Rameses II

Rameses II (pronounced Rameses the Second) was the Series 2 entry to Robot Wars from Team Isis; it was a very similar design to its predecessor Skarab. It was a tracked box-shaped robot with a "high density industrial polyethelene shell" (designed to stop chainsaws) and a spring-loaded hammer weapon. Like its predecessor, it had a very low top speed of just 3 mph. The robot continued the Egyptian theme started with Skarab as it was named after the famous Egyptian Pharaoh. Rameses II progressed past the Gauntlet and the Trial, but was defeated by Mortis in the Arena semi-final.

Robot History Edit

In the Gauntlet, Rameses II slowly pushed through the bricks, almost overturning itself as it used the hammer to move them out of the way. It then went over the ramp into Matilda where its progress was halted, but it had done enough to go through. The team fitted a mace (borrowed from Killertron as it had been on their predecessor Skarab) onto the hammer for the Joust Trial, and it was pushed back and turned onto its side by Matilda, but its hammer arm blocked the 'bridge' so that Matilda could not go any further. It pushed Mortis into the PPZ in the Arena semi-final, but Mortis escaped, and it was caught by Sir Killalot and fried over the flame pit, immobilising the drive system.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
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