Rosebud was an axlebot that competed in the lightweight competition of Series 2 of Robot Wars. It took the appearance of a long, thin and shark-like robot, armed with a wedge-mounted circular saw and two spikes at the rear. It lost out to Slippery Strana via a Judges' decision in the only fight that it competed in. Its name presumably came from the film Citizen Kane, with "Rosebud" being the last word of the title character.

Little can be told of the Lightweight battle in Series 2 as it was only shown on the televised show as a quick 10 second run-through of the various weight categories (excluding heavyweight) that featured in Series 2.

Robot History Edit

The lightweight competition in Series 2 consisted of only one battle, Rosebud was up against Damacles, Spartacus, Shadow Fiend and Slippery Strana. The House Robots were very much involved in the battle as they couldn't help but come out of the PPZ and attack the competitors straight away. Rosebud along with the other lightweights were damaged greatly by the House Robots, Slippery Strana in particular, Damacles slowly ground to a halt and Rosebud then began to go in small circles. Dead Metal was shoving the lacklustre Spartacus around almost in an attempt to get it moving more lively. Despite the sheer taunting and bullying that the house robots were giving it (Shunt and Matilda especially), Slippery Strana was still the most alive and active of them all left. Rosebud was technically still mobile and survived to a Judges Decision. However, Rosebud unsurprisingly lost the judges' decision to the very tough and reliable Slippery Strana.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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