Overdozer is a chartreuse (greeny-yellow) coloured heavyweight robot from Falkirk, Scotland, which entered the 2016 series of Robot Wars. The front of the robot is armed with a large, black 'indestructible' static scoop, giving the robot a total emphasis on pushing. Overdozer also has an active weapon in the form of a brushcutter blade at the rear spinning at 6000 RPM, driven by a 2 stroke engine, accompanied by static spikes. The robot’s frame was made out of 25mm steel box section, however the external armour is MDF, 18mm thick. Beyond the wooden armour, Overdozer also has no method of self-righting, and is comparatively lightweight. Overdozer is the only robot in the 2016 series to be equipped with a petrol engine, which is on board to power the weapon.

The team refer to their front scoop as a ‘dozer blade’, hence the robot’s name.

The team behind Overdozer also took part in Robot Wars 2017 with Wyrm.

Robot History Edit

Overdozer competed in Episode 3. It was initially supposed to battle Thor, Shockwave and Tough as Nails in Episode 2, but withdrew due to technical problems, and was replaced with DisConstructor. Instead, it fought Dantomkia, King B Remix and Glitterbomb.

Overdozer did not move off the starting block, instead spinning on the spot as self-defence. The unfazed King B Remix charged into Overdozer, knocking a panel away, and Overdozer tripped on the surface of the raised pit, immobilising the machine straight away.King B Remix moved Overdozer off the pit, and Glitterbomb pushed it into the arena wall. Left idle for a while, Dantomkia closed in to flip the beaten Overdozer, and tossed the lightweight machine into the air, and flipped it a second time later on, causing the robot to fall apart, although one of these landings impaled one of Overdozer's spikes into Dantomkia's armour. Overdozer's brushcutter blade had long been strewn across the arena floor, and Dantomkia's last attack lifted a sheet of Overdozer's MDF high above the floor.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars








King B Remix


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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