Project 303

Project 303 (Thai:โครงการสามศูนย์สาม) was a Middleweight robot from Thailand that competed at the first Seacon War of Steel. It was a box-shaped, tracked robot armed with a ramming spike. Project 303 did decently in competition, winning one battle before losing its second to Sudsakorn.

Robot HistoryEdit

Seacon War of Steel 1Edit

Project 303's first match was against Mekong Boy. It won this match, and next faced Sudsakorn in Round 2. This match started with Sudsakorn's weapon not working, however it did not need it, as it slammed into the side of Project 303. This knocked one of the chains off, and left Project 303 spinning in circles. Sudsakorn then rammed Project 303 again, at which point Project 303 stopped moving completely, and was counted out, eliminating it from the competition.


Series Group/Line Round Opponent(s) Results
Seacon War of Steel 1 Group D, Line 1 1 Mekong Boy Won
2 Sudsakorn Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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