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Rampage is a robot built by Team Coolrobots that competed in RoboGames 2017. It is a silver, and pink, two-wheeled, invertible, wedge-shaped robot armed with a very large torque-reaction "Rambo Knife". Rampage went into the competition with a lot of hype behind it due to it being a scaled down version of legendary BattleBots competitor OverKill (Also a Team Coolrobots creation).

Rampage ultimately failed to live up to this hype, but still performed decently in competition, going 2-2, and reaching the quarterfinals in its first appearance.

Robot History Edit

Rampage's first match was against NIGHTHAWK. This match consisted of NIGHTHAWK slamming Rampage around until Rampage got its blade stuck in the wall. In an effort to free Rampage, NIGHTHAWK rammed it, and attempted to free it but got stuck itself. The match was then counted down, and in one of many suspect decisions of the event NIGHTHAWK was controversially deemed the loser after the refs deemed it to be pinning Rampage. Despite the fact that Rampage had gotten itself stuck in the wall, and was unable to free itself.

This put Rampage into the next round where it faced newcomers Deathrow. This match started with both robots charging each other, Deathrow activated its lifter, but missed, and Rampage then drove into the wall, and got stuck again. However Rampage got free, and both robots positioned for a bit before Rampage slammed into the side of Deathrow. This slam seemed to have broken Deathrows winch powered lifter, as Deathrow soon got under Rampage. However it was unable to lift it, and Rampage got away before attempting to bring the blade down on the top of Deathrow. It missed however, and Rampage simply settled for slamming Deathrow yet again. Deathrow then got around to the side of Rampage, and shoved it around a bit, but Rampage got away. Rampage then attempted to attack with the blade again, but missed once more, and Deathrow slammed it into the wall. This flipped Rampage, and the two robots slammed into each other a bit as the final seconds of the match ticked down.

In a very close decision, the judges ruled the match in favor of Rampage, putting it in the quarterfinals where it faced The Blender.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
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