Robot the bruce

Robot The Bruce was a clear armoured box-wedge shaped robot entered by Team Chaos in the first series of Robot Wars. The robot had no weaponry at all, instead using its brute force to push other robots around the arena. It reached the Grand Final of the First Wars, where it was flipped onto its side by Roadblock.

Just like Recyclopse, Robot The Bruce was built by Rex Garrod and Simon West from Team Cassius with George Francis handling the electronics.

Its name is a pun on the historical Scottish leader, Robert the Bruce. After the First Wars ended, many of Robot The Bruce's internal components were used in its successor, Chaos.

Robot History Edit

Robot The Bruce's journey through the Heats was very quick. As the final robot in the Gauntlet, Robot the Bruce had to beat Plunderbird's 4 metres. Powering into Dead Metal, it bulldozed the House Robot to the end zone, being hassled by Shunt on the way. As Dead Metal retreated, Robot the Bruce made the end zone.

In the Football Trial, Robot The Bruce added two side flaps to successfully control the ball, and it successfully battered aside WYSIWYG to shove the ball past Dead Metal, scoring the first goal. This put Robot the Bruce through to the Arena stage.

In the Arena Semi-Final, Robot the Bruce was drawn against Cruella. The battle was close for Robot the Bruce, as it came very close to being tipped on its side by Cruella's wedge several times. Just as Robot the Bruce dodged an attack, Cruella ran into the side wall, onto one of the grills. With Cruella left completely immobile, Robot the Bruce was through to fight another wedge-shaped robot, Wedgehog in the Heat Final.

Robot The Bruce weighed 60kg more than its opponent. Wedgehog's wedge could not get underneath Robot the Bruce, and Robot the Bruce bulldozed Wedgehog onto another grill, leaving it immobile and putting Team Chaos through to the Grand Final for the first of three occassions.

In the Grand Final, Robot The Bruce initially kept its distance from the main action. Eventually, it rammed Roadblock and Bodyhammer several times, before slipping beneath its brother robot Recyclopse and helping Roadblock on the attack. Robot the Bruce then attacked Bodyhammer, ramming the cone shaped machine several times. Roadblock, having concluded the demise of Recyclopse, attacked Robot the Bruce, and succeeded in doing what Cruella had failed to do - drive beneath Robot the Bruce and tip the box machine onto its side. Thus immobilised, Robot the Bruce was eliminated.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 1 Heat C Gauntlet N/A Completed



Football Wedgehog,






Semi-Final Cruella Won
Final Wedgehog Won
Grand Final Roadblock,

Cunning Plan,





Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 1
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