Robot Führer
was a robot built by students from the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá in Panama City, Panama that competed at two Peruvian events in 2006. It was a black, wedge-shaped robot with a flame paintjob armed with a circular saw. 

Robot Führer did well in competition, finishing with a career record of 3-2.

Robot HistoryEdit

Warbots Peru 2006Edit

Robot Führer's first match was against Tornado. It lost this match, and next faced LDALM in the final qualifier match. It won this match, however due to its earlier loss it did not qualify for the final, and was eliminated.

Villatronica 2006Edit

Robot Führer's first match in this event was against Red Dragon. It won this match on a 48-21 decision, and moved on to the second round where it faced Tornado once more. This time however it won the match soundly with a 31-5 decision putting it in the semi-finals where it faced Moshibot. It lost this match on a close 30-25 decision, and was eliminated from the competition.


Competition Opponent(s) Round Results
Warbots Peru 2006 Tornado Qualifiers Lost
Villatronica 2006 Red Dragon 1 Won
Tornado 2 Won
Moshibot Semi-Finals Lost
  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2


  • Robot Führer is the only combat robot to ever come out of the country of Panama.
  • Robot Führer was (along with Tornado) involved with a safety incident at Villanova 2006, where in their second round match Tornado's blade flew off, but failed to exit the roofless arena.[1]


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