Orion was a heavyweight robot built by Christopher Hedburg and Jake Kueker in Team Pathfinder. It competed only in Season 3.0. Orion was a two-wheeled (the wheels where only used if the bot was flipped), invertible, wedge shaped robot that used a unique way of movement. It used a central ball (similar to a computer mouse) that gave it Omni-Directional movement in any direction. Orion was armed with side mounted spring loaded pick-axes mounted to "multi-positional side turrets".

Orion did poorly in BattleBots, losing its only match to Tripulta Raptor by KO.

Robot History Edit


Orion in the pits.

Orion's first match was against Tripulta Raptor . Tripulta Raptor won by KO, and Orion was eliminated from the tournament.

Wins/Losses Edit

Wins: 0

Losses: 1

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