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Red Dragoon
Red Dragon (Also called Red Dragoon) was a Middleweight robot built by students from the National University of Engineering in Lima, Lima Province, Peru that is known to have competed in two Peruvian events in 2006. It was a black, dome-shaped robot armed with an overhead bar spinner. Red Dragon did well in competition, reaching the finals of its first competition.

Robot HistoryEdit

Warbots Peru 2006Edit

Red Dragoon's first match at this event was against Fishbot , it won this match, and next was supposed to face Jungles. However Jungles for some reason or another did not make it to the arena, giving Red Dragoon the win by forfeit.

This put Red Dragoon in the Finals where it faced Bamboxbot. Despite its weapon not working for over half the match, Red Dragon shoved Bamboxbot all over, and won the match by a judges decision, becoming the champion.

Villatronica 2006Edit

Red Dragon's first match this event was against Führer, it lost this match by a 48-21 judges decision but still advanced to the second round where it faced Makaay.

It won this match on a 12-8 judges decision, putting it in the semi-finals where it faced Jungles. It lost this match by a 35-18 judges decision, eliminating it from the competition.


Competition Opponent(s) Round Result
Warbots Peru 2006 Fishbot Preliminaries Won



Bamboxbot Finals Won
Villatronica 2006 Führer 1 Lost
Makaay 2 Won
Jungles Semi-Finals Lost
  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2
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