Particle Accelerator was a middleweight robot that also competed in the Heavyweight division. It made its debut in the third and final season of Robotica. Afterwards, it competed in every Steel Conflict tournament, as well as various events on the live circuit.

Design Edit

It was initially a gray six-wheeled box shaped robot armed with a 12-inch vertical spinning sawblade. It went through several revisions throughout the years.

Particle Accelerator 2.0 used a horizontal spinning disc in the place of the saw.

Particle Accelerator 4.0 had a forked wedge in the place of the disc and also saw the addition of a rear axe.

Particle Accelerator 5.0 had a different set of wheels, a new chassis, and a yellow lifting arm in the place of the forks, which could be swapped for a spinning drum.

Particle Accelerator 6.0 used a new, shorter body, which also saw the addition of a pronged tail that could be converted into a wedge, two rods accompanying the lifter on each side, the reduction from six wheels to four wheels, and the addition of teeth at the bottom of the lifter to protect the actuator.

Particle Accelerator 9.0, the last version of the lineup, did not have a lot of changes, apart from using newer, bigger tires (However, the tires had to be cut in half to save weight, which eventually became its undoing in its very last match).

Competition Opponent Round Result
Steel Conflict 1 ZiggZagg Round of 32 Won
Oh Debsy Round of 16 Lost
Spike Demon Loser's Bracket 3 Won
Knee Breaker Loser's Bracket 4 Won
Hazard Loser's Bracket 5 Lost
Steel Conflict 2 Bye Round of 64
Karcass Round of 32 Lost
Rammin Ralph Loser's Bracket 2 Won
Mow Blow Loser's Bracket 3 Won
CH53 Loser's Bracket 4 Won
Weed Wacker Loser's Bracket 5 Lost
RoboJoust 4 Think Tank Unknown Won
Panzer Mk 4.5 Unknown Lost
Trippy Loser's Bracket Lost
Steel Conflict 3 The Killa Gorilla Round of 32 Won
Tornado Mer Round of 16 Lost
Bye Loser's Bracket 2
Shin Splitter Loser's Bracket 3 Lost
Steel Conflict 4 Drum of Disaster Round of 16 Won
Shin Splitter Round of 8 Lost
Vicious Circle Loser's Bracket 3 Lost
Southwest Division Championships Psycho X Round of 8 Lost
Compressor Loser's Bracket 1 Won
Cyclone Bot Loser's Bracket 2 Won
Shiva Loser's Bracket 3 Won
Vicious Circle Loser's Bracket 4 Won
SlamJob Finals Lost
RoboGames 2008 Original Sin Round of 8 Lost
Sir Loin Loser's Bracket Lost
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