕБО) sometimes spelled as SKYE is a box shaped Russian robot armed with a few side spikes. it would use a sit and spin tactic a bit like a thwackbot.

It competed in the first Rise of the Machines event in Perm in 2015, reaching the Quarter Finals.

SKY also continues to compete in various events all across Russia and has still not seen much success outside 1 or 2 victories in it's 4 year long career

Robot History Edit

Perm 2015 Edit

SKY took on and defeated Mite in Round 1 then lost to Crazy Metal in the Quarter Finals.

Series Round Opponent(s) Results
Rise of the Machines Perm 2015 1 Mite Won
Quarter Final Crazy Metal Lost
  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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