Or Te, alternatively Or Te!, is a heavyweight robot that competed in the 2016 series of Robot Wars. On the TV show and the Robot Wars website, it is known as Orte. It is a silver high box-wedge shaped robot armed with a powerful pneumatic flipper tipped with spikes, which can lift up to 300kg. It features Hardox armour, with a layer of Grade 5 titanium directly underneath, essentially giving the robot "double-skinned" armour.

Or Te is the successor to Bigger Brother and was initially known as Bigger Brother 2. Like Bigger Brother, the robot is described as a "nightmare in metal", and according to the team, has no weaknesses.

The name "Or Te!" is Latin for "Oi, you!"

Robot History Edit

2016 seriesEdit

Or Te had problems before its first round battle with veterans Big Nipper and Supernova and newcomers TR2 began after the antenna for its receiver broke off in the pits. Luckily, this was rectified before the battle began. As the battle began, Or Te saw an immediate threat in Supernova, and charged into it, but was followed by Big Nipper, which pushed it towards the arena wall. Supernova intercepted, landing a heavy blow on Or Te, ripping off part of its armour and dislodging its power link. This immobilised Or Te only a few seconds into the battle, putting it out of the competition.

Live EventsEdit

After the 2016 series of Robot Wars finished, Or Te later appeared at a Robots Live event in Stevenage event in October 2016. Although it was a static exhibit outside the pits, its predecessor, Bigger Brother, also fought at the same event. Or Te competed at the Cannock event where it lost three of its battles.

In 2017, Or Te first fought at the Burgess Hill event run by Robots Live. It fought Suspension, Nuts 2 and Weird mAlice, but after initially putting its flipper to good use, it was turned over by Weird Alice and its jammed flipper could not right it.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars 2016 Episode 3 Group


Big Nipper



ROBOTS LIVE! 2016 Cannock Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 5
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